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[Hero] Vakinor.Kurokaiye


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- 6.x update~



Name: Vakinor.Kurokaiye

Portrait: Immortal

Unit Base: Zealot, with one psi-blade and a shield on the other arm.

Type: Tank.Support / Tank.Carry / Mixed.Support

Script: Type description of your hero's background story here.


Starting Stats:

Health 240

Movement Speed 2.75

Attack Range 1

Attack Speed 1.8

Damage 43

Strength – *27 + 6*

Agility – 22 + 5

Intelligence – 17 + 5




Vakinor has two 'modes'- a Melee mode and a Ranged mode. His second and third abilities have different effects based on the mode as do his Heroic Passive and Ultimate's passive.

Switching modes has a cooldown of 35 seconds.




Heroic Passive: Force Plating

"Whenever Vakinor suffers physical damage, his shield absorbs some of the impact, healing health equal to 10% of the damage he took over 15 seconds. Whenever he suffers spell damage, his shield absorbs some of the energy, healing energy equal to 10% of the damage he took over 15 seconds. As a result of using his sword, Vakinor deals an extra 6 weapon damage."


Effect: Gives Vakinor a good deal of ability to be punished when in Melee mode.


Heroic Passive: Energy Ravine

"Each time Vakinor uses an ability, his sword creates a field of energy that boosts the armor of allies within 6 range by 8% for 9 seconds of global time. If he casts another spell while this is active, the durations add. When using his shield's energy to attack, he gains 4.5 range."


Effect: Gives Vakinor plenty of extra defensive capability laning. Though an armor boost is helpful, it is not overly so.




Ability One: Derefle Defense

"Vakinor calls the Derefle's altered form, making him reflect damage incoming, and halving the damage Vakinor takes post-reflection for 4 seconds."

Energy Cost: 60

Cooldown: 20

Range: Self


Level 1: 10% damage reflection.

Level 2: 15% damage reflection.

Level 3: 20% damage reflection.

Level 4: 25% damage reflection.


Effect: Same in both modes. Vakinor can easily tank out through a battle with this skill, and is a wonderful skill for Vakinor's ability to tank.





Ability Two: Strobla Strikes

"Vakinor's sword flashes and his body flows with energy, increasing his attack and move speed for a short time. His attacks deal 50% splash damage as his sword flares."

Energy Cost: 90

Cooldown: 15

Range: Self, 1 AoE


Level 1: +14% attack speed, +10% movespeed, 2 seconds, +1 second per 50 AGI. Caps at 5 seconds.

Level 2: +26% attack speed, +15% movespeed, 3 seconds, +1 second per 50 AGI. Caps at 7 seconds.

Level 3: +38% attack speed, +20% movespeed, 4 seconds, +1 second per 50 AGI. Caps at 9 seconds.

Level 4: +50% attack speed, +25% movespeed, 5 seconds, +1 second per 50 AGI. Caps at 11 seconds.


Effect: Gives Vakinor a very powerful laning skill able to clear a wave in one or two casts, and lets him better engage enemy heroes.



Ability Two: Strobla Bolt

"Vakinor's sword creates an orb of distortion that is fired through his shield, flying in a line and dealing damage that also reduces the Time of hit units for a global amount of time."

Energy Cost: 90

Cooldown: 15

Range: 9, radius 0.75


Attack Effect: 40 + 20 times SklLvl +50% INT damage, hit units lose 4 times SklLvl Time for 4 global seconds.


Effect: Gives Vakinor a way to defeat lane creeps in ranged mode besides kiting them, and creates a good, unexpected disruption in enemy's Time.

Since it is Time and not Time Scale, this does affect the Attack and Move speeds of the hit units.





Ability Three: Magma Rush

"Vakinor calls a wave of lava and surfs around on it, dealing damage to nearby enemies and boosting Vakinor's movespeed for 6 seconds."

Energy Cost: 100

Cooldown: 29

Range: Self, 1


Attack Effect: 10 + 10 times SklLvl damage per second, +10% INT, 3 +3 times SklLvl ms, +1% ms per 50 STR


Effect: Gives Vakinor a good chase skill and rewards a certain amount of risk taken when fighting, but also punishes an enemy for over-extending.



Ability Three: Magma Fence

"Vakinor summons a fence of erupting fire that deals damage and prevents units from passing through for 7 seconds. All units within range of the wall are slowed by 4%, +0.5% per 200 health remaining on them for two seconds, refreshing when damage is dealt."

Energy Cost: Value or Description

Cooldown: Value or Description

Range: 8


Attack Effect: Deals 10 + 15 times SklLvl +10% INT, calls 2 + SklLvl + 1/60 STR pillars.


Effect: Gives Vakinor some ability to control a crowd and to fufill a support role by trapping the enemy after slowing their passage through time.




Ultimate Ability: Shielding Mark

"Vakinor creates a personal shield around a unit, granting it damage resistance for a time. Passively, grants him 7% Time Scale for switching forms for 1/2/3 seconds, Melee form gives +4/8/12% Physical damage to allies within 10 range, and Ranged form grants +3/6/9% Spell Resist to allies in range 10."

Energy Cost: 225

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Range: 10


Effect: 5 + (10 times SklLvl) % Damage Resist, 2 + (2 times SklLvl) seconds, +1 sec / 70 STR.


Effect:Gives Vakinor and his team a powerful anti-focus fire ability, and the ability to counter any enemies that would normally foil a great plan with bonus resistance, to perhaps allow an ally to escape.




Additional Information






Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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