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[Hero] Melko.Cecetaf


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Snarky comment (as usual): Somebody in SC2 when I was playing some public matches of SotIS said "Hey, are you the Eliwan on the forums that makes like a hero suggestion every day?" to which I responded "No, but that is me." I don't make a suggestion every day, do I... do I?

This hero is based off of the Mage class (pre-promotions) in Dragonica Online / Dragon Saga. The skills are slightly altered (Lightning Chain in that game allowed you to attack in the air, so it was Focus(Cat's Wisdom) => Point Buster => Lightning => Meteor, do it all over again.)




- Created.


- Whoops, fixed the mistakes.

- Changed air-time on Ult from 5 to 3 seconds.

- Nerfed proc rate on Lightning Chain's slow passive from 100% to 60%.

- Buffed ult from -30 seconds per meteor not called to -40 seconds per meteor not called.


- Nerfed Cat's Wisdom from 50 + 6 per second energy to 4% + 1% maximum per second, and removed the maximum duration restriction.


- Buffed Point Buster from 19 to 16 second cooldown.


-6.0 update!


Name: Melko.Cecataf

Portrait: Void Ray

Unit Base: High Templar and Zealot [Lighter color schemes].

Type: Caster.Support/Fighter/Chaser



Starting Stats:

Health 270

Movement Speed 2.85

Attack Range 5

Attack Speed 1.8

Damage 43

Strength – 18 + 4

Agility – 22 + 5

Intelligence – 27 + 7






Heroic Active: Power Theft

"Each time a nearby enemy or ally uses an ability; Melko recieves energy equal to the cooldown of the ability. Enemies that cast also lose additional energy equal to the cooldown of the ability."

Range: Radius 8.






Ability One: Point Buster

"Melko creates a ward, which explodes with magic 1 second later, dealing damage and forcing all hit units into the air, making them unable to act for 1 second. Then they fall and take damage again."

Energy Cost: 80 + 40 per level

Cooldown: 16 seconds

Range: 6 to cast, AoE has a radius of 2


Level 1: Deals 50 (+35% INT) damage.

Level 2: Deals 75 (+35% INT) damage.

Level 3: Deals 100 (+35% INT) damage.

Level 4: Deals 125 (+35% INT) damage.


Effect: Melko's main move of sorts. Can be used to gank by anticipating where the enemy shall be, to farm by simply casting on the creeps.




Must be level 2/5/8/10 to level up this skill.

Ability Two: Cat's Wisdom

"Melko alters himself, giving him cat-like reflexes, additionally increasing his INT for 8 seconds."

Energy Cost: 8%

Cooldown: 30

Range: Self


Level 1: +6% Time Scale, +18 INT.

Level 2: +14% Time Scale, +27 INT.

Level 3: +22% Time Scale, +36 INT.

Level 4: +30% Time Scale, +45 INT.


Effect: A powerful spell, Melko can use this and then Point Buster, followed with a full combo, to deal insane damage.




Ability Three: Lightning Chains

"[Active] Melko fires a burst of lightning, pulling hit units 4 units toward him and stunning for 1 second.

[Passive] After casting an ability; Melko's next attack deals bonus spell damage and chains to 3 other nearby enemies."

Energy Cost: 60 + 40 per level

Cooldown: 17 seconds

Range: 7, beam has a radius of 1.5. Must be within a radius of 1.5 in order for Chaining.


Level 1: Deals 40 (+60% Weapon Damage) damage. 18 (+20% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage from Chaining.

Level 2: Deals 80 (+60% Weapon Damage) damage. 27 (+20% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage from Chaining.

Level 3: Deals 120 (+60% Weapon Damage) damage. 36 (+20% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage from Chaining.

Level 4: Deals 160 (+60% Weapon Damage) damage. 45 (+20% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage from Chaining.


Effect: Pretty powerful and as a result




Ultimate Ability: Meteor Strike

"Melko rises into the air, becoming untargetable for 3 seconds. During this time, Melko may call down up to 3 meteors, stunning for 1 second and dealing damage. The Meteors remain for 7 seconds, dealing DPS and blocking the path. Meteors take up a 2x2 location."

Energy Cost: Costs 80 energy to rise, and 80/110/150 energy per Meteor called.

Cooldown: 180 seconds, -40 seconds for each meteor not called

Range: 9, must be within radius 4 of Meteor for DPS. Meteors fall and deal damage in AoE 3, radius from CENTER.


Level 1: Deals 75 (+60% INT) damage on fall. Deals 7 (+15% AGI) damage per second.

Level 2: Deals 130 (+60% INT) damage on fall. Deals 12 (+15% AGI) damage per second.

Level 3: Deals 160 (+60% INT) damage on fall. Deals 15 (+15% AGI) damage per second.


Effect: For 3 seconds, Melko cannot move or auto-attack. Instead, left-clicking a location within 9 range of Melko makes a meteor fall. If the 3 seconds expire before throwing down all the meteors, the ult automatically ends.




Additional Information


None just yet.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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