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[Hero] Master.Kaloth


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- Creation.


- Finished ^^;


Name: Master.Kaloth [/size]

Portrait: Mutalisk

Unit Base: Mutalisk


Script: http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Kaloth

[A copy of the personality and memories or something]


Starting Stats:

Base Health 265

Movement Speed 2.85

Attack Range 3.5

Attack Speed 1.8

Attack Animation | Name - Archon Merge (the thing that Chuck's charges look like), traveling in a line | Psionic Screech

Base Damage 45

Base Armor 2 [Chitinous Carapace]

Strength – 25 + 5

Agility – *28 + 6*

Intelligence – 20 + 5







Heroic Passive: Alpha

"Kaloth's Talents are empowered due to long practice, at varying rates based on their Tier.


T1 Talents have 1.5x amplification. [Might, Cunning, Bloodthirst, Fury, Fitness, Discipline, Vigor, Integrity, Prodigy, Brilliance, Swiftness, Youth.]

+22.5 Weapon Damage; [Might]

+7.5% Weapon Damage; [Cunning]

+18% Physical Leech; [bloodthirst]

+22.5% Weapon Speed; [Fury]

+180 Health; [Fitness]

+10.5% Spell Resistance; [Discipline]

+3 Health Regeneration; [Vigor]

+21 Armor; [integrity]

+18% Cooldown Reduction; [Prodigy]

+1.8 Energy Regeneration; [brilliance]

+10.5% Movement Speed; [swiftness]

+300 Energy [Youth].


T2 Talents: [1.2x Amplification]

Demigod: Deals 60% Spell Damage [from 50%].

Veteran: Grants +1.8 levels [from +1.5].


Zeal: +16% Movement Speed [from 13%].

Undying: Respawn Time reduced by 30% [from 25%].


Overlord: +24% Spell and Physical Resistance to nearby non-heroics [from 20].

Wealth: Starts with +240 Minerals [from 200].


Additionally, reduces the cooldowns of talent-abilities: [1/1.2 CD]

Recovery, Haste, Fortify [180 seconds] => 150

Transport [300 seconds] => 250


Effect: It sounded cool when I started making it, but I realize this may be very very difficult to code... And then new talents!



-2x Amplification:

Mental Focus, Instinct, Heat Resistant, Impunity, Resilience, Brainstorm


-1.5x Amplification:

Hunter's Edge, Malice, Might, Haste, Reflex Training, Enduring Pulse, Steady Mind, Prodigy


-1.25x Amplification:

Sharpened Steel, Fortitude, Energy Reserves


-No Amplification:

All Active Talents, Madness, Disorienting Blow, Merit, Artful Dodger, Templar's Resolve, Counter, Ocular Implants, Commitment, Avarice, Gifted Pupil, Swiftness, Savvy, Brain Surgeon.



I sorta wonder if it would be OP if he had 1.5x Amplification on all talents:

75% of weapon damage as Spell Damage after every last hit;

starting at level 3.25 [or so the OP version would be; it'd probably multiply the EXP you get-- so how much EXP does Veteran give?];

+19.5% MS when above 70% Health;

-37.5% Respawn Time;

+30% Damage Resist to nearby non-heroics;

+300 minerals;

with actives of CD 120 seconds [200 for Transport]... =D




Ability One: Acid Spine

"Kaloth launches a large Acid Spine in the target direction, dealing instant Physical Damage and that same damage over 6 seconds as Spell Damage."

Energy Cost: 30 + 5 per level

Cooldown: 9

Range: 7, Acid Spine has radius of 0.5


Level 1: Deals 30 [+30% Weapon Damage] Damage.

Level 2: Deals 45 [+30% Weapon Damage] Damage.

Level 3: Deals 60 [+30% Weapon Damage] Damage.

Level 4: Deals 75 [+30% Weapon Damage] Damage.


Effect: A skillshot, but Acid Spines should travel nigh instantly [e.g. in less than 1 in-game second]. A fast ability, but very weak. This is mainly a harassment skill, but since it deals linear damage it can be used to farm on lane creeps.

Probably should look the same as a Roach's [brine's Heroic Active; Unix's Auto-attack] Acid Spew; but more narrow.




Ability Two: Sonic Burst

"[Toggle] Kaloth enhances the power of attacks, making them explode in an area of effect, dealing True Damage. This drains a little energy from Kaloth on each attack.

[Passive] Kaloth and nearby allies gain bonus Movement Speed for 3 seconds whenever Kaloth attacks, or double that bonus when Kaloth uses an ability."

Energy Cost: 8 + 4

Cooldown: --

Range: AoE of radius 1.5; Aura radius 10


Level 1: Deals 10 [+10% INT] area True Damage. +4% Movement Speed.

Level 2: Deals 15 [+10% INT] area True Damage. +6% Movement Speed.

Level 3: Deals 20 [+10% INT] area True Damage. +8% Movement Speed.

Level 4: Deals 25 [+10% INT] area True Damage. +10% Movement Speed.


Effect: Powerful damage increase, and movespeed makes Kaloth a good chaser and escaper. Does not proc Ocelot's/BHM/Star's Fury/Silver Soul/etc.

While active, small little spheres erupt from auto-attacks. Alternatively, maybe something like TBone's W effects?




Ability Three: Bio Storm

"Kaloth offloads bio-mass that damages the target and units near the target each second for 8 seconds."

Energy Cost: 50 + 10

Cooldown: 15

Range: 5 to cast, AoE has radius of 2


Level 1: Deals 10 [+10% INT] damage per second.

Level 2: Deals 15 [+10% INT] damage per second.

Level 3: Deals 20 [+10% INT] damage per second.

Level 4: Deals 25 [+10% INT] damage per second.


Effect: A AoE skill, pretty basic. However, not exactly stupidly powerful, but has pretty good damage.

The animation should be like Viron's old E! Kerrigan's Razor Swarm ability from the Campaign! except small.




Ultimate Ability: Dominance

"Kaloth inflates, increasing in size and power greatly for 12 seconds. While Dominance is active, Kaloth's Talents are further amplified."

Energy Cost: 230/340/450

Cooldown: 120/105/90

Range: Self


Level 1: +30 Agility, +8% Time Scale. Talents are amplified by 2x the normal values from Alpha.

Level 2: +50 Agility, +14% Time Scale. Talents are amplified by 3x the normal values from Alpha.

Level 3: +70 Agility, +20% Time Scale. Talents are amplified by 4x the normal values from Alpha.


Effect: A powerful skill-- it's similar to Medical Marvel and Expand!, but grants Time Scale and Agility-- the Time Scale makes Kaloth more mobile and also increases his Attack Speed regardless of the Attack Speed cap!




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build: [i think this is a really good build; too! Especially come the change to Sliptide Scythe... P= It gives you some INT but focuses entirely on AGI for your auto-attack and Q; with a BHM to benefit from your Q even more.


It also caps your Attack Speed if you have Fury and Dominance is activated-- which is quite powerful.



Kinetic Battery gives all the Energy Regeneration you could ever want.

Black Hole Magnum gives you incredible burst damage when you utilize your Q followed with an auto-attack.

Sliptide Scythe grants you Spell Resistance and Movement Speed when attacking-- and in the beta gives you extra Spell Damage on every attack; allowing the proc of...

Nitrogen Retrofit; which gives you extra INT for 6 more True Damage on every attack and 48 more Spell Damage from Bio Storm-- but more importantly, slows your enemies down on attacks from your Q; E; and even Auto-attack!

Shinobi Style gives you plenty of extra Health, Agility, and Weapon Damage; which makes you all the more deadly... and gives you a cloaking skill; to assassinate or escape from enemies!

Finally, Agressor's Guise gives you cloaking and movement speed every few attacks; as well as some Health to tank things a bit better-- and escapades.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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Hold on *checks item database and max weapon speed and agility stuff*...


-Assuming level 18; lv 3 Ultimate.

Level 18 Agility = 6 * 18 + 28 = 138

+25; +70; +50; +0; +40; +60 = 383

+70 from Ultimate = 453.

No A.Spd items.

Talents: If you have Fury; you'll get an additional 7.5% [Which becomes an extra 30%] Attack Speed; on top of the +15% from itself.

1.8 / 3.50 / 1.3 = 0.3956 Attack Speed Cap.

1.8 / [1 + 0.0029 * 453] / 1.3 / 1.15 =

1.8 / 2.3137 / 1.3 / 1.15 = 0.5204 Attack Speed.


Oh, darn. It does =|. But... if I change it from old timescale to new Time Scale; it'd work [1.8 / 3.50 = 0.5143].

I guess I'll do that instead. But, of course, then I have to nerf it since it gives Movement Speed and Attack Speed. XP

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