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[Hero] Rasdarian.Phiran


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-Hero Created

-Changed Agi // Str gained per level and base to better scale as an AA

-Fixed Int (Forgot to put a base amount)





Name: Rasdarian.Phiran

Portrait: Dragoon

Unit Base: Dragoon

Type: Int [AA//Support] (I'm not actually entirely sure what this hero would be. AA // Support // or caster.)

Script: Great friend of Zyrickian, he is a Protoss Dragoon that loved to pursue fighting. He started fighting for Aiur until the Zerg Swarm took over the Home world and was forced to abandon it along with Zeratul. Throughout battle, he was isolated from his team and had no choice to escape. He later met Zyrickian, and joined him has his partner in the Tournament in a hidden Terran-Protoss town. They won the tournament together until Raynor, and Fenix bested them in battle. After that defeat, Rasdarian left the planet disgracing himself for losing the battle, blaming himself where he came in the Sanctum to regain his honor.

Rasdarian now enters the Sanctum of the Aeon of Storms with his abilities to weaken his foes and damage them over time.

Starting Stats:

Base Health [250]

Movement Speed [2.9]

Attack Range [6]

Attack Speed [2]

Base Damage [40] (Posion Shockwave)

Base Armor [1]

Strength – [18] + [4]

Agility – [26] + [6]

Intelligence – [34] + [7]







Heroic Passive: Fields of Posion

"Rasdarian has his weapon damage reduced by 50%. Whenever he attacks, he places a status effect on all enemies in a AoE Radius of 1.25 for 10 seconds. Units effected will take 5% Rasdarian's Weapon damage as Physical damage per second. In addition, each attack slows the enemy's movement speed by 1% and lowers Spell//Physical damage by 1% Can Stacks Infinately. Does not refresh upon a new attack."



Effect: With Max Attack speed, it will stack around 15 times max. Every attack still deals 100% of Rasdarian's Weapon if you include the 5% weap damage as physical damage per sec.




Ability One: Posion Gas

"An area in an AoE Radius of 3, enemies take spell damage and lose movement speed to all units in it. In addition, enemies are applied a posion stack that lasts 10 seconds can stack up to 10 times. The Gas lasts 5 seconds."

Energy Cost: 70//90//110//130

Cooldown: 20//18//16//14

Range: 8


Level 1: Deal 20 [+15% int] per second. Slow Movement Speed by 20% - Posion Stacks slow Movement Speed and attack speed by 2%

Level 2: Deal 30 [+15% int] per second. Slow Movement Speed by 25% - Posion Stacks slow Movement Speed and attack speed by 3%

Level 3: Deal 40 [+15% int] per second. Slow Movement Speed by 30% - Posion Stacks slow Movement Speed and attack speed by 4%

Level 4: Deal 50 [+15% int] per second. Slow Movement Speed by 35% - Posion Stacks slow Movement Speed and attack speed by 5%


Effect: Every Posion stack gained does not refresh the stacks. Projectile is shot, and gas forms after 1 sec when the projectile reaches its target




Ability Two: Weakening Aura [Passive]

"Enemies near Rasdarian have the status effects Rasdarian gives, amplfied in a radius of 12."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: 12


Level 1: Fields of Posion lower CDR (Cooldown Reduction) by 0.5%. Posion Stacks deal 4 [+2% int] per second.

Level 2: Fields of Posion lower CDR by 1%. Posion stacks deal 6 [+2% int] per second.

Level 3: Fields of Posion lower CDR by 1.5%. Posion stacks deal 8 [+2% int] per second.

Level 4: Fields of Posion lower CDR by 2%. Posion stacks deal 10 [+2% int] per second.


Effect: In enemies are no longer in a Radius of 12 of Rasdarian, these effects won't work. Posion stack damage deals Spell Damage




Ability Three: Enhanced Sickness

"Rasdarian targets an enemy, causing all the status effects that he causes to refresh. Takes 0.6 seconds to channel."

Energy Cost: 40//60//80//100

Cooldown: 30//25//20//15

Range: 5//6//7//8


Level 1: Refreshes all Rasdarian's Stacks. Target Radius : 5 ; CD: 30

Level 2: Refreshes all Rasdarian's Stacks. Target Radius : 6 ; CD: 25

Level 3: Refreshes all Rasdarian's Stacks. Target Radius : 7 ; CD: 20

Level 4: Refreshes all Rasdarian's Stacks. Target Radius : 8 ; CD: 15


Effect: At all levels, the effect is the same. Only benefit is the radius and CD of it. This does not effect Neural Contamination Debuff. (final)




Ultimate Ability: Neural Contamination

"Rasdarian Contaminates the nerves of an opponent. Channels 1 second. Enemies hit will either be silenced or have their Attack//Movement Speed serverly lowered. Switches every 2 seconds. The unit loses 95% Attack Speed and Movement Speed when their MS // AS is limited."

Energy Cost: 175//250//325

Cooldown: 100 secs//90 secs//80 secs

Range: 6//8//10


Level 1: Lasts 6 seconds

Level 2: Lasts 8 seconds

Level 3: Lasts 10 seconds.


Effect: Starts with lowering Movement Speed//Attack Speed.

For 0 - 2 seconds the unit loses AS//MS. for 2 - 4 secs silence. 4 - 6 secs, loses MS//AS. 6 - 8 secs, silenced. 8 - 10 secs, loses AS//MS.

Once the channeling starts, the enemy must be at a 10//12//14 unit radius to stop the channeling. Debuff immunity will only remove the debuff that is currently applied (which lasts 2 secs each time).



Additional Information




Closing statement

Thanks (Hero was slightly rushed)

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