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Lord knows how many times I have had to redo this one; but that's just fine... still a good one.

By the way, he used to be AGIlity, but Wrath said that there needs to be an INT AA carry; so I changed him to INT.

Ideally he's good at AA carrying but he's also a good spellcaster and has decent lane sustain as well as harassment.




- Redid for 6.0 for the second time P:


- Changed Energy Wave from 30% INT scaling to 40% Weapon Damage-- this will make him more carry-based-- but it still scales with INT in the end ;)

- Energy Wave heal from Sickles reduced from 10/15/20/25 to 8/12/16/20.

- Added how I feel he should be built/played.


- Base Attack Speed increased from 1.75 to 1.9 [Nerf].

- Slicing Sickles buffed from 0.5% to 1%.

- Slicing Sickles clarified: The damage that the Sickles do to enemies are not reflected, by, say, Barbed Plating. Matthew may Lifesteal from them, however.

--- This does not apply to Gale Aegis' Spell Damage Sickles.

--- Clarification: Gale Aegis' Sickles does not activate the "0.5% of his Current Energy in Physical Damage" portion of Slicing Sickles.

- Energy Wave base damage/heal buffed from 40/65/90/115 to 40/70/100/130.

- Gale Aegis now deals 2/3/4% of energy from 3/4/5% as Spell Damage.

- Gale Aegis no longer can break Sickle cap.

- Gale Aegis typo fixed [Maximum Energy was supposed to be Current Energy].






Name: Zealous.Matthew

Portrait: Scout

Unit Base: High Templar with player-colored aura.

Type: Ranged Caster.Fighter/Carry

Script: A zealous user of magic, Matthew practiced in his hometown to best learn magic. After a time, he found that he knew all he could, and sought out an appropriate place to test his skills, and wandered into the Sanctum.




Starting Stats:

Base Health 250

Movement Speed 2.75

Attack Range 5

Attack Speed 1.9

Base Damage 41

Attack Name | Animation - Homing Strike | A blue line with white accents along it; faint and fastly moving

Base Armor 1

Strength – 20 + 4

Agility – 25 + 7

Intelligence – *25 + 7*






Heroic Passive: Slicing Sickles

"Whenever a unit within 10 range of Matthew dies, he gains a Sickle. Matthew may have up to 10 Sickles. Sickles last for 60 seconds before fading away.

Whenever Matthew attacks, his Sickles fly down his attack line and deal 1% of his Current Energy in Physical Damage to units within a 3-unit radius of the target, starting with the target. No unit may be hit a second time until all other units have been hit once.

The same effect occurs in a radius of 6 around Matthew whenever he takes damage.

For each Sickle that Matthew has, his Abilities are granted bonus effects. These bonus effects, as well as the two effects above, may only occur once every 4 seconds. This time is reduced by Cooldown Reduction.

Any damage that Sickles deal cannot be reflected back to Matthew, but Matthew may benefit from Lifesteal damage that the Sickles inflict."



Effect: The essential mechanic behind Matthew. A result of this is that being near dying units becomes very important, just so you can have Sickles so that you don't waste energy making them.

Cooldown mechanic prevents you from being almighty god person with dealing insane damage on each auto-attack due to having insane energy; adding skill as button-mashing is less effective than timing.

Sickles are player-colored and are akin to Vorpal's orbs, but smaller.

When the bonus effects are prepared; the aura should glow brighter and stronger.

Slicing Sickles does not proc item effects and cannot critical.




Ability One: Slash Pulse

"Matthew releases a pulse of energy, dealing Spell Damage to all enemies within range. Additionally, for each Sickle, this attack deals bonus Spell Damage equal to 2% of Matthew's Current Energy."

Energy Cost: 65/90/115/140

Cooldown: 22

Range: Radius 6.


Level 1: 80 [+60% INT] Spell Damage.

Level 2: 120 [+60% INT] Spell Damage.

Level 3: 160 [+60% INT] Spell Damage.

Level 4: 200 [+60% INT] Spell Damage.


Effect: A powerful destruction ability that gives Matthew a very high damage output versus all enemies.




Ability Two: Energy Wave

"Matthew launches a Sickle at the target. If it is an enemy, this attack deals damage. If an ally, this attack heals them over 5 seconds. If Matthew targets himself, the healing is halved but he generates a Sickle.

For each Sickle, Matthew is healed a certain amount of Health regardless of if he targeted himself."

Energy Cost: 30 + 10 per level

Cooldown: 9

Range: 10


Level 1: 40 [+40% Weapon Damage] Spell Damage / Healing. Each Sickle heals Matthew for 8 Health.

Level 2: 70 [+40% Weapon Damage] Spell Damage / Healing. Each Sickle heals Matthew for 12 Health.

Level 3: 100 [+40% Weapon Damage] Spell Damage / Healing. Each Sickle heals Matthew for 16 Health.

Level 4: 130 [+40% Weapon Damage] Spell Damage / Healing. Each Sickle heals Matthew for 20 Health.


Effect: Obviously intended to be Matthew's initiation/finishing move, with a not-long cooldown and a grand range. Also serves to allow Matthew to generate Sickles and heal himself up in a pinch.

Due to having some amount of base healing, this makes Matthew a formitable laning enemy and partner, able to rejuvenate himself and his ally a bit between waves.




Ability Three: Sickle Conversion

"Matthew dashes forward, converting his body into Sickles and soaring a distance. Any units he touches along the way suffer damage.

For each Sickle, enemies that Matthew touch have their Movement Speed reduced for 4 seconds."

Energy Cost: 70/95/120/145

Cooldown: 25/22/19/16

Range: 7, radius 2

Level 1: 60 [+50% INT] Spell Damage. -3% Movement Speed per Sickle.

Level 2: 100 [+50% INT] Spell Damage. -4% Movement Speed per Sickle.

Level 3: 140 [+50% INT] Spell Damage. -5% Movement Speed per Sickle.

Level 4: 180 [+50% INT] Spell Damage. -6% Movement Speed per Sickle.


Effect: A powerful initiation/escape/chase spell that makes Matthew able to deal a fair amount of damage to enemy heroes without having to endanger himself all that much.




Ultimate Ability: Gale Aegis

"Matthew whips up a wind of energy that boosts his and nearby allies' Movement Speed, generating up to 4 Sickles. While active, Matthew is granted Debuff Immunity, his Sickles attack enemies nearby for Spell Damage once every second, and the bonus effects on his Abilities are always enabled. Gale Aegis lasts for 8 seconds at all levels."

Energy Cost: 210/320/430

Cooldown: 100

Range: Radius 6


Level 1: +12% Movement Speed. Each Sickle deals 2% of Matthew's Current Energy as Spell Damage.

Level 2: +21% Movement Speed. Each Sickle deals 3% of Matthew's Current Energy as Spell Damage.

Level 3: +30% Movement Speed. Each Sickle deals 4% of Matthew's Current Energy as Spell Damage.


Effect: High-cost, insane damage. Though the cooldown is not very long; you cannot simply spam the ability all the time. Proper usage of the move allows you to smash enemies in-- but using it not with at least 6 sickles results in non-optimal ultimates.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build [shop]:





Thanks to your Heroic Passive, you'll be more devastating the more Energy you have. As a result, INT is doubly-triply useful for you; increasing your Spell Damage and Spell Damage[Abilities] and Weapon Damage.


Talent Build:


Fitness [+120 Health] You're squishy.

Discipline [+7% Spell Resistance] You're squishy. Still.

Vigor [+2 Health Regeneration] Lane sustain is needed.

-Undying [-25% Respawn Time] Just in case you DO die, this is AMAZING. If you're cocky, use one of the 7th point recommendations.


Brilliance [+1.2 Energy Regeneration] You scale with Current Energy. This also bolsters your lane sustain quite a bit.

Swiftness [+7% Movement Speed] Movement Speed is a must.


If we end up getting a 7th point; or you don't think you need some of that sustain; these are other really good Talents for Matthew to get:

Cunning [+5% Spell Damage] Um, don't think I need to explain this one very much. Get this if you're cocky.

Might [+15 Weapon Damage] Very useful for getting last-hits and harassment off.

Fury [+15% Weapon Speed] Amazing if you want to do a AA based build opposed to a spell/AA hybrid [which is what I set him up as].

-Demigod [After LH, next AA deals extra 50% Weapon Damage as Spell Damage] Great for harassment and good for jungling.

Youth [+200 Energy] As much as I love to bash this Talent, this makes you deal 2 more damage on Slicing Sickles and gives you higher energy reserves for more spell spam early-game.


I WOULD recommend Transport; BUT the Utility Tree isn't very useful for you. As a result; it's better to leave yourself with Recovery.




Space Battery is the holy grail of you in general for sustain. Gives you the mana needed to use Energy Wave often enough to sustain your ally; and in doing so you sustain yourself.


Short lane:


You want to get two of these; depending on how you play. Smokescreen is better for life-saving; but Capsules are better for keeping up your damage output / taken without dying.



:FieldRadarToolkit: See above, except 1 instead.

Since you're the long lane, you're susceptable to ganks-- counter this with a ward.

I recommend Smokescreen over a Capsule; as you are the long-lane-- you can be ganked and sometimes you don't pay attention-- or your ward ran out and you haven't gone back to shop yet!


And, ideally, either way, your laning partner gets a Sustainer. P=

However, if they get a Space Battery, you should get a Sustainer and the Radar in long lane; Sustainer and Energy Capsule for short lane.



:DuransPendant: That was easy.


Skill Order:



Slash Pulse first as it is your best damage skill;

In the long lane you need the sustain granted from your W as soon as possible. In spite of that, you'll want to maximize your Q first as you can use the Q to shred the wave, and be prepared to farm or to be ganked [you should know when it's coming due to that ward].

If you're in the long lane, I suggest not using your W for damage but instead for rejuvenating your ally's health as well as your own.


For the Short lane, Slash Pulse so you can farm the neutrals by pushing the lane away from you with high damage. Since you're in the short lane, you should use your W to harass during the wave and use it to heal after the wave; as it won't be that useful otherwise.






You want the SFG as soon as possible as it makes you actually capable of killing things, as the bonus is insane for you.


This item is also really important to the build in general-- it adds tons of damage to your Auto-Attack.


You've gotta get this item soonish; otherwise you won't benefit from the full stacks of it-- but oh well; nothing to be done but buy it soon and sell it later.




:SunflareGun::NitrogenRetrofit::ArgusCrystal:StarsFury.pngGravityEdge.png ???


I really shouldn't have to explain most of these.

NR for the Health and INT it gives, the slow is a nice bonus.


Good Choices:


Basically, anything with INT, Energy, CDR, etc. ends up being good on you...


Shrink Ray: Auto-attack speed is really good and the fact that it cuts enemy damage is also juicy.

Symphonic Seed: Gives health and INT; but is more situational than Nitrogen-- the passive only procs when you get hero kills, so it may not happen all that often-- but is still really useful.

Silver Soul: *cough* You can make almost as good use of this item as Egon can; you can cast a spell often enough. It gives Energy which is not bad at all and even some Spell Resistance.

Chilling Artifact: Support, Energy, CDR.

Yamato Reactor: ... INT, Tanking, bonus damage.

Bandit's Artifice: Clone of you that copies AA is epic especially given that the items here make your AA devastating. Doubly so since I believe Bandit's Clone procs all passives [including Heroic].

Shadowmourne: Gives energy, movement speed, weapon speed... it's good already; and the unique is just icing on the cake.

Shrapnel Cloak: Support ability; and it gives you more survivability with extra armor and spell resistance-- and it gives energy, which becomes damage.

Mossberg Taser: Energy => Spell Damage. SR for extra survivability. Active to save allies or yourself.

Kinetic Battery: Gotta build the Space Battery from Long Lane sustain into something ;) It's not a bad item, giving you extra energy while also giving weapon damage and the ability to increase your current energy.


Critical Build:

LethalBarb.pngCerebro.png:KhaliBlade:Shadowmourne.png* :ArcboundRavager: GoodItem

*=Assuming Shadowmourne isn't banned. But, if you want to use a Critical Build in an inhouse... what're you thinking?

For your last item, I recommend SFG, Argus, Star's Fury, or Gravity Edge. This build gives you >100% Critical Chance, which means you'll always have your Abilities ready for use.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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Dashes in starcraft don't allow cliff jumping. Cliff jumping is fun!


That just adds another dynamic to the game. From what I have seen in other MOBAs, heroes with dashes are great at ganking in the lane or in the river, just not so much in the forest. So you have to know how to use it.

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I'm talking about homing missiles, like Cain's ult and rebounder. I think that's all.


A dash implies moving at high speed. A blink implies travelling instantly.


Keep in mind that units dragged by Brine will dodge Cain's ult.


So his Ulti is like wow. If you have 14 sickles and 3000 mana, you deal an extra Cyrpus Ulti every auto attack (2100 damage). So basically every time you engage late game you will obliterate everything :) in 4 shots you deal 8400 damage just from your ulti. This doesn't consider your base damage or damage from items or spell amp. Making it physical damage would pretty much cut this value in half, which would be still be incredibly strong. Please tell me that I'm misunderstanding something here.

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Use http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh100/Eilwan/45u/ and finish it with "ItemName.png". The name of the item has no single-quote marks ['] or spaces. e.g. Agressor's Guise => AgressorsGuise.png

And finally you can add a "Mini" at the end of "ItemName" to make it smaller.



You did make a mistake. It's not every AA, it's once per second.

Other than that, no, no mistakes on your math. And yes, it's Spell Damage.

It's just supposed to scale with Current Energy and not Maximum Energy [just like, I dunno, all his other abilities]-- that's a remnant from back when he was an Agility hero.

I didn't really try to make it OP but I was strictly avoiding making it UP as well. It's really the concept I'm going for with this Ultimate, not the numbers. P=

The reason why I don't want it to to Physical Damage is because I don't want his Ulti to be godly leech. I know that the Recommended Build foregoes leech except for the SFG; but if I made the Ulti Physical Damage, he'd be countered too swiftly and wouldn't be a good INT-Carry.


So instead, I nerfed it. P=


Sorry that this response took so long, I just needed more time [took me about 20 minutes for this =)]

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Oh; well...

You could just go to http://s254.photobucket.com/albums/hh100/Eilwan/45u/ if you don't mind browsing around a Photobucket.


I was writing it for if you just wanted to copy/paste. In general I have that saved on my item and hero documents to reference them easily:


[img=http://i1079.photobucket.com/albums/w509/Banzaiguy/Item%20Icons/ItemName.png] [Normal items; only minis]
[img=http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh100/Eilwan/45u/ItemName["Mini" for smaller].png] [New items]

So... yeah. P:


Also, I haven't finished editing him yet, believe it or not! XP I'll finish soon, though.

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