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Buff creeps for team with less players


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The purpose is to equalize chances for team with less players.


The buff should be strong enough to force the team with more players to split to defend their towers and not walk around in 5-man gankball.


Approximately +20% to hp and dmg for each player difference, maybe even more.



Recently I won the game playing with other 4 joes such as me against 2 players, one of them demonstrated truly fantastic play, the other one was just good.


Which didn't help 'em much because we kept ganking them down, sometimes losing 2-3 players in a teamfight, which was tolerable expense for us. It makes me think that this +7% buff for a leaver does nothing significant and there should be some other mechanism for a skilled player to win a match being in a minority, even in a minority of one.

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I already said this: If your team loses a player, your team gets weaker. No need to make your team stronger, because this is a team game, losing a player will make your team weaker, that's it.


It is the same in every other team sport. If anybody leaves his team alone, his team suffers a loss.

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JustZero - I agree with your opinion, to a certain extent. Suits ideal world with no leavers.




1) It seems like AoS creators already think different: there is already a 7% buff and money for leavers inventory

2) Strategy games are about winning by knowledge and skill, not by having luck to have good teammates in pubs which can win without you or even if you feed the ops like crazy

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There's a design problem due being a mod and not a game, reporting option for leavers and kick/ban would be a nice idea if posible.


If it could be, I d just do like any other moba game, you lose a player, your team is weaker, that's all.


The no option of report leavers makes sometimes other teams blaming and insulting ppl who stay in game ( trying, playing, last hope or anything) instead of blaming people who flobed the game leaving it or staying AFK in base ( Opposite totally from any other moba game).

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You're right, if one person drops on your team, proceed to have everyone leave because you are now significantly weaker.


If it were a game, entirely, the option to report, kick-ban leavers ragequitters would do a clean and stable game, I know AoS has some issues at this and cant do nothing, so I accept how it is.


And yes, everyone can get a disc, an emergency or something, but doing that repeatedly is not fair.

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So what happens in a pub situation with a dropper/leaver?


One lane will be left with a solo player, in pub games usually the hard lane due to ppl's ignorance, but lets ignore that for now.

The lane with the solo player will have several advantages and disadvantages. Lets look at them all before we start thinking about a solution.


The advantages for the solo player: Off course the biggest advantages is the experience bonus. Having a hero with AoE will make you lvl as fast as the mid player, with your opposing lane staying back a few lvls. The next huge advantage is the amount of money you will get for killing the creeps.


The biggest drawbacks are that both advantages are easily countered by any team. Focussing on the solo player will make him drop HP real fast, causing him to draw back and stick to the tower. This usually means that he will be missing out on creep kills and experience. The next huge drawback is that most players will focus on bringing down 2 or 3 towers in the lane without too much resistance. Especially with the lane pushing heroes there isn't much you can do to stop a team from reaching your tier 3 tower in under 6 minutes.


I think the creep's should not get buffed for the leaver. Instead buff the tower. In my opinion, holding the towers longer untill the difference in the extra player is minimum will make it more easier for the 4-player team. However this will make the games slower. My advice would be to give the tower a small speed buff. This way the 5-player team needs more time to kill the tower(s).



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There is already a 7% buff to the team when someone leaves, you need more of a buff to win?


Yes, exactly. Strictly speaking when team of 5 loses one player it get's 20% weaker not 7%. 7% buff is nothing,


And I'm not sure to what this 7% buff applies and if it works at all.



I think the creep's should not get buffed for the leaver. Instead buff the tower.

Interesting point but this won't make a team with more players to split, but rather the opposite - they will have one more reason to stick together.

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