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Bonus minerals for early game leavers


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I brought this up awhile back but I cant find the thread to resurrect, so I'll start it again.


I've noticed that about 75% of games these days have 1-2 players drop out within the first 5-10 minutes. Often its something as simple as someone gets dropped during load and someone else RQs. But you quickly find yourself playing 5v3 or 4v3 games alot.


Loosing members of your team that early puts you at a pretty big disadvantage unless the opposing team has new users to feed on.I think it would be really helpful to get bonus minerals for leavers before the 10 minute mark.


When someone drops during the loading process, you get 0 minerals, and get screwed (which needs to be fixed)

When someone leaves during the game you split the value of their items (any money in their bank goes poof which is a known bug that also needs to be fixed).

Even if this was fixed though, if someone drops at start you would split 650-710 minerals between 4 people(netting you 177 minerals at most). Gaining less than 200 minerals isn't really enough to offset the loss of a player if the opposing team is even halfway decent.


I know people will argue that you level and creep faster by having a lane to yourself, but thats really only true if you are a ranged character, most of the time you get doubleteamed and are forced to towerhug to stay alive and watch the opposing team outcreep you, and even if that doesnt happen any "advantage" you have quickly fades as the game goes on and you find yourself outnumbered in team fights and subject to more ganks


I feel like there should be a 200-300+ mineral bonus for early leavers (people that leave before the 10 minute mark) to make things more fair for the team that is down in people.


I am using arbitrary numbers so think of the suggestion more as "X bonus minerals if someone on your team leaves before Y time in game"

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