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Votekick players option


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For what its worth both are very implementable


-votekick "name" could bring up a vote screen and the rest of the team could vote just like on surrenders (only you need everyones approval for it to succeed), this is the best of all worlds because you can remove trolls, feeders, and afk people.


auto kicking afk chars can easily be setup using the trigger "character idle" in the editor, and a counter to see how long they have been idle. I dislike relying on auto kicking and think votekick would be more reliable, but its still an option



As for the comments that votekick would be abused, I feel like its not abuse to want to get rid of someone that is 0-11-0 or something like that and not showing any signs of improving. I am not saying people shouldn't be allowed to learn, because you can spend all the time you want trying to help explain the game to them (you have the option to veto the votekick if you think they can be taught), but if someone isnt listening, or is purposely trolling and dying, and is screwing your team over your team should have the option to vote on booting them.


There is nothing broken or abusable about wanting a fair game, and feeders/trolls are an unfair handicap.


There is a HUGE difference between someone that is willing to learn and take tips from the team, and someone that just plain doesnt listen and rushes in dying till the game ends feeding the enemy carrys until they become nigh unkillable. You should help the former and votekick the later.


Its not that hard to play defensive and tower hug and or only attack with a partner if you are new to keep your deaths down... so explain to me how its fair to the rest of the team to fight super fed carrys bc a newbie refuses to listen to reason?

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The feature has been implemented in a game called "Pobes VS Zeelot".


In the game, as soon as anybody starts letting the Zealot attack their wall [even if they have missile turrets] the people vote-kick the person in question [for no reason other than the fact that the Zealot attacked them].


So no, no stupid votekick. Afk-kick; yeah sure-- as long as the team that the player in question is on gets a majority vote for it.

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