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[Hero] Psionic.Glider


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- Created Hero

- Changed Heroic passive to grant 20% movement speed down from 50%

- E ability now deals 40+[25% int.] spell damage at all levels, but number of attacks lessens at every level


Name: Psionic.Glider


Unit Base:Pheonix

Type: DPS, Carry, Initiator

Script: Type description of your hero's background story here.


Starting Stats:

Base Health [275]

Movement Speed – [ 3.0]

Attack Range [4]

Attack Speed [1.75]

Base Damage [45]+ 15 from recent patch.

Base Armor [1.5]

Strength – [21] + [4]

Agility – [36] + [7]

Intelligence – [27] + [5]







Heroic Passive:

For 5 seconds after killing a unit, glider gains 20% movement speed.



Effect: Gives glider a way of hunting down units and escaping. makes him a quick harraser.




Ability One:

Glider disappears for 3 seconds, becoming invulnerable. He then warps at a target unit stunning them for .75 seconds and dealing physical damage.

Energy Cost: 65/75/85/95

Cooldown: 15

Range: 7


Level 1: deals 50+[75% agi.] physical damage

Level 2: deals 80+[75% agi.] physical damage

Level 3: deals 110+[75% agi.] physical damage

Level 4: deals 140+[75% agi.] physical damage


Effect: Glider's initiating ability.




Ability Two:

Glider goes into hunter mode, allowing him to attack while moving.

Energy Cost: 80/90/100/110

Cooldown: 25

Range: self


Level 1: lasts 4 seconds

Level 2: lasts 6 seconds

Level 3: lasts 8 seconds

Level 4: lasts 10 seconds


Effect: Gives Glider the ability to chase down individual enemies, and finish off escaping or fleeing enemies from a large battle.




Ability Three:

Every certain number of attacks, glider’s attacks deal 40+[25% int.] spell damage to units within a 3-unit radius.

Energy Cost: none

Cooldown: none

Range: n/a


Level 1: every 5 attacks

Level 2: every 4 attacks

Level 3: every 3 attacks

Level 4: every 2 attacks


Effect: Gives Glider extra damage and the ability to farm for minerals and experience.




Ultimate Ability:

Glider suspends a target unit in the air with a bubble of psionic energy, dealing 50+[25% int.] spell damage per second and dealing extra physical damage when the bubble breaks and the target falls to the ground. During this time the target is vulnerable to attacks.

Energy Cost: 100/200/300

Cooldown: 45

Range: 4


Level 1: lasts 2 seconds, deals 150 physical damage on break

Level 2: lasts 2.5 seconds, deals 200 physical damage on break

Level 3: lasts 3 seconds, deals 250 physical damage on break.


Effect: Allows Glider to effectively ambush enemy heroes, and initiate in fights. Can also be used to prevent escape.




Additional Information

This is my very first time suggesting a hero. There is the extremely likely possibility that this hero is either very over-powered or even under-powered. I am sure that i made many mistakes while making and posting this suggestion, and hope that none of them are huge. Please feel free to ask questions, or make comments and suggestions.



Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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Looks good, but I don't like the Heroic Passive-- 50% Movement Speed is a LOT. Maybe 15%?


The E looks a bit too strong in places and weak in others; maybe 40 [+25% INT] Spell Damage every 5/4/3/2 attacks?


And the Ultimate is a bit weak; I would increase it as follows:

Lasts for 2/3/4 75 [+50% INT] Spell Damage per second, deals 125/250/375 [+75% Weapon Damage] Physical Damage on break.

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thanks for the feed back. ill definitely change his heroic and e, but with his ulti, the point is not damage, the point is that the target is silenced and cannot move, while he is vulnerable to attacks from all heroes. for the heroic ill try changing it to 20% for now, and the e change is definitely a great change. for now i will leave his ulti as is and see what others think

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