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Aeon of Plagues


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This is a notepad for design concepts currently floating around for Aeon of Plagues. Topics and design elements can be fleshed out or further discussed in the associated forum.


Aeon of Plagues is a multiplayer co-op point-defense custom game for StarCraft II in the works. The premise is to create a non-competitive high-intensity hero defense with the goal of introducing players to the elementary principles of MOBA games in general. The game will port over all AoS heroes as the character base.


Such elements include:

- Item building.

- Hero leveling.

- Last hitting.

- Killing enemy heroes.

- The importance of towers and map control.

- The concept of jungling.


Additional elements designed to make the game more exciting incorporate ideas from zombie maps.

- Hordes of enemies.

- Unqiue bosses (who wants to just DPS something to death?).

- Missions.

- Base progression.


Current ideas incorporate designs from:

- Tosh's campaign mission (base progression and offensive movement towards goal).

- Left2Die (base defense and relentless enemy waves).

- StarJeweled (defensive options originating from base progression).

- Aiur Chef (missions).

- Nexus Wars (allied wave progression).

- Element TD (base defense options).


Current concepts:

  • Random progression generation. Since the map cannot be truly randomly generated without aesthetic flaws, the progression of the game will depend on player choice (similar to the SC2 Campaign design).
  • Point defense. Players will defend certain points on the map for a set duration before moving to the next zone. Allied waves increase with each point captured, where options can be selected to improve your wave.
  • The game should be indiscriminate of leavers, meaning you can play the game as a single player and still feel little impact on actual progression or gameplay quality despite loss of social interaction. To accomplish such an element, the game must be designed to be context-driven. This means that the overall progression of the player must be rewarding with or without additional players, which is usually only possible with a defined player attachment to the current order of events. In short, a good story, and good elements to define the story despite being randomly generated. Player progression must also leave a residual effect on future games. In such a case, it is not out of the question to make talents a player experience based game element, and consequently talents can also be made much more powerful.
  • Despite reinforced singplayer designs, the game must also incentive co-op play to expand player base. Bonus points for multiplayer completion, improved drop rates, can reinforce this.
  • Speaking of drop rates, base items will randomly drop from enemies, and can be combined for their recipe cost at the shop. Additionally, minerals can be spent on wave progression to reinforce allied wave effectiveness.

Additional notes:

- The game may not be non-competitive. The design can used the random point defense to encourage map control, where points give bonuses similar to a game of Risk. In this scenario, the design becomes similar to a game of Risk, where you start with a small force that becomes a large force based on the points captured. However, there are latency considerations should this be the case. On the other hand, it will be relatively easy to convert since the design uses many of the same elements as a standard MOBA, for which much of the game has already been programmed for.

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