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Zeratul Idea


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I just had an idea, but got no time to try it out, so i share it with you and hope you will try:


Did you ever get Bandit's Artifice on Zeratul? (The clone item)


Use your ulti, and use bandit's, and you have 2 zeratuls rocking in the bubble. Maybe i will try this in an INH as a troll build :D


Tell me how it worked out for you afterwards

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well im lazy to control those two clones to attack when there are so many ppl stuck in your bubble..why dont u just abuse adsorder void glitch??..most of the zera now using that in pub,,,


for the same reason i did not abuse money bug in previous version. i take every game as a challenge, if i win, i did well, if i lose, i find something to improve.

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