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- Hero creation began

- made teleportation on Parry optional




Name: Firstborn.Avanik

Unit Base: Zealot with High Templar blue image trailing behind him

Unit Portrait: High Templar

Type: Melee Carry

Script: Avanik is the first and probably the only one of his kind. He was the result of two archons falling in love and trying to merge but instead of becoming one Avanik was created on the spot. Maturing quickly Avanik found that he could wield the power of the khala with such power that not even a High templar could imagine. But instead of becoming what would of been the most powerful High templar in protoss history, Avanik donned the armour of a zealot and went to join his bretheren in battle. His Courage and Bravery were only matched by his honor and loyalty as he quickly won battle after battle against the zerg on Auir. Unfortunately Auir still fell to the zerg and the Protoss were forced to flee. Avanik refused and charged headlong into the thickest zerg Hive cluster. It was days before he finally fell, exhausted and ready to embrace the end. The blackness covered his eyes but he was suprised to find himself waking days later to the sight of an unknown jungle. Whoever saved him had done it for a reason. Though he could not save Aiur, Avanik has now found the sanctum and a purpose, planning to unleash his righteous fury on all those who would harm his allies.



Starting Stats:Base

Health [275]

Movement Speed [2.9]

Attack Range [Melee]

Attack Speed [1.65]

Base Damage [40(+15 from last patch)]

Base Armor [2]

Strength – [28] + [5]

Agility – [38] + [8]

Intelligence – [22] + [4]









Heroic Passive: Khala-Born

Avanic has the power of the Khala coursing through his body and wields it to strengthen him and his blades giving him 12%(+1%*level) Crit dmg [30% at lv 18]

Energy Cost: n/a

Cooldown: n/a

Range: n/a






Ability One: Khala Strike

Avanik Infuses his attack with the power of the Khala causing it to increase his attack range for the next attack and deal additional weapon dmg.

Energy Cost: 45/55/65/75

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6

Range: self

Level 1: Next attack deals an additional (55%weapon dmg) physical dmg and his attack range for this attack is 2.5

Level 2: Next attack deals an additional (70%weapon dmg) physical dmg and his attack range for this attack is 2.75

Level 3: Next attack deals an additional (85%weapon dmg) physical dmg and his attack range for this attack is 3

Level 4: Next attack deals an additional (100%weapon dmg) physical dmg and his attack range for this attack is 3.25






Ability two: Brothers In Arms

Avanik fights for his allies and finds courage in their presence, granting him passive movement speed and weapon dmg when allied Heros are around him.

Energy Cost: n/a

Cooldown: n/a

Range: n/a

Level 1: +2% movement speed and 4(+2%weapong dmg) weapon dmg for each ally in a 8 unit radius

Level 2: +3% movement speed and 6(+2%weapong dmg) weapon dmg for each ally in a 10 unit radius

Level 3: +4% movement speed and 8(+2%weapong dmg) weapon dmg for each ally in a 12 unit radius

Level 4: +5% movement speed and 10(+2%weapong dmg) weapon dmg for each ally in a 14 unit radius



Note: Only allied heros grant Avanik the additional weapon dmg and movement speed, creeps and summons do not.






Ability Three: Parry

Avanik is a very agile fighter and is difficlut to hit and makes those who miss him pay dearly. Parry allowes Avanik to dodge the next Auto attack or ability that hits him within 1.5 seconds(during this time Avanik will be surrounded by red fire)of parry being cast. When Avanik successfully Parries he will have 1 second in which he will be surrounded by blue fire and can activate Parry again to immidiatly teleport himself to behind the target(if it is within range) and will gain timescale for 2 seconds.

Energy Cost: 40/55/70/85

Cooldown: 14/12/10/8 seconds

Range: 4/6/8/10

Level 1: +15% timescale, teleport range of 4

Level 2: +25% timescale, teleport range of 6

Level 3: +35% timescale, teleport range of 8

Level 4: +45% timescale, teleport range of 10






Ultimate Ability: Birthright

Avanik draws on the immense power of the Khala that is his birthright and turns into an archon for a short duration. During his time Avanik has 100% physical, spell, true dmg, and debuff immunity, but has all leech effects negated for the duration.(During the duration of Birthright all stats such as weapon speed and range remain the same as in Normal form)

Energy Cost: 150/250/250

Cooldown: 90 seconds

Range: self

Level 1: Birthright lasts 3 seconds

Level 2: Birthright lasts 4 seconds

Level 3: Birthright lasts 5 seconds



Note: Yes having 100% physical, spell, true dmg, and debuff immunity is a longer way of saying that he is invincible for the duration.


Note#2: While using birthright Avanik can still use parry




Additional Information

-Avanik is a fairly late game carry that can not only dodge the opponets most powerful abilities but also dart around the middle of a teamfight quickly dodging skill shots as his passive will be giving him huge ammounts of bonus movement speed with all 4 of your allies there.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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I think you should consider decreasing the energy cost on his Khala Strike. As far as damage is concerned, it is comparable to darpa's Cyanide Clip and has the same cooldown, but Darpa's is passive while also using a "close gap" mechanism of slowing the target for 2 seconds. Avanik buffs his attack range which also accomplishes a similar goal. (Different skills that accomplish similar goals)


Just doing some math here. Lets say its about early mid game or so and Avanik (is there a meaning to this name by the way?) has 100 weapon damage or so. In a team fight, he pretty much doubles his weapon damage as long as allies are around, if he maxes his Brothers In Arms 100 base damage + 20*4 damage +4*4 damage = 196 damage. Pretty nice. Late game with a khali blade (+50%), and +15% damage from talents you have +30%(passive) + 50% base bonus damage from crits, you will do 145% of your weapon damage. (Yes I know 115% is acheivable by everyone else and Nova exceeds this with bursts). Lets say you have 400 damage, which is easily achievable. In a team fight you gain 20*4 damage + 16*4 damage equalling 544 total damage. 544*1.45 = 788 damage on each crit. If you use your Khala Strike, then your first shot deals 788+544= 1332 damage (much of this is mitigated by armor though so it will probably deal around 800 damage). This is more for my benefit than yours, as I tend to do this when I'm checking for hero balance, but I post it for anyone else who cares.


This is one fast fapper, thanks to Brothers In Arms as well. I like this skill.


Parry will be really hard to land and execute properly which is great considering you can avoid a cyrpus ulti with it. But there must be a nice, very visible animation when this is activated, for the enemies' benefit. Is this timescale the current one (Time) or the old one which was similar to cooldown reduction? +45% Time would be a lovely reward for landing this indeed. Though if you are like Aellectris (meaning you are always lagging), I don't think you could ever make good use of this skill's teleport. This is among my top favorite skills of all time.


For Birthright, 5 second invulnerability is great. It reminds me of the function of Boros's ulti, which guarantees he gets attacks off without worrying about the consequence of diving in (until the duration is over, then you may be screwed).


Do you mind if I correct a few spelling errors?

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Cool. So does parry give Time Scale or cooldown reduction? Also, what happens if you activate parry when the hero is out of range?


it gives timescale(as to let him break attackspeed cap) and if he activates it and the hero that hits him is out of range he will just dodge the ability/attack but not teleport anywhere

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