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[HERO] Militant.Avenger (Balanced Now?)


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Name: Militant.Avenger

Portrait: Hydralisk

Unit Base: Hydralisk

Type: Initiator, Disabler, Carry, Jungler [Medium]

Main Stat: Agilty







War has toughened Avenger, making him aggressive and inspiring an odd lust for blood. He has trained himself to repay enemies for hurting anyone who he is in alliance with and becomes stronger as he participates in battle. Excelling has granted him a commanding position in the secret, elite branch of a Zerg's rebel force. Now he leads a brute force that has never lost a fight and aims to become the ruling branch of the Zerg's main force, even if it means battling Kerrigan for the throne.


Starting Stats:


Strength: 20+5

Agility: 28+7

Intelligence: 15+4


Health – 295

Movement Speed – 2.8

Attack Range – 6.5

Attack Speed – 1.7

Damage – 45(+15 damage from last patch)

Armor – ?

Energy – ?









Heroic Passive: Blood thirst


Whenever Avenger kills a unit or hero, he gains health equal to 5(+.5*LVL)% of their maximum health and gains +7 health regeneration for 3 seconds. Assisting in a hero kill, but not landing the finishing blow, will heal for half of the amount and not give additional health regeneration. Health regeneration effects gained from this, stack and refresh the buffs.


This makes it easy for you to sustain early in the game, healing by getting last hits or denies. Getting 3 last hits within 3 seconds of each other will give you +21 HP regen. To maintain this, keep last hitting or denying; once you have not last hit for 3 seconds HP regen returns to normal. Later in the game, this will help you stay in battle when enemies die in a team fight.




Spinal Eruption


Cost: 70/85/100/115

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12

Range: 10


Avenger temporarily mutates into spinal form, burrowing and becoming untargetable for 1.5 seconds. Meanwhile, he targets an area and rushes towards the location underground producing spines above the ground every .5 seconds along the way. Spines knock up for .4 seconds, deal damage, and stun enemies when they land. Blast radius of 1 unit.


Level 1: 30(+30%INT) damage, stuns last 0.7 seconds

Level 2: 60(+30%INT) damage, stuns last 0.9 seconds

Level 3: 90(+30%INT) damage, stuns last 1.1 seconds

Level 4: 120(+30%INT) damage, stuns last 1.3 seconds


The two main forms of utility that this provides are mobility and cc. The mobility aspect is that you can reach any location within 10 units in 1.5 seconds. Of course during this short period you cannot be attacked, so there is that element of survivabilty as well since you can dodge attacks. This function is equally effective at all levels. The other aspect, the stun, is lengthened with each level. In order to stun a target for the maximum amount of time, you must be next to the target, then you target the area on top of both of you. All 3 spines will erupt at pretty much the same place and the target will be disabled for 1.5 seconds (the duration of the skill) + .4 second knock up +1.3 second stun when they land = 3.2 second disable. This looks similar to Drake’s 4.0 magnitude, but like is also a teleport like Vorpal’s surge.




Debilitating Strike


Cost: 60/75/90/105

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12

Range: 8


Avenger aims a corrosive dart at a location that, upon impact, amplifies physical damage and massively reduces the target's movement and weapon speed for 3 seconds.


Level 1: -12% Movement and weapon speed, +8% physical amp

Level 2: -24% Movement and weapon speed, +16% physical amp

Level 3: -36% Movement and weapon speed, +24% physical amp

Level 4: -48% Movement and weapon speed, +32% physical amp


This reduces your enemy's weapon speed and movement speed making it difficult for them to chase you or run away, while also preventing the enemy from getting off as many attacks as they otherwise would have. Landing this on a hero will allow you to unleash successive attacks on them and thanks to the damage amp, will also make them hurt more. This is supposed to be hard to land by having a small radius, about 1/4 of the size of Cain’s Q, and is just an arrow or needle-like object.





Cost: 20/30/40/50 + 1% Maximum health per second

Cooldown: 2; toggled

Range: Self


Avenger becomes enraged gaining weapon speed and +5% movement speed at the cost of draining hp per second in spell damage. While Avenger is enraged he produces a more powerful spine that can be combined with his next attack to deal additional damage equal to 1.5*AGI. Damage is half true half physical. A spine can be produced every few seconds, Avenger can hold up to 3 spines, which are hotkeyed to 'v'. Pressing 'v' will load all spines into your next attack and has the option to be auto cast.


Level 1: +15% Weapon Speed, 10 second cooldown

Level 2: +20% Weapon Speed, 8 second cooldown

Level 3: +25% Weapon Speed, 6 second cooldown

Level 4: +30% Weapon Speed, 4 second cooldown


The extra weapon speed will help you get more attacks off earlier in the game, while being useless late game and the extra shots based on your agility can do great damage as you gain more agility. You can use these spines to last hit more efficiently, or save up 3 of them for a quick damage nuke. They function kind of like Nova’s w. Spines are green, and appear to stick out of your back when they are charged. Going into rage mode will produce a reddish hue around you. Be careful when using this though because if you leave this on you will continue to drain your health. Like Drake’s w, you can use this skill to deny yourself.



Warrior Blood


Cost: N/A

Cooldown: None

Range: 15


Killing units gives Avenger additional agility per kill, up to 20 stacks. If he dies, he loses 10 stacks.


Additionally, whenever a nearby hero dies, Avenger gains a charge that he can activate for additional movement speed and weapon damage for 10 seconds. Charges do not stack and can be held for 60 seconds before expiring.


Level 1: +3 AGI per stack, +10% Movement speed and damage

Level 2: +4 AGI per stack, +20% Movement speed and damage

Level 3: +5 AGI per stack, +30% Movement speed and damage


This is pretty much two skills in one. The first works like the pre 1.36 version of Valor’s manifest. This will add damage to your Debilitating Strike as well as your normal attacks. Last hitting is important, and dying will temporarily set you back.


The second aspect gives you a charge if one of your allies or enemies dies so you can get stronger and avenge your allies- hopefully avoiding your own death as well. It is important to know when to use this charge (activated by pressing 'r') to make the most of the extra damage and speed, but not waiting too long so that the charge expires.


How to play Avenger


Early game:

  • You can play pretty aggresively as you have a long range on your auto attack and Blood Thirst will help you recover from engagements.
  • Get last hits and denies as much as possible to make full use of Blood Thirst. Additionally, you are both item and level dependent so farming is essential
  • You aren't fantasitc at clearing creeps quickly, but you can use Spinal Eruption if necessary to hold a lane. Your mana pool is on the lower side though, so use your skills responsibly.
  • You can use your spinal eruption to quickly get away if you are faced with a dangerous situation.
  • Because of Blood Thrist and Avenger's good ability to gank, jungling with him (killing neutrals instead of sitting in the lane) is very viable. If you go for this option, be sure to gank on the regular.
  • You can effectively go into any lane and do well (of course depending on who you are laning against).
  • You synergize with most heroes since you have a good stun and solid damage output.

Mid game:

  • Communicate with your team for ganks. Your Spinal Eruption is an excellent initiation tool. Just know that once you go in with it, you won't have any quick method of escaping for over 10 seconds.
  • You are a hard carry so farming is a must. Farm like there is no tomorrow. The only other option is ganking/team fighting, but do your best to have very little down time.
  • You should be able to 1v1 most heroes at this point, unless they are drastically ahead of you.
  • Make sure you keep an eye on whether or not Rage is toggled on. You don't want to lose extra health for no reason.
  • You will make the most out of the bonus weapon speed from Rage during this time.
  • Try to keep the stacks on Warrior Blood maxed at all times. It adds significantly to your damage output.

Late game:

  • Like all carries, late game tends to be when you shine the most; however unlike others you are still pretty strong over the course of the game.
  • Spinal eruption will be very useful as disabling one or two enemies for 3 seconds can very well mean their death. If you can't get close enough to use the stun to its full potential, you can still use it to initiate.
  • You will be aided in battle by your heroic passive as it can heal you for a decent amount of health. (A 5000 HP balrog dies and you get the finishing blow. At level 18 you heal for 14% of their maximum health if you get the kill. .14*5000 = 700
  • As you get more AGI, the spines generated from Rage will begin to do great damage. 500 AGI*1.5 = 750 per spine. If you have 3 charged up thats 1350 damage in one blow half true half physical.

Team Fights/Ganking:

  • You are superb ganker. There are two procedures for ganking.

  • One is to charge at an enemy with Spinal Eruption to catch up. The stun gives you time to aim your Debilitating Strike. Then you proceed to unleash successive attacks with rage on. You can also release spines for extra oomph
  • A second option is to either try to get close enough to use Spinal Eruption for full damage and stun by either using your Debilitating strike or relying on an ally to slow/stun/pull them first. Again Rage follows.
  • Remember that you can catch heroes easily because of the range on your Spinal Eruption.
  • One thing you may want to try is charging up 3 spines with Rage, then loading them. Dont attack anything but go ahead and charge up three more. This will take about 24 seconds if Rage is maxed and 60 seconds if you only have one level in it. Then your next attack will use the loaded spines, and right after you can load the next three charges in for the following attack. This will make your first 2 attacks deal massive bonus damage.
  • Try to stay in the middle of fights, you are a "battle dps" hero, made to survive (because of Blood Thrist), disable enemies with your Spinal Eruption, and slow them with Debilitating Strike. Also, you want to be close if and when your Allies die so you can gain a charge for Warrior Blood and avenge them.

Comments and suggestions?


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Any AD carry will end up at max attack speed with two AS items - consider changing the Rage boost, and making the give 2/3/4 damage per stack instead of agility. Also consider decreasing the amount of stacks needed to get all that damage, as dying becomes pretty common with an AD hero late-game thanks to burst spell damage. Either that, or make it so that you lose 5 stacks on death or something closer to the way balrog's ult works. Maybe lose a third of stacks?



The ult is also unclear - are there two separate types of stacks?


Is the W targeted or a skillshot?


Maybe get rid of the internal cooldown on the passive and make it just like 2(+.11/lvl)/% of the max health of the dying things.

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The main function of the agility, as I see it, would be to give the weapon damage. Thinking about it now, it would help with the spines from Rage, but since there would be so few of those, it doesn't seem that worth it. Changing it to weapon damage would mean he gets twice the weapon damage buff.


I also think you should be able to toggle rage fairly freely, or at least have the ability to immediately turn it off. Maybe have it just drain the 2% hp when you shoot a spine, and gain some sort of boost based on shooting spines?

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The spines can be produced every 4 seconds at max level, do you consider that few?


Yep, given that it's never worth it to have more than around 150 agi anymore, meaning that it'd be an extra 225 physical damage at max level (which armor is going to absolutely wreck). Maybe if it were true damage. And your description indicates that they are produced while it's active, meaning that they would cost 8% hp per spine to create.

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His passive seems very good depending on the situation. If you got Leech, and a tank just died you could be healing alot of hp. (6000 hp about 1600 or so Healing in 5 seconds. -320 hp per second- oh dear) Although if its an agi hero, less benefits. This hero seems very good vs tanks especially since they usually have low armor, thus his amplify physical damage ability will really help.

Interesting hero.

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Yeah, I'm still working on coming up with some changes, to adjust with what Aellectris suggested.


I made some changes. I halved the healing from his passive; made Rage now give +5% movement speed, reduced the damage taken to 1% maximum health and made it spell damage (seems like it was too much of a penalty before), and his spines can all be used at once and deal half damage in true damage and half in physical damage; You lose 5 agi stacks from dying (Warrior Blood) instead of all of them. I also clarified a few things, but if anything else is unclear, please tell me so I can make it easier to understand.

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True, the only really unique skill is Q. This time around, I wasn't trying to come up with the most unique ideas, but instead I only tried to fill a need that I think AoS has. From my experience, we need another good carry in this game, as carries now seem like they are being outweighed by casters. Thus I centered Avenger's skills around being a hard carry, while also making the skills make sense for the unit base (Hydralisk). Also, he could be the most viable jungling hero because of his heroic passive (there aren't really any designated jungling heroes currently), and a carry that doesn't solely rely on leech to sustain in battle. Additionally, drake and vorpal are the only heroes that use something other than energy to activate a skill (Drakes Martyr drains health, and vorpal uses orbs for everything). Avenger's Rage also fits into this small category.


I also have a tendency to come up with brokenly OP hero suggestions, and attempted to simmer that down with this one which evidently resulted in a loss of creativity. Thanks for your input.

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A carry, I think, needs something more than significant damage in order to be interesting. Nobody likes to play against an AA hero like nova who simply deals large amounts of damage without any sort of timing, positioning, or skill required. That's why carries in LoL, for example, have unique skillshots (Vayne's Q stuns people if they hit terrain, IIRC), dashes for better positioning, or utility spells (like Cait's cupcake traps).

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From my experience, a lot of people actually do like to play Nova. And playing Nova without timing or positioning generally results in your failure if you are gaming with half-decent players.


Anyway the skill shot you are referring to is Vayne's E which knocks back and stuns if a unit comes in contact with a wall. The rest of Vayne's skills are more or less dps steroids.


Avenger's Spinal Eruption would often be used as a dash for better position, while also stunning enemies in the path if you aim properly. Debilitating Strike is a skill shot, albeit a simple one.

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