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[Hero] Omen.Luke


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- Began creation ^-^


- Finished. =\


Name: Omen.Luke

Portrait: Civilian

Unit Base: Civilian




Starting Stats:

Base Health 200

Movement Speed 2.75

Attack Range 3

Attack Speed 1.8

Base Damage 47

Attack Name | Animation - 18GV Taser | Probe attack

Base Armor 2

Strength – 19 + 5

Agility – *22 + 6*

Intelligence – 16 + 5






Heroic Passive: Electrostatic Shock

"Luke's taser jolts the enemy full of electricity, causing them to take True Damage equal to 8% of all Incoming Physical Damage for 8 seconds."







Ability One: Dissonance Emitter

"Luke blasts the area with his Dissonance Emitter after a 1 second charge, causing all enemies nearby to emit a percentage of the Spell and Physical damage they take to other enemies near them as True Damage.

Effect lasts for 10 seconds at all levels, and enemies can only be hit by Dissonance Damage from the same spell once."

Energy Cost: 50 + 15

Cooldown: 16

Range: Radius 5 for initial pulse around Luke. Emitted damage has radius 3.


Level 1: Emits 10% of damage to nearby units.

Level 2: Emits 16% of damage to nearby units.

Level 3: Emits 22% of damage to nearby units.

Level 4: Emits 28% of damage to nearby units.


Effect: Makes hard-hitting spells a bit more devastating and utterly breaks AoE spells by potentially making the enemies take ludacrious damage. Or it would, if I didn't add a caveat for that.

Still, though, taking 28% of a Cyprus Ulti or a Rancor Snipe is nothing to snease at.




Ability Two: Deploy Bunker

"Luke orders for a Bunker to be built at the target point on the map (requires sight). Bunkers take 15 seconds to build.

Bunkers have 100 [+300% INT] Health. Units in Bunkers restore health and energy each second and cannot attack or cast abilities."

Energy Cost: 125

Cooldown: 35

Range: 25


Level 1: Restores 10 [+5% STR] Health each second. Restores 5 [+3% STR] Energy each second. Maximum of 1 Bunker.

Level 2: Restores 15 [+5% STR] Health each second. Restores 8 [+3% STR] Energy each second. Maximum of 2 Bunkers.

Level 3: Restores 20 [+5% STR] Health each second. Restores 11 [+3% STR] Energy each second. Maximum of 3 Bunkers.

Level 4: Restores 25 [+5% STR] Health each second. Restores 14 [+3% STR] Energy each second. Maximum of 4 Bunkers.


Effect: Grants high lane sustain for Luke and his team, and allows Luke to create little outposts for the team, even in other lanes.




Ability Three: Stone Shatter

"Luke's next attack explodes the ground and deals damage in an area, also reducing the Movement Speed of hit units by 35%."

Energy Cost: 25 + 10

Cooldown: 10/9/8/7

Range: Radius 2


Level 1: 50 [+40% INT] Physical Damage.

Level 1: 75 [+40% INT] Physical Damage.

Level 2: 100 [+40% INT] Physical Damage.

Level 3: 125 [+40% INT] Physical Damage.


Effect: A damage steroid ability that's good for escapes, laning, and chasing as well as harassment. Due to short cooldown, a very spammable ability with low damage if you don't stack INT-- which is a stat that Luke only scales with for this one skill.




Ultimate Ability: Rebellious Spirits

"Luke enthralls himself and a crowd of Civilians. As long as Luke has at least one Civilian, he is immune to all damage. Civilians absorb 100 [+15% STR] damage (post-mitigation) each, before dying."

Energy Cost: 180 + 80

Cooldown: 75

Range: Requires you be within 3 range of a Civilian for the damage diversion. Civilians cannot attack.


Level 1: Summons 4 Civilians.

Level 2: Summons 6 Civilians.

Level 3: Summons 8 Civilians.


Effect: Civilians absorb damage-- they cannot take damage [they are not targettable, etc] except when Luke or nearby teammates take damage.

Very very useful tanking skill that forces the enemy to route damage away from their desired targets... by having targets that don't do anything else take it instead. =]




Additional Information


I cobbled some things together, so it may or may not work very well. PX




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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Holy shap rory get more true damage from this guy.

Holy more shap, Balrog gets more damage from Vampirism.


Seriously though, his Heroic Passive could cause massive rage from KS, not to mention it's op in terms of true damage.

Bunker is insanely OP. You're saying he should be able to deploy up to 4 Cow Ults across the map indefinitely? um...NO.

Beyond that, I pop taser on you and you die. OR someone tasters you can we ignore you now? Yeah, if you're out of the fight for 5 seconds your help won't come into effect as well now that the fight's underway.

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How does Rory get more True Damage? o_0

Perhaps it'd be broken with Balrog; but other than that I don't see it.

Nova has... 400? base AA damage late-game; so 8% of that is 32 True Damage. That's not that much, y'know?

Also, it wouldn't cause KS. If a Raynor Marks an enemy and they take damage, they take extra damage-- all of which is credited to the person who actually fired the shot; not Raynor at all.

Understand game mechanics first please. Raynor does not get kills just because he marks a target and his partner Cyprus runs in and ultis them.


Bunker is not a Cow ulti. Cow's ulti restores 5% Health and Energy per second and lasts for 15 seconds. This restores a flat amount of Health and Energy [and is MUCH less than Cow's ulti; mind you]. It's fine too, there.


And I don't see how using a Taser on Luke would kill him at all. He would probably already have his Civilians up [granting him impunity to the enemies] when he would run into combat; and on top of that Luke can also buy items. If you counter with an item, Luke gets to have items to counter with.


Also, explain your points-- which you didn't thus making it reaallly hard for me to not say "no, you're dead wrong". But you sorta are to begin with.


/angry mode


Back up your points. You have no validation on ANYTHING except for Balrog; and that's because he's Balrog. Other than that I can credit the rest of your post to idiotic rambling... =|


Oh, and I'd do this for other people's heroes too, so don't think I'm paying special attention because it happens to be one of mine [in fact I didn't notice when I started writing this that it was one of my heroes].

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Wow Eliwan I'm proud of you. You have enough strength and imagination to make more and more heros even when you know that they will not be realised in the game (sorry but it's true, 190 hero suggestions, a lot of them amazing and last heros we got were null and jakk and now this zergling)

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Ling is beast!!! beast I say!

anyhoo, free pyre much? apart from that, seems interesting. Apart from the ulti, which seems a bit dull. Perhaps the ulti could summon civilians regularly kind of like biotin's passive, except they follow luke around and throw molotovs. Higher levels would increase max amount of civilians, the ulti would also be an active that spawns x number of civilians. For example, Passively spawns a civilian every 4-0.5 per level seconds, max 8 +4 per level civilians, can use actively to spawn 4 +2 per level civilians. Civilian stats would scale with hero level. Just seems more interesting, maybe the civilians could deal a small % of his weapon damage, focusing on the oh snap so much damage aspect of this hero as opposed to the tank through everything then load into a bunker aspect.

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Because I feel that I've made 20 or so really good ones? =X

In all honesty, I just make them based on my roleplaying characters and enjoy making them as heroes here-- it also helps me develop that character a little bit and outline what they do.


Here are the heroes I feel I made really well:




















Okay so 17 is close to 20, right? =P


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