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Queen.Imperius V1.55


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Queen.Imperius (under construction)by Shadow.DraviliusjbydSqfBrK3eew.pngInformation on Imperius:



Q Baneling Strikers

W Health Regeneration

E Creep Tumors

R Ultralisk



Offense: Cunning

Defense: Fitness

Utility: Prodigy Brilliance Swiftness Youth


This talent tree has worked out really well. The extra 5% spell damage from cunning is great for the banelings. You need the extra 180 hp from fitness to stay alive. The 12% cooldown reduction from Prodigy helps you spam your banelings faster. The 1.2 energy regen basically lets you stay out there until you hit level 6 or you die without running out of energy. Swiftness helps you run away and maintain a good distance. Actually, I'm open to suggestions for something to replace swiftness, I'm not entirely sure it's necessary. Also, lategame, I'm not entirely sure Youth is necessary either.


I think instead of Swiftness and Youth, Wealth and Transport might be a little more useful. I'll do some more experimenting with it and see how I like it.



Skill build:

  1. Baneling
  2. Creep
  3. Baneling
  4. Regen
  5. Baneling
  6. Ultralisk
  7. Baneling
  8. Creep
  9. Regen
  10. Stats
  11. Ultralisk
  12. Creep
  13. Stats
  14. Stats
  15. Creep
  16. Ultralisk
  17. Regen
  18. Regen

Beginning Items (In Order):

Duran's Pendant

Lost Treasure

Nitrogen Retrofit

Dominion Standard


The Goal Item set(In order):

Nitrogen Retrofit

Coat of Arms

Gravity Edge

Spell Buffer

Argus Crystal

Superheated Mantle





My build focuses on being a laning monster, because quite frankly, that is what Queen.Imperius does best. The goal is to pick a lane, I like mid, and set up your creep tumors so that the edge of your creep is just shy of the enemy tower. You need to be about one unit away, otherwise the tower will have vision of your creep tumor, and the enemy creeps can kill it off.


You will only have 2 creep tumors till level 8, but that's fine, it's all you need. You want to position adjacent tumors at the very edge of each other, you won't miss a sliver here or there, it is insignificant.


Spam your Banelings as often as possible and keep your distance. You should try to avoid ever being in striking distance of the enemy heroes, and try to stay as close to your creep as possible.


A good way to use the banelings, is to cast them as the enemy is heading towards you, then your banelings will spawn and start moving towards them. As they turn around, hit the area in front of them with your ultralisk to stun them, and immediately have the ultralisk attack them. If you do not, the ultralisk will automatically prioritize creeps, and you don't want that. By the time this has happened, your banelings should have refreshed, and you should try to launch another wave at the enemy.


You are not a solo character. While you can hold your own once you have nitrogen retrofit and coat of arms, it is not recommended. Try to push all three of the alpha towers down, and once they're down maintain control of one lane as much as possible. Mid works the best. Be cognizant of where the enemy heroes are and try not to get caught out there alone.


When you have Coat of Arms, try to stay with a teammate, as the attack speed and cooldown reduction will benefit both you and them greatly. Heal teammates as much as you can, and launch banelings as often at the enemy heroes as possible. Sometimes, if you can tell that the enemy heroes are going to be out of range, try to aim for the furthest creep, and the splash will sometimes hit the enemy heroes. Don't aim to have the ultralisk out as often as possible, aim to be able to use him to stun the enemy heroes as often as possible, or to take down towers. The crazy splash damage, and decent damage your Ultralisk does is just an awesome benefit that, combined with a coordinated team effort, and well timed baneling strikes, can help you rack in some kills.


Good luck.


Thanks to all the commentors for all the constructive criticism.

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Err, you should finish this guide before posting it as there's not much to comment on. You don't really need a brain to buy the 5 best INT items, and you have no explanation as to why and when you should get the mantle.

And if anything, a queen guide needs a subsection on how to use banelings effectively since they are so easy to counter. Queen can get counterpicked really, really easily.


Good luck, though, as we need a queen guide. She should be labelled [Hard] tbh, though newbs never read it anyway.

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IMHO this guide is out of date...transporter no longer exists and all squishy queen isnt viable...since the only spell that actually damages can be evaded or even enemies can kill you while you cast them if they can later escape with blink, or other mechanisms...I tend to build queen either as a tank with nitro, SHM, FoE...those 3 items will enable you to slow forever an enemy if you get near them, and thus your banelings will hit a lot...the other 3 items depend on enemy composition....like if you really want to do bane damage argus or gravity edge...if theres a lot of aa based heroes u know you want that barbed plating, shadowmourne and axe(for the leechers)...the only time id go all spell damage is when playing IH as part of a team that can make banelings land for me....so i just cast them while teammates vortex/pull/stun chain, etc....still baneling damage potential is capped at about 2500 so if enemies decide to go all tanky theres nothing you can do

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I`d like to add for early game the possibility to get an early ihan as first or second big item...it will give life, energy, energy regen, and intel/life charges that stay once you sell this to make the final item slot for your final item...i regularly get the talent that allows you to start with more cash and transporter....this allows me to start with 2 ihan parts and use the teleport to regen life or energy if i need to and be back without missing experience...I rely for this squishy start on the tower....its ok if they push it, cause you deny early pushes with your heroic passive by default so it kind of takes advantage on this to "get away" with rushing ihan(other heroes doing this same thing would get early tower death...After ihan i get nitro....there you go...2 itema, lots of intel, lots of health for an intel character, and with the telepor ttalent you can insta tele to other lanes where you are not expected and abuse your pushing power to kill the alpha towers as you said(i do this too). As for after the alpha towers i can push mid or farm or aid tele defense where enemy is trying to push or tele to a group push in another lane....teleport talent is soooo versatile....I think any support/caster that wants to lane push should get it to level faster and be where you are needed WHEN you are needed....needles to say once ive tried this on queen I NEVER use another talent on her...the normal talent you say? the one that regens life and energy? tele to base to heal ALL energy and health and buy item parts and then immediately tele to tower/creepwave while you finish regenerating yourself during the focus cast time....BAM! you have 2 talents in one if you have this!!! I main queen mostly so this is my little extra for your guide

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Heimdallr! Thanks, you have some great advice.


Now, as far as the talent build goes, with the teleport talent, what would you replace the energy regen talent with?


Also, I just played a game where I went with a build that had Lost Treasure, Ihan's Crystal, Nitrogen Retrofit, and Coat of Arms... we won shortly after. I like it a lot! Good call with the Ihan's crystal.


I didn't notice an indicator that you're actually recieving stacks of Ihan's though, do you just have to watch your stats for it?

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I dont know if the talent part was clear....so I`ll elaborate. If you have the standard active talent that regens your energy and health over time you regen a percentage of your max health and energy. When you get the teleport active talent you can teleport back to base with the "standard teleport"(the one all clases have) and you use the "special teleport talent" to go back to creep wave or tower. So you get the benefits of not missing a wave of creeps, buying items with ZERO walking, AND you regenerate 100% of health and energy at base pool, so basically thats why I say that the teleport talent in the utility tree its like having 2 talents!. The teleport to base also counts as a full version of the standard active that regens only a small part of life and energy.



About IHAN CRYSTAL:to be honest I`ve NEVER even looked at the stats to check this....its like everyone in the forums seems to "know" this so I`ll take it as granted that once you get the 10 stacks you can sell it and keep the stacks. since you get 1 stack per minute thats basically the reason to get it first, so by the time i have Nitro or even my third item I already have the full set of stacks(not that I need to sell it right then unless I need emergency cash for some item to counter something that`s bothering me a lot).


About lots treasure I don`t always get it for queen cause energy is not much of a problem(and if it were i could just get 3 or 4 duran pendants, which I do on IH games sometimes). For pubs I just get the energy regen from intel items and when I heal myself i make it so that I heal creeps of the wave too, so it helps push. After this patch the radius of queen`s healing spell got a buff though I didn`t read it anywhere. The radius is as big as the casting range so whatever you decide to heal you WILL be healing yourself as well. So when creeps are about 1/2 health bar i just heal the full wave or most of it and myself on a single cast. The minerals you get from lost treassure will get back the cash you wasted on it loooooong term.....UNLESS you had to get it anyways as part of spell buffer....then its a huge investment to buy this item since you had to get the treassure anyways.....like googles for a mantle/DST....when i see that the enemy team is full of casters, like 3-4 i get treassure before ihan and just rush a spell buffer. Why? it does give life and energy regen enough to help pushing lanes, protects you from spell nukes that your average nitro ihan starting wouldnt handle, AND the passive aura for team pushes! You know....like....if they have a team of casters and you get this your lane partner is getting a buff so he doesn`t feed so much, and when full team fights start happening you just go with the team since you already have the spell resist aura for the entire team....IMO thats like the best possible help you can give your team vs caster teams. Your banes wont land a lot vs casters....too many slows, aoe spells, escape tricks, etc....but you CAN make your team like non dying combining spell resist aura with well timed healings....as a matter of fact the game should have some thing for egon and queen that says " HEALING SPREEEEE" like one game I must have saved over 40 times my partners and we ended like on a 60 - 60 kind of score winning the game by luck(creeps killing vault). Before this I didn`t even get spell buffer. Like that game made me realize the potential it wouldve had if I, as a support hero , had gotten it as a first item. Good luck developing this guide. Keep trying new things and builds.

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I saw alot of stuff here and thought i should post my build with Queen. I have alot of succes with the item build- Argus Crystal, Chilling Artifact, Gravity Edge, Electric Mantel, Nitrogen Retrofit, followed by either Spellbuffer if the opposing team has a large number of caster, or argus if i need more spell damage. I have the skill wealth to allow myself to rush argus out quickly. Chilling artifcat greatly increases my survivability and the cool down and energy bonus are both really nice. Gravity edge is an obvious as it helps fight those with spell res. I really elctric mantel for the health and good escape vs AA chacters witch are what gives me the most trouble. Nitro is another obivous for the slow and health. Now for my last item i really like Spell buffer for the energy and health regen as well as the 35% spell res for me and the 15% for my team. This really allows me to play a good strong support. Now should i not need the spell res i will usualy get a 2nd argus for that 100 int.


Queen is my favorite and i play her to great succes. I dont usualy die more 2-3 times a game with this build and have upwards of 10-15 kills and almost double that number in assist. Id really like to see this build used more often in pub matches as i find other queen players really just lack the power i have with queen. I would love to hear some feedback from some of the better players on my build. Try it out one game and email me your opinion!

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