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Uploading Pictures


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Currently the attach files button works fine, unfortunately, there is a max to how much media you can post, its fairly low and only supports a few pictures (I got 6 pictures) also the amount isn't by post, its by user, so ATM you can only post 6 small pictures in any threads you might have. This is a problem for me because now I cannot add talents and pictures to my guides because I have already used them up in my guide to everything.


So I was wondering if I will always be like this, because I hope not.

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Hrrm... That's odd.


You have to manually type the URLs for your images if you use the right-click "Open image in new tab" because when copy-pasting from the URL bar it will save the fact that it is a link, apparently.


How aggravating.


You should tinker around with it more X3

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copy paste failed multiple times for me


are you using the image button that brings up a box? cause it says that it won't work for me

it says that image extension is not allowed on this connumity

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No, not doing that.


Ben; step by step what I do.


1) Go to my file's website with all the fancy stuff. Blah blah blah, whatever.

2) Get the isolated image (with the .jpg/png/bmp extension at the end).

3) Copy+paste the Url of the ISOLATED IMAGE into a pair of img tags.



4) If it fails, manually type the url again in the post and put it into a pair of img tags.

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