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- Began creation


- 6.0/AoS update-- just in time for it to be a year old.




Name: Azzeth.Unril

Portrait: Nydus Worm

Unit Base: Nydus Worm (Not the building)

Type: Melee DPS.Carry

Script: A breed of Nydus Worm that could move itself and survive out of the ground, Azzeth carries a small, mobile 'breeding ground' within its body, and uses its sharp teeth to great effect.


Starting Stats:

Health 270

Movement Speed 2.8

Attack Range Melee

Attack Speed 2

Damage 28

Strength – 20 + 5

Agility – 25 + 7

Intelligence – 18 + 4






Heroic Passive: Vector Enlargement VE

"To best fufill it's purpose, Azzeth adapts itself rapidly using the DNA of defeated enemies. For every 15 kills Azzeth gets, it gains a Skill Point (+5 kills per SklPnt gotten this way to get the next). A hero kill or assist is with 8 'kills'. As a result of the nature of its skills, the limit of levelling its skills is 9 opposed to the normal 4. It may not recieve more than its Hero Level in bonus skill points."


Effect: Gives Azzeth ridiculous potential, and does not create a massive imbalance with limitations.

Clarification: If Azzeth fufills the requirements to get the 3rd Bonus Skill Point but is only Level 2, Azzeth will automatically gain the 3rd upon levelling to level 3 [and then having 2 points to spend].

You need 15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70/75/80/85/90/95/100 MORE kills to get the next point [Which is to say 1035 kills to get all 18 bonus stat points].





Can be learned at levels 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17

Ability One: Zapping Acid ZA

"Azzeth spits out a small Baneling that is charged with electricity that explodes, dealing damage and disabling the attack of units in an AoE. This skill's Level Cap is 9."

Energy Cost: 30 + 10 per level

Cooldown: 28

Range: 5, radius 1.5


Effect: Deals 45 + (25 * SklLvl) + (+40% INT) damage. Disables enemy attack for 1 [+0.25 * SklLvl] seconds.


Effect: Good for laning and use when in a team fight, with decent damage and attack-disable scaling.




Can be learned at levels 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17

Ability Two: Yellow Bolt YB

"Azzeth extends its fangs and leaps to a target with inane speed, dealing high bonus damage to the target if an enemy and decent damage in an area of effect. If the target is an ally, Azzeth simply leaps to them. Rank Cap of 9."

Energy Cost: 35 + 15 per level

Cooldown: 18 seconds

Range: 5 to leap, AoE radius 1.5


Effect: Deals [Weapon Damage + 45 + (20 * SklLvl)] damage, and deals 40% of that in splash damage.


Effect: Useful to farm up with, due to small radius of hit, and for chasing an enemy down. Can also be used to leap to an ally [does not harm any allied units, even if they were targetted.]




Can be learned at levels 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17

Ability Three: Xylene Coat XC

"Azzeth completely covers the area in a special liquid, slowing units by 40%, amplifying damage, and if any unit affected takes damage from Azzeth; they are silenced for 2 seconds. Creeps are stunned for 2 seconds instead. Rank cap of 9."

Energy Cost: 30 + 18 per level

Cooldown: 32 seconds

Range: 8 to target; radius of 3


Effect: Amplifies damage 4 + (4 * SklLvl) %; pool lasts for 1.5 + 0.5 * SklLvl seconds and effect persists for an additional second after exit of pool.


Effect: Makes Azzeth a very potent enemy, with damage amplification on enemies, even with a bonus silence.




Can be learned at levels 4, 8, 12, 16

Ultimate Ability: Whetting Drive WD [Passive]

"Azzeth's drive to destroy its enemies causes it to adapt itself in ways for the better, and gives it good bonuses to compliment its non-special arsenal of abilities."


Effect: All of Azzeth's attacks amplify spell damage on the target by 2/3/4/5% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 7 times; Azzeth recieves 4/8/12/16 to all of its stats; and all of its skills recieve a 10/20/30/40% amplification on a bonus effect.


Effect:Zapping Acid recieves a % increase of duration; Yellow Bolt deals that % much extra original damage, and Xylene coat lasts for that % much longer.


Gives Azzeth a GRAND deal of bonus on its skills at the higher levels; and makes its YB much more potent than its other abilities (which is why, at first glance, it might seem UP/OP) but it is always a useful skill even without this Ultimate.




Can level stat bonus up to 5 times instead of 3.


Additional Information


Um, obvious is obvious:






Alphabet Alphabet backwards


That's how I named the skills. :P


Recommended Skills:

Zapping Acid - A solid laning skill and very useful AoE attack, with a slow coupled on to better give you a reason to be feared.

Yellow Bolt - If you need to escape a gank or need to lane. It is a very powerful skill with some of the best damage scaling that you have at the Late-game, and this is your best skill. Early-game, it doesn't pack much more punch than some of your other skills.

Xylene Coat - The only way you can Silence. Useful to escape as well, by throwing it down and using Zapping Acid to Silence whatever hero was chasing you.

Whetting Drive - Whenever you can. This is always useful and will make you very powerful, with your damage and effect amplification.

Stat Bonus - If you don't feel like levelling the other skills, pop this.


Since you want to be killing units all the time; you should take Top Lane [Zerg], Mid Lane[Either] or Bot Lane [Toss] so that you can farm neutrals easily.

You should learn to best deny and last hit creeps as often as you can, even if you do not, you should always be properly using your skills.





Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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It had one back when I gave it five skills instead of having Stat Bonus. P= Except I felt that that was too cruel as it is already deadly enough without the ability to become an assassin.


I don't like the idea of stealth heroes as they do too much run-in-and-get-a-kill-run-out. I don't like playing against that gameplay at all.

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