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[Database] BioTron.Tyrannitus [1.47]


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STR 31 + 6

AGI 26 + 4

INT 33 + 5



[td]Base Health: 225[/td]

[td]Movement Speed: 2.75[/td]

[td]Base Weapon Speed: 1.8[/td]

[td]Attack Range: 2.1[/td]

[td]Sight Range: 12[/td]





Primary Role: Caster

Secondary Roles: Support


Lore: Enslaved by the Zerg as a young child, BioTron was engineered to be intellectually intact as an Aberration, but bound by emotional attachment to his parent Overmind. By keeping the infected mentally intact, the Aberration is capable of leading the pack in battle, and enacting strategic maneuvers that would have otherwise been impossible for the mindless swarm.


Summary: BioTron is closely followed by hordes of Infected, who tunnel deep under the ground. These Infected rise to the surface at his command and are bound to BioTron through chemical loyalty.





Hive_Master.png Hive Master

[td]Ability Type: Heroic Passive[/td]

[td]Cooldown: -[/td]

[td]Hotkey: -[/td][/table]


Uncommandable Infected Civilians spawn in a large area around BioTron every 7-(0.2*LVL) seconds. Infected Civilians have Health equal to 15% of BioTron's Maximum Health, last 10 seconds, and deal Physical Damage equal to 30% of his Strength (15% Physical Damage against Structures). Attacked units lose 5% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.




Civilian_Takedown.png Civilian Takedown

[td]Ability Type: Active[/td]

[td]Cooldown: 15/15/15/15[/td]

[td]Hotkey: Q[/td][/table]


BioTron grabs Infected Civilian(s) from beneath the earth and flings them in a narrow cone towards a target location. On impact, the civilians knock back and deal Spell Damage to enemies in a small area.


Level 1: Throws 3 minions, dealing 60 (+70% INT) Spell Damage each.

Level 2: Throws 4 minions, dealing 80 (+70% INT) Spell Damage each.

Level 3: Throws 5 minions, dealing 100 (+70% INT) Spell Damage each.

Level 4: Throws 6 minions, dealing 120 (+70% INT) Spell Damage each.




Cannibalize.png Cannibalize

[td]Ability Type: Active[/td]

[td]Cooldown: 25/25/25/25[/td]

[td]Hotkey: W[/td][/table]


BioTron consumes up to 5 Infected Civilians in an area, restoring a percentage of his Health and Energy per minion consumed.


Level 1: Restore 2% Health and 5% Energy per minion.

Level 2: Restore 3% Health and 10% Energy per minion.

Level 3: Restore 4% Health and 15% Energy per minion.

Level 4: Restore 5% Health and 20% Energy per minion.




Aberrated_Claymore.png Aberrated Claymore

[td]Ability Type: Toogle[/td]

[td]Cooldown: 20/20/20/20[/td]

[td]Hotkey: E[/td][/table]


BioTron burrows underground, increasing his Time Scale by 20%. He can then resurface at a target point, along with serveral Infected Civilians. Enemies near the resurface point are sucked in towards BioTron and take Spell Damage.


Level 1: Deals 80 (+80% INT) Spell Damage, spawning 3 minions.

Level 2: Deals 160 (+80% INT) Spell Damage, spawning 4 minions.

Level 3: Deals 240 (+80% INT) Spell Damage, spawning 5 minions.

Level 4: Deals 320 (+80% INT) Spell Damage, spawning 6 minions.




Putrify.png Putrify

[td]Ability Type: Active[/td]

[td]Cooldown: 60/45/30[/td]

[td]Hotkey: R[/td][/table]


BioTron spawns 8 minions and marks an enemy for 10 seconds, amplifying Physical Damage, drawing all his Infected to flay the target and spawning additional Civilians every 1 second. While active, your Infected Civilians gain a 500% Movement Speed bonus.


Level 1: Amplifies Physical Damage by 10%.

Level 2: Amplifies Physical Damage by 20%.

Level 3: Amplifies Physical Damage by 30%.

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