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Aeon of Storms Wikia


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Has anyone thought about creating a Wikia for AoS? When I first started playing a few months ago, I googled Aeon of Storms to find some info on the game - to no avail, before I jumped into a game and made a fool of myself. Especially for those new to the MOBA/DOTA style of games, it could be immensely useful. Since Aeon has been getting exponentially more popular, you constantly get into pub games where you have 1 or more people in the game who have never played and have nooooo idea what to do (running straight into towers at level 1).


Anyway, I'm willing to take the initiative and start building one, but I was curious if this has been thought about before, and what kind of perspective some of you have on the subject.


Also, I have a very limited knowledge of the game, so I would require some help - but that's the great thing about a Wikia. We could have an actual, complete Hero Database, hopefully at least a single guide for every character, an explanation of the talent system, and the common talent builds, and a complete Item Database.


So yeah, what do you guys think?

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Good idea in general, but

1) no one cares to read short How To Play section, no talking about wiki

2) quite a bit of items do not what their tooltip in game says they do :), maybe the same applies to talents/abilities

3) supporting wiki up to date also requires some effort


I'd vote for machine-generated tooltips and item/hero/talent database. Spend some time once, to get this generator working and run it once after each update - to get html version of everything up to date.

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Just noticed the hero database. I guess people have just been lazy and never got around to it. It used to be sort of helpful back in the day when it was up to date.... over a year ago. It looks like banzai has a good formatting system set out. Someone just needs to have the free time to do it. I suggest a teenager with a lot of free time or a college student without a job... with even more free time or maybe quistmann with his security job?

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4) This forum also contains a Hero and Item Database and is way more up to date. You can contribute to the Hero Database if you want, just read the Format thread and look what heroes are missing.


I should have been more thorough in my original post. Have you looked at the hero database on the forums? First of all, there's about a whopping 12 heroes actually in there. Secondly, even though I love these forums and the community, a forum format is simply not condusive for a Hero Database, or Item Database, etc. The format of a Wikia would be infinitely cleaner and more efficient.

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Hey guys,


Sorry if this thread is a tad old, but I'd just like to weigh in.


I was one of the first people to join Deathlol in working on the wiki. Through the course of working on it (TONS of hours of work), I became an admin. I lost interest in what was then SotiS and left the project.

Recently, I've been thinking about reviving the wiki. If anyone would be willing to help, it'd be fantastic.


I'm debating whether or not to try to salvage the old wiki without the bureacrat's help (which can be tough), or to just start an entirely new one.


By the way, the official, more updated wiki (which we needed to create, because the original wiki had no active admins/buereacrats), is located:



I've got some basic wiki knowlege, and designed much of the wiki myself. The good news is that I can access basically everything with admin status. But the name is wrong, and there's a lot of extraneous junk on that wiki.


Anyways, let me know if you'd be willing to join me on the project!


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