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[Hero] Changeling


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10/07/12 - Hero suggestion created

10/08/12 - Added cooldown and duration to ultimate

-Changed ultimate to no longer make the hero immune to enemy targeted abilities

-Reworked ultimate; Decreased hero's movement speed and attack range

10/09/12 - Modified ultimate to allow the player to end the ultimate before the duration ends

11/18/12 -(Q): Increased distance from 3 to 5

12/14/12 -Changed Q to max distance of 8


Name: Changeling

Portrait: Changeling

Unit Base: Changling

Role: Carry, Initiator, Tank, Nuker

Main Stat: Agility


Starting Stats:


Strength: 19 (+5)

Agility: 22 (+8)

Intelligence 19 (+5)



Health – 300

Movement Speed – 2.80

Attack Range – 2

Attack Speed – 1.7

Damage – 35

Armor – 0

Energy – 90





Heroic Active: Transmute


Changeling has the ability to actively change minerals into experience or experience into minerals, at the rate of 1:1.


Explanation/Usage: This can be used to change minerals into experience as changeling is farming so that the mineral's value is not wasted while not in use. It can also be used to grant the hero a few more minerals when it is just short of an item purchase. It also allows players to focus heavily on either items or levels if they choose to.

The idea is to have something similar to sending resources where the player can click or use the scroll wheel to use this ability.



Surge (Q)

Cost: 120/140/160/180

Cooldown: 12

Range: 8


Changeling assumes a liquid-like state and gushes forward a max distance of 8, damaging enemy units along the way.


Level 1: Deals 70 (+50%INT) spell damage.

Level 2: Deals 130 (+50%INT) spell damage.

Level 3: Deals 190 (+50%INT) spell damage.

Level 4: Deals 250 (+50%INT) spell damage.


Explanation/Usage: This ability allows changeling to escape, initiate, and deal damage.



Change Blast (W)

Cost: 110

Cooldown: 11

Range: 7/8/9/10


Changeling launches part of his body at the target unit, causing it to take damage and be stunned and slowed by 50%. The damage/stun/slow is the greater value if Changeling's intelligence/agility/strength is the greatest of the three stats.


Level 1: Deals 30 (+40%INT) / 40 (+60%INT) spell damage. Stuns for .25/.5 seconds. Slows for .4/.8 seconds.

Level 2: Deals 50 (+70%INT) / 60 (+90%INT) spell damage. Stuns for .75/1 seconds. Slows for 1/1.4 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 70 (+100%INT) / 80 (+120%INT) spell damage. Stuns for 1.25/1.5 seconds. Slows for 1.6/2 seconds.

Level 4: Deals 90 (+130%INT) / 100 (+150%INT) spell damage. Stuns for 1.75/2 seconds. Slows for 2.2/2.6 seconds.


Explanation/Usage: To be added.



Stat Change (E for Intelligence) (C for Strength)

Cost: 35/second

Cooldown: toggle

Range: N/A

Duration: until out of stat if not toggled off


Changeling changes the changes part of himself to serve another purpose by changing strength into intelligence or intelligence into strength. Also grants additional stats.


Level 1: Changes 2 stat points per second. Gains 2 intelligence and strength.

Level 2: Changes 4 stat points per second. Gains 1 intelligence and strength.

Level 3: Changes 6 stat points per second. Gains 1 intelligence and strength.

Level 4: Changes 8 stat points per second. Gains 1 intelligence and strength.


Explanation/Usage: This allows changeling to drastically change the role he wants to fulfill. Investing in a lot of intelligence allows him to be more of a glass cannon/nuker, while investing more heavily in strength allows him to be an intimidating tank with not as much utility and spell damage, though.



Change Form ®

Cost: 50

Cooldown: 60/30/15

Range: 20

Duration: 15/30/60


Changeling takes the form of the target enemy. While in this form, he appears to be an ally to enemies until he is attacked by an enemy hero (he remains in the changed form, but now can be targeted by creeps and towers). His main stat, movement speed, and attack range become those of the enemy he changed into. (Press V to change back to normal form if duration has not expired)


Explanation/Usage: This ability can be used in many ways: to gain scouting information on enemies, close distances to enemies without their realization, or avoid damage in team fights or other scenarios. Most importantly, it allows Changeling to invest heavily in intelligence or strength and make that his primary attribute, causing his damage to increase accordingly. (Can be used on any enemy unit)



As you can probably tell, I am terrible at thinking of names for abilities and heroes. All feedback is appreciated.

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Does his ulti last until he dies? You could just waltz around the enemy team while they can't do anything to you. Follow them everywhere, letting your allies have free map hacks and you'd annoy the hell out of the enemy team.

Yes, but I could change it if you think it would be better. Enemies can damage him, but have to A-click on him to do it.

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Interesting suggestion. If that's possible to do it might be a good idea. I'm not sure how that would be useful though other than gaining information on the enemies' position, though maybe it would be good for stalking an enemy until they are alone then taking them out. What about making it so that the hero takes additional damage when in ult form or even taking let's say 25% hp in damage per attack or something like that?

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Can you remove the ultimate any time you want to, just in case for some reason you don't want to be that hero, once discovered because of low attack speed or low movement speed? (Vorpal MS is 2.7 and tychus attack speed is 2.1)

The ultimate does not currently change attack speed, though it could. I initially had it so that you could remove the ultimate at any time and it had no cooldown, but I thought it possibly made it overpowered. Maybe if you wanted to end it sooner you could target yourself and put it back on cooldown, or I could change it back to the way it was before. I am open to suggestions.

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