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Stats of the Tournament (WIP)


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I was curious to get some stats on the recent tournament (what heroes were played most, how many kills/deaths/assists etc) so I looked at the posted screenshots and compiled a dataset based on them.


This is a WIP (Work-in-Progress).. that I will continue as I have time available. Still I have uploaded the Presentation and the Excel raw data. Any suggestions are welcome (what do you want to see?).






Excel (raw data):





Also note that this should not really be used to make general AoS conclusions as it is based on only 34 games and data is skewed towards the teams that survived for longest (and can be also skewed towards people that play certain heroes better than rest)



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Vorpal is STR, not AGI.



Kinda sucks that it's impossible to get the bans from each game :(


Thanks .. will adjust the files and yes sucks for the bans.


Inb4 this happening.

This has to take a lot of work gj on that, curious about the wins per hero stats.


Wins per hero coming soon ... You can also see the excel file and filter by Win and than sort by whatever (kills, deaths, most played etc)

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watch the casts, you can figure it out




I think he is talking about ALL the games, not the select few that were streamed. In EU I know NO games were streamed (Overrated planning some replay casts) in the group stage.


He is talking about also having stats for most banned heroes, so maybe we could extrapolate something from that.

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