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Some Items too expensive


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I tested around long time with different heroes and came to the conclusion that some items are too expensive for what they give.

To name a few: Phantom Menace, Sliptide Scythe, Agressor's Guise

I don't say they are bad, they aren't. But I think the price is too high.

Maybe they have great potential on few heroes, but I haven't found out that they should have a certainly place in my item build.


Can anyone disagree (please give reasons^^)?

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I'm not sure about Phantom Menace. I think its 3400 minerals for 40 agility and 6 percent. With a passive of 18 percent move speed with no enemy heroes. This does have good farm potential for heroes like Darpa, Nova etc. I'm not sure how you equate a passive relative to price but I guess its the passive that entices people to buy the item.

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