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[HERO] Khalis.Mezos (Support, Caster)


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A conjurer of vast elemental forces, Mezos set his sights on the sanctum as an opportunity to purge his enemies, blah blah blah.

Portrait: High Templar

Unit Base: Preserver w/ Dagger in right hand and Orb in left hand (changes color depending on mode)

Type: AGI

Alignment: Lawful Good

Starting Stats:

Health – 545 (250 base)

Movement Speed – 2.9

Attack Range – 1.25

Attack – Dagger

Attack Speed – 1.7

Damage – 67 (50 base)

Armor – 0

Energy – 0

Strength 28 (+4)

Agility 29 (+4)

Intelligence 34 (+7)




Conjurer [Heroic Passive]

Whenever Mezos casts a spell, his autoattack becomes a ice/fire ball with 7 range for 3 seconds. During this effect, Mezos gains maximum weapon speed and loses 25% total weapon damage.


Fruit Tips:

-This works well with Q for harass since Q has no mana cost.




Creeping Tendril [Q]

Mana Cost: 0

Cooldown: 5/4/3/2

Charge Cooldown: 10

Max Charges: 3

Mezos releases a shockwave with a radius of 3 that damages enemies for a fixed amount of Spell Damage, dealing 50% less damage to non-heroic units. This ability causes Mezos to switch between fire and ice (changing the color of his orb).


Ice Mode: If an affected enemy is stunned, Mezos stuns the enemy again.

Fire Mode: Mezos deals double damage to stunned enemies.

Level 1: 30 Spell Damage, 0.4 second stun.

Level 2: 70 Spell Damage, 0.6 second stun.

Level 3: 130 Spell Damage, 0.8 second stun.

Level 4: 190 Spell Damage, 1.0 second stun.


Fruit Tips:

-Level this twice to greatly increase your harassment and farming.

-Mezos isn't very tanky, so having a good teammate to initiate with a stun can be useful and still be safe.

-Stack CDR for win.




Ice/Flame Pillar [W]

Mana Cost: 70/90/110/130

Cooldown: 18/17/16/15

Creates a pillar that lasts 3 seconds. If Mezos' ranged autoattacks pass through the pillar, they gain a bonus effect.


Ice Mode: 30% slow for 2 seconds.

Fire Mode: Deals 10+5*LVL additional Spell Damage over 3 seconds, stacks indefinitely.

Level 1: Pillar deals 30 (+35% INT) Spell Damage per second.

Level 2: Pillar deals 60 (+35% INT) Spell Damage per second.

Level 3: Pillar deals 90 (+35% INT) Spell Damage per second.

Level 4: Pillar deals 120 (+35% INT) Spell Damage per second.


Fruit Tips:

-Place an ice version of this in between yourself and your target for a slow.

-Don't try to land this on your enemy for damage if it means you won't be able to shoot or cast through it.




Ice/Fire Ball [E]

Mana Cost: 40

Cooldown: 9/8/7/6

Range: 10

Mezos launches a slow-moving elemental sphere that deals Spell Damage on contact. If it passes through a Ice/Flame pillar or a Glacial/Molten Gate, it gains 20% speed and a bonus based on Mezos' current mode.


Ice Mode: 1 second stun.

Fire Mode: Deals splash damage in a radius of 2, dealing 30% more to the initial target. Amplifies all damage on affected units by 20% for 4 seconds.

Level 1: 40 (+50% INT) Spell Damage.

Level 2: 65 (+50% INT) Spell Damage.

Level 3: 90 (+50% INT) Spell Damage.

Level 4: 105 (+50% INT) Spell Damage.


Fruit Tips:

-This is Mezos main skill if he builds INT, but is otherwise best used with the pillar in ice mode for the stun as support.



Glacial/Molten Gate [ultimate]

Mana Cost: 150/200/250

Cooldown: 50

Range: 10

Mezos creates an arch 4.5 units wide that is impassable to enemy units. Allies that pass through the gate gain movement speed for 10 seconds and Mezos' autoattacks that pass through the gate (Mezos can attack the gate itself) become ranged linear skillshots that deal bonus damage.

Level 1: +25% movespeed. 40 (+30% INT) bonus Spell Damage and 10 range.

Level 2: +35% movespeed. 60 (+30% INT) bonus Spell Damage and 10 range.

Level 3: +45% movespeed. 80 (+30% INT) bonus Spell Damage and 10 range.

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