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10/4/12: Created Hero





Name: Terror.Lord

Portrait: Mini Diablo

Unit Base: Mini Diablo

Type: Strength Caster

Script: It's Diablo...The Lord of Terror. Duh.


Starting Stats:

Base Health – 275

Movement Speed – 2.8

Attack Range – 3

Attack Speed – 1.8

Base Damage – 30

Base Armor – 3

Strength [25] + [7] (Primary)

Agility [17] + [3] (Tertiary)

Intelligence [25] + [4] (Secondary)







Heroic Passive: No Escape


Not even death can save you from Terror.Lord. Whenever Terror.Lord gains a hero kill or assist, he regains 10% HP and Energy.



Effect: "Not even death can save you from me" is a Diablo 2 line he says when you fight him. Little Easter Egg. Since most of Terror.Lord's attacks are AoE-based, as long as your team is winning the team fights, it will be very hard to kill him outside of a 1 vs N.




Ability One: Hellfire Breath


Terror.Lord unleashes a breath of hellish lightning in a cone in from of him dealing initial damage, slowing his enemy's weapon speed and dealing damage for 5 seconds.


Energy Cost: 80/100/120/140

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Range: 5


Level 1: 60 (+50% int) initial damage, -10% WS, 100 (+10% Int) damage over time

Level 2: 80 (+50% int) initial damage, -20% WS, 140 (+10% Int) damage over time

Level 3: 100 (+50% int) initial damage, -30% WS, 180 (+10% Int) damage over time

Level 4: 120 (+50% int) initial damage, -40% WS, 220 (+10% Int) damage over time


Effect: Very similar to Toxi's Reflux except more useful for Terror.Lord's role of a tank.




Ability Two: Flame Nova


Terror.Lord channels for 1 second and unleashes a vicious stomp, sending a wave of flames in a ring 360 degrees around him, damaging all enemies it strikes and slowing their movement speed for 3 seconds.


Energy Cost: 90/120/150/180

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Range: 10


Level 1: 100 (+40% Int) -10% MS for 3 seconds

Level 2: 140 (+40% Int) -20% MS for 3 seconds

Level 3: 180 (+40% Int) -30% MS for 3 seconds

Level 4: 220 (+40% Int) -40% MS for 3 seconds


Effect: The ring would have gaps in each flame pillar that get larger the farther the blast is from Terror.Lord meaning it is potentially completely avoidable.




Ability Three: Hell Rift


Terror.Lord focuses immense energy over 1 second to teleport his mass to a new location. The process exhausts Terror.Lord for 3 seconds, leaving him immobilized but hardier until he has recuperated.


Energy Cost: 80/100/120/140

Cooldown: 20

Range: 8


Level 1: 10% damage reduction for 3 seconds after teleport.

Level 2: 20% damage reduction for 3 seconds after teleport.

Level 3: 30% damage reduction for 3 seconds after teleport.

Level 4: 40% damage reduction for 3 seconds after teleport.


Effect: Extreme initiation ability with some drawback in that if you teleport into a bad situation without team support, you're stuck there for a long time.




Ultimate Ability:


Terror.Lord draws the corpses of fallen warriors, trapping targeted enemy hero in a prison of bone stunning them for 3 seconds. Randomly spawning eruptions also spawn after 1 second, trapping additional heroes still in the area.



Energy Cost: 250/300/350

Cooldown: 180/120/60 seconds

Range: 6


Level 1: Spawns 3 addition eruptions

Level 2: Spawns 5 addition eruptions

Level 3: Spawns 7 addition eruptions


Effect: Extreme disabling potential. The targeted enemy is guaranteed to be stunned for the 3 seconds. Randomly spawning eruption zones would animate and also trap any enemy still standing it in after the timer is up meaning most of the ultimate is also completely avoidable.




Additional Information: Terror.Lord's role is that of slight tank but mostly a huge initiator/burst AoE caster. I would say most similar to a Jackson/Toxi hybrid. Items to consider:




Sunflare Gun


Nitrogen Refit





Closing statement: This is my first hero and it's only inspired by a love I have for the Diablo character. I tried to make his abilities exactly like that in D3. I have no idea if the numbers are balanced/UP/OP I just kind of threw what sounded right in there. If you have suggestions on hero design, I'd like to hear them, number tweaking is fine if you must but again, these aren't supposed to be perfect in any way. Thank you.

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Nearly identical except it has a drawback which is more than justified. The fact that Micro has a free bank that gives even better benefits and no consequences just shows that Micro's blink needs a nerf. The blink is also an ability that Diablo has, unlike Micro that is just thrown in so that he can be an initiator.


Also, my thought process on the ult is that if you catch an enemy by himself, you can instagib him basically for playing dumb. But also as a really good initiation ability since the other team will be scrambling to avoid the random eruptions instead of engaging in the team fight.


I'm thinking he needs more damage though, I left the int scaling pretty low with long cooldowns, he doesn't have amazing tanking abilities, just OK ones. Also, thinking the ultimate's random spawns should be able to capture anyone, even allies to give it a drawback.

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