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New Item. (Spell Reflector)


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Hello, i was wondering if there could be a Spell Reflector. It would be like Barbed Plating but for spells like Boros Ulti or Rancor Snipe. Im not sure if this has already been suggested because there is a load of suggestions. I was wondering about this because many of you are aware of some spells that late game do ridicoulous amounts of damage like Boros ulti. He practically can take out 3 heroes by him self because of this ulti so it would be used to counter it or others spells. I know there are items that works like Lockbox but i find whenever im in a battle i dont have the time to click the item then use it. Other wise i will be horribly murdered and since the spells happen instantly its hard to stop it.

Stats would be:

Cost 3500-5500 (not sure about it)

Spell resist 30%

(unique) Reflects 40% of spell damage taken from an opponent. Does not stack with Barbed Plating.

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