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Name: Zegranoss.Colthisk

Portrait: Adjutant

Unit Base: SCV (starting form), Drone, Probe, Colossus, Thor and Ultralisk


Script: Zegranoss is a mysterious entity that simply exists. Wandering throughout the universe, it collects DNA of any race it could find. It sensed a planet that harbored much DNA of different races and followed the trace to the war-riddled chunk of rock. Much to its dismay, the three races were ones who's DNA's it had already collected. Deciding to put its abilities to the test it joined the battle, fighting for an unknown cause. Zegranoss became so embroiled in the battle that he had forgotten all but three race's DNA signatures - Terran, Zerg and Protoss. Focusing on these three races allowed him to expand his knowledge of them and their hidden powers.


Starting Stats:

Base Health [275]

Movement Speed [2.9]

Attack Range [Terran – 5, Zerg – 2, Protoss - 6]

Attack Speed [1.8]

Base Damage [30]

Base Armor [1]

Strength – [17] + [3]

Agility – [22] + [3]

Intelligence – [27] + [7]







Heroic Passive: Multitalented

"Zegranoss's passive depends on his current form

Terran’s Reconstruction Repairs: 10% more mana regen

Zerg’s Seismic Shockwave: 10% more health regen

Protoss’s Energy Eruption: 10% more timescale



Effect: Ability depends on form




Ability One: Terran Makeover

”Channels for 2 seconds, then turns into an SCV. Attack animation is drakken laser drill and range increases to 5. If you transform into SCV, the ability icon turns into Reconstruction Repairs, the SCV’s ability.

Energy Cost: 200+10*LVL for all levels

Cooldown: 120/105/90/75

Range: Touching the tower


Level 1: 125 HP Tower Heal

Level 2: 250 HP Tower Heal

Level 3: 375 HP Tower Heal

Level 4: 500 HP Tower Heal


Effect: Zegranoss is able to replicate the appearance of something, not recreate it within his body. That should be a reasonable explanation as to why he's got mechanical stuff on. Satisfied, you pedantic nit-pickers?




Ability Two: Zerg Mutation

"Channels for 2 seconds, then turns into a Drone. Attack animation is acid spew (roach’s attack) and range decreases to 2. Same with SCV transform, the icon turns into Zerg’s ability. Im Zerg form, you can do an AoE shockwave that crushes the earth underneath nearby enemies’ feet. To keep up with the Zerg’s complex body structure, Zegranoss need to use up lots of energy to maintain his form. Mana is lost every second you’re in Zerg form. Once you lose mana, you revert to Terran form.

Energy Cost: 100+5*LVL for all levels

Cooldown: 45/37/25/13

Range: 5 diameter


Level 1: Deals 40 True damage, -9 mana/sec

Level 2: Deals 75 True damage, -6.5 mana/sec

Level 3: Deals 110 True damage, -4 mana/sec

Level 4: Deals 145 True damage, -1.5 mana/sec


Effect: With power comes great responsibility… and mana.




Ability Three: Protoss Materialization

”Channels for 2 seconds, then turns into a probe. Attack animation is mohandar’s yellow beam and attack range increases to 6. In probe form, Zegranoss is able to create a small area inhabitable within seconds. Zegranoss can channel energy upon one spot for 2 seconds, and then create a deadly psionic inferno out of nowhere to incinerate the land. Protoss life forms harbor psionic abilities, and Zegranoss has a hard time replicating these abilities. Mana loss is greater than what happens in Zerg form. Eruption damages in a circle with a diameter of 6

Energy Cost: 150+7*LVL

Cooldown: 50/40/30/20

Range: 6


Level 1: Eruption lasts 1 second, deals 75 damage, mana loss of -15/sec

Level 2: Eruption lasts 2 second, deals 150 damage, mana loss of -10.5/sec

Level 3: Eruption lasts 3 second, deals 225 damage, mana loss of -6/sec

Level 4: Eruption lasts 4 second, deals 300 damage, mana loss of -1.5/sec


Effect: The eruption should look like a psionic storm.




Ultimate Ability: Ultimate form

”Zegranoss taps into the deepest corners of the three race’s biological structure, utilizing it’s power to become the ultimate Terran/Zerg/Protoss life form. Colthisk transforms into a Thor/Ultralisk/Colossus depending on his race. Becoming an ultimate form comes with both benefits and disadvantages "

Energy Cost: 100 all levels

Cooldown: 180/120/60

Range: N/A


Level 1: Restore 50% mana pool, amplify ability effects by 25%, reduce mana loss by 50%, reduce movement speed to 2.4, turn all three transform icons into their respective abilities, reduce cooldowns by 25%. Lasts 10 seconds.

Level 2: Restore 75% mana pool, amplify ability effects by 37%, reduce mana loss by 75%, reduce movement speed to 2.4, turn all three transform icons into their respective abilities, reduce cooldowns by 50%. Lasts 15 seconds.

Level 3: Restore 75% mana pool, amplify ability effects by 50%%, reduce mana loss by 100%%, reduce movement speed to 2.4, turn all three transform icons into their respective abilities, reduce cooldowns by 75%. Lasts 20 seconds.


Effect: God mode on




Additional Information: Did you notice all the alliterations (same first letter repeated on some skills). Also, Zegranoss = 3 letters from each race, Colthisk = Colossus, thor and ultralisk :D) I thought of this guy when I was bored, but the suggestion is 100% full effort from me.


Closing statement

Thanks for reading, also don’t go off topic. I swear to god, when people don’t talk about a topic it just kills me.

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The forms don't seem to give any benefit besides the attack range change and the active abilities. This makes it rather pointless to change forms and it's probably preferable to remain in Protoss form the whole time due to it's range and timescale bonus. Timescale also increases energy and health regen btw, so Protoss' heroic passive is better than the other two combined, since timescale also gives cooldown reduction, movement and attack speed.

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True, but once you reach level 4 with your protoss skill, the energy drain is less than your regen. Given that his active is also the most powerful out of the three(SCVs one may heal towers, but it's cooldown is too long for it to be truly useful) there isn't much benefit in switching forms.

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