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[Item Suggestion] Stasis Module


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Stasis Module


+100 health points


[Activate] Stuns all units except yourself in a radius of 5 for 3 seconds, during this time you may not attack and are temporarily silenced. units within the stun radius will take 75% less damage during this duration.


[Unique] Gain +5 Intelligence per unit killed maximum +30. all gain is lost on activation or death.


[Components] Made from Stun Baton, Pulse Hammer. (maybe more)


[Uses] This item would be useful for slower heros such as Maar for an escape method. in the longer lane units like Maar may be unable to push forward in the fear of being attack by a hero such as Shadow because they are unable to escape in time. With my own experience with Maar I have found that even though his range is quite long, he cannot take any hits or run from enemies. if slow intelligence heros like maar had the ability to temporarily stun their attackers without the ability to be offensive themselves, it would make them have somewhat of a chance of escape from enemies.


[Uses] This item would be useful for units such as Tassadar who could use it to stun the enemies who are trying to escape and advance pass them to continue attacking. this would act as a way to gank people giving you more time to get in position while keeping your victim stunned.


[Uses] This item could be used on an enemy hero attacking a tower to stun him forcing him to take 75% of the tower damage. making it useful to help hold off attacks and hurt your enemy at the same time. it could also be used to protect your ally who is low on health and is being hit by a DoT spell by reducing their damage by 75% for the duration of the stun.


Having a use in almost every scenario makes this item work for all heros, please feel free to change any of the numbers to how you see fit and post a reply on what you think. thank you very much for reading my first post :D

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Well, personally, I like it as a concept. It grants the enemy 75% Damage Resistance, and YOU can only move during that time anyway, no damage dealing. The possibility for escapes and such may be a little bit excessive, but I like the idea quite a lot.

3-second stun is a bit long and Towers bypass Damage Resistance, though!


And on the item itself, an item never gives less than the sum of its parts.

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Didn't realize I copied dead space! I was thinking more about cryostasis, which is where people are perserved in ice or stunned (complete accident for copying!)


The Stun Length and Cool Down Length are undecided, I'm mainly using the numbers as place holders.


If towers Bypass Damage resistance, maybe it would freeze the tower as well, but i can see that removing the support use completely other then helping allies against Heros like Toximancer and Egon


The components I wasn't sure about, I thought it would be a little over powered if it had good stats, but would also be over powered if it had a low cost.


As for Quistmann and the damage, this was adressed in the post saying that ur weapons are disabled and ur silenced for the duration of the stun


If anyone wants to change the components or has suggestions for costs and balance issues please reply!

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