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[Item] Terraziner


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Recipe Cost: 1150 | Total Cost: 5000

Pulse Hammer [2000], Flare Gun [1850]

+100 Str, -6% MS, +700 Health

[Active]Deal Spell Damange to target Heroic equal to 300+50% STR and deal 10+ 10%int True Damange per second for 3 seconds

60 second cooldown




Reasoning: Give tankers chance to gain kill by this active skill simillar to sunflare but range: 12 and i prefer green missle

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Plus... 100... strength.


Time to get 6 of these things since the active deals tons of damage anyway!!


But on a serious note, items generally don't scale with hero stats. Maybe it could deal [500] burst damage and [2% of their maximum health each second] for 5 seconds?

Why does it make the hero lose 6% Movement Speed? Tanks generally need to get to the front, so why would decreasing the speed help the tank tank?

What happened to the Weapon Damage from Pulse Hammer? The Lifesteal from Flare Gun? In general, items always give at least the same bonuses as their components.

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