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kids need to stop crying op


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in my personal opinion, kids gota stop qq about op this op that and play reactive and buy items needed to support the team and counter the other team,


int caster having trouble with a agi dps carry? buy electric mantle and a shadowmourn , electric mantle helps with cool downs plus the obv stun shadow procs all the aa heroes items on his self, been in several games where i was shadow or leo and doing well then some toon buys shadowmmourn they get 1 shot off on me and it brings me down to half life


squish hero having trouble with bio ? buy cloak negate all the minions for several seconds and is a great item for team fights, or buy smoke bomb


null being a boss and giving you trouble? buy a tazer is gives spell resist and ene to boot


kids need to get out of there "set builds" and play reactive the game is pretty close to being balanced more balanced then it has been in a long time


all these op threads and qq threads are annoying there are counters for every and each hero be it items or be it hero counters hero as it should be you cant really expect a int support caster to fight 1v1 vs a carry all he can do is stall long enough for the team to get there

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