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The faces of AoS [For fun]


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I would imagine this is Larmj.



since he said he goes gyms very often and he likes swimming



this pic is that hes on the carry mode,




this is (Rohtube)

hes ready to outta closet soon,

and trolling around.



I'v searched banzaiguy on google pic.

this is what i found of him









eyyyyyyyyyy sexy lady...

he has beutiful voice, sings well...

you rock it kid

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Dont take this thread serious but its simple.


Post pictures with people you think of when you play with them.



for example:






Find a Picture

Put it on Paint

Use Text tool and write the name.


Go go go


I think you mixed up the names on the pics. Impious is the whitest sounding black guy ever. Trololol.


Also i have a pic of gyro. Hes the one in the middle.




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