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Instead of K/D-Ratio


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I just read a thread of Zeeeeend (not sure how many "e"), and he was complaining about not using K/D ratio to find out which teams were better in case of a draw. many players said this would just mean the leading team would not end the game and instead just farm kills, which seems right to me.


Now i got a better solution for next events:


Take a base game time of 90 in-game minutes. if the game ends after 40 minutes, the winner gets a bonus of 90-40=50 minutes. the loser gets the negative amount of minutes, means -50. Ending a game earlier means getting more points for the winner, and less points (more negative) for the loser.This coefficient sums up with every game. It would force teams to end their games as early as possible to earn more points. And usually, if a team is way better than the other team, it should be able to end the game fast. Now here are some more rules to balance it out:


1. If a game lasts longer than 90 minutes, both teams are given a score of 0.


2. If a team loses without surrendering, the team get's "10" points subtracted from their score (for pulling game into length and trying to raise their score by not ending the game earlier).


3. In the end, the higher your score is, the earlier you finished your games, and "the better" you were.


4. The score is taken from a screen shot of the final score screen of the game (the table with the results of each player). Not earlier! So the winning team has to make a screenshot of the score table, and the game time must be visible on it! No screenshots from loser teams (they could just wait a few more minutes and take a screenshot then)!


5. Game time is only taken in minutes! 43:00 time is a score of 90-43=47 for winner, -47 for loser. 42:59 time is a score of 90-42=48, -48 for loser.



What you think about this system?


EDIT: Rule 2 was changed.

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Two really good teams have a close match, get 0. One really bad team gets an advantage over another really bad team and gets extra points. Terrible idea.


Means that teams get punished for not surrendering? Wtf?


yeah they do. if you stay in a game only to make it last longer, you should be punished. this system would make people just pull the game into length if they wouldn't benefit from surrendering an already lost game. but i will slightly change this.


i don't understand what you mean by your first comment. of course the team would get points. but those points only come into consideration of Win/Loss is equal, and according to your teams, both of the good teams should easily beat both bad teams and therefor win the group stage.

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The scenario when a team surrenders early always affects this system. It depends on the team of course, but sometimes you'll still have lopsided games, but sometimes the team will surrender early. The system you propose encourages people to play a game they might not want to just to prevent the other winning team more points if they surrendered early. The losing team would have to stay as long as they can even if they were going to lose. This is the same/similar problem with the k/d ratio

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As far as super long games are concerned, these are issues with the game mechanics. One of the biggest problems I think is there is no use for extra minerals. Having 10k in the bank when the rest of my team is still farming items just causes people to waste time (on both teams) and turtle until everybody has full gear. It is very frustrating when it seems like you are the only play on a team who is actually trying to win while many other players on your team are farming the whole game, yet because of their lack of efficiency in farming they have pathetic farm (and pathetic items) and won't even cross the river when the other team is all dead. Granted this is a problem in disorganized games, but I see many experienced players (who still have no clue how to farm) do this over and over again. They are not as bad as the players who go all int or all DPS on their hero and are afraid to engage in battle because they "don't want to be killed" and will only jump in once everyone else on your team is dead (then they either get a few zombie kills or else die themselves and rage quit), but still very annoying to play with. If I could at least give my allies some of my minerals, then perhaps it would accelerate the game process and encourage more players to actually try and win the game.

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What about incorporating tower kills? Maybe something like (K-D)x(Towers left). Of course some penalty for surrendering would have to happen.


Whenever I play a game I judge how well my team is doing base on K/D, and Towers.


It's not a perfect idea, but I thought I'd throw it out there to generate more ideas.


How do you know when a team is better than another team? Is it K/D, time of game, tower kills, teamwork (maybe measured by assists) or some other metric?

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