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The Final matches will commence on Sunday. Be there and support your favorite team!




Europe: John+4 - John, Shablagoo, soedenone, Brew, chob


North America: Fairly Balanced - Alice, Adversary, Rakura, RedHydra, TurtleER





Meeting Time on Sunday: 11AM-12 PM EST. Games will be best out of 3.

For more information: http://www.aeonofsto...s-and-playoffs/

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Regardless of results, I'd like to thank everyone participating in the tourney as well as giving a big thanks to African for hosting the tournament.



Good luck in the finals everyone.

I agree on this, huge thanks to JustSafrican, gl hf to Fairly Balanced, and gz on making the final :)
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Does anyone by chance remember the bans from the final games?

In game 1 I think it was:

Fairly Balanced: Vergil, Micro, Tosh

John+4: Garamond, Jackson, Rory


Game 2:

John+4: Egon, Drake, Erekul.

Fairly Balanced: Micro, Bio, Tosh


Game 3:

Fairly Balanced: Jackson, Vergil, Grunty

John+4: Drake, Bio, Darpa

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