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Concerning Official Tournament


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I have to say, I really like the tournament but there are a few thing I dislike.


1. The fact that a 3 way tie has to be resolved in a rematch. And incase of 2 ties in a row a coinflip(winning then means you just were luckier which imo should never be the reason you reach the semifinals).

A better solution would be looking at k-d of the teams involved.

So kd from Team A vs B, Team B vs C and Team A vs C.

Winning has to count for most but you can't ignore kills made.

2. The fact that the team that drafts first is already planned. This is why they invented Rock Paper Sissors.

3.What player is the MVP player vs a team that forfeits ?

Since a team forfeit after a few games meaning some teams played 6 matches and some 5.

So the highest amount of MVP a team gets is 6 for some and 5 for others this just doesn't seem fair.


I'd also like to express how much I feel Dark Samurais got fuc-flobed. The following happend:

AFK played Dark and won but with a k-d of -3

Dark played John k-d of 13

John played AFK and won k/d of ?(can't find the results anywere)

This created a 3 way tie. Which should be resolved by looking at k-d imo. But they didn't :(

At that time it was 3 am GMT +2, when all players were online and all matches were over.

Instead of doing the rematches that day they were postponed to the next day.

However I clearly stated that I could not play before +-22:30 GMT +2. (This would be in time for finals which is what I planned for)

But instead they happend this afternoon. Now it's a valid argument that thats what a sub is for. But I like to add that I was voted MVP against both AFK and John. So instead of playing full team vs full team at 3 am GMT, we were forced to play without the MVP against them the next day. Needless to say we lost those matches.

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That tie could have been resolved on many layers looking at some specific aspects of the game like time played, lost towers, k-d ratio, additional point for winning the game when u get second pick and so on. Of course based on data only from matches between involved teams... Problem was John team probably would get eliminated this way which obviously they couldn't handle. I'm still curious if they would force that change if situation was reversed and they wouldn't have John available next afternoon.


And if one team forfeit then all stats gained from games against that team should be removed. MVP point are still counted from that matches?


Anyway no words can change current tourney state. I think tourney gives us a lots of new experience, competetive games and fun, we just gonna win next one :P

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K/D ratio doesnt mean any thing, specially if u have lets say a garamond pushing hard while everyone else is off killing each other. team with garamond wins cause of his pushing yet thier team has more deaths then the losing team. as well as if ur goign to count K/D ratio u would have to account for Assist to make any real sense, which still wouldnt be a good measure of who should win.

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CUEL storey im dukcin mad why would somebodfy say "yo we play tomorrow" and when someonebody leaves the team has still to play with flobin subs flobin idiotic shap rly those bastards should get raped by an old fart or smthin flobin sfsagr reg . true story


and no! but stil im most op singer in sotis community flobj yu.!



WTF IS UP WITH THIS BM FILTER???? it takes away my feelings

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If it were based on K/D, we wouldn't have ended any of the games. We'd have played our early games for three hours and had a kd of 462. In addition, that would punish one team if the other surrendered.

You cant farm kills if you just count the k-d of the teams involved in the 3 way tie.

If your able to farm a team your tied with for 3 hours, how can they win against that defeated you?


Team A beats B with kd of 300

Team C beats A with normal kd

Team B strangly beats team C ? That just can't happen

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i rly FUkn love the fact that NA guys came into our channel and told us that we will play TODAY at sunday so i left to go out with friends , and now my team told me that they played yesterday.... wtf is this shiet? more bm pls u Fukinn bastards


Did you not read any of the tournament rules?

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I have some thoughts about the event, (tho I myselft didt have the time to watch the whole event or really follow it)


But on saturday I had a gap in my schedule so I thought I could catch up on the tournament and maybe watch some stream.


That how ever was not the easiest task to do.


So my suggestion for next tournament (if there is any other tournaments comming up) make a seperate site, do not just use a forum for the information with like 10different threads, if the information is hard to find ppl aint gona make the trouble to find it,


and for god sake, make a bracket -.-


Anyhow im not racking down on the event, its was nice to see some aos streams and now i got some nice castings to watch, but it can always be better, another tip is also to put it in the event callendar on tl.net to get some more viewers.

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