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-Redid for AoS~!




Name: Braced.Sharpshoot

Portrait: DominionMarine2 [The robotic one]

Unit Base: Raynor [The super marine one]

Type: Ranged Caster.Fighter

Script: A fully automated robot, nicknamed "Braced" for Blistering Reinforced Attack Combat Electric Design, and was created for testing numerous weapons with robotic accuracy. It quickly disobeyed different routines in the programming of it; but functioned properly. Eventually, the creation utilized the 'leaks' in its code and broke free of being the testee for any experiment. However, instead of being free, the scientists decided to test it further by arming it with weapons and sending it to the Sanctum as an ultimate test; to see how well the robot itself functions in combat.


Starting Stats:

Health 260

Movement Speed 2.75

Attack Range 4.5

Attack Speed 1.7

Damage 27[42 after patch]

Strength – 22 + 5

Agility – 18 + 4

Intelligence – 25 + 7







ChargeBeamB.png 1-2 charges

ChargeBeamW.png 3-6 charges

ChargeBeamM.png 7-10 charges

ChargeBeamS.png 11-14 charges

ChargeBeamR.png 15+ charges

Heroic Passive: Charge Beam

"Every 4 (+0.175 per stack) seconds that Braced has not attacked, or cast any spells he gains a Stack of Charge. For each stack of Charge, his Weapon Damage and Cooldown Reduction is boosted by 2%, as well as his weapon range being increased by 0.15. He gains bonus effects at certain numbers of stacks [All versions also incorporate the previous ones]:

3 stacks causes Braced's weapon to explode in a 1 radius AoE when attacking, dealing 20% Weapon damage in Physical Damage. [12.525 seconds]

7 stacks causes Braced's weapon to explode in a radius of 2 AoE when attacking, dealing 20% Weapon damage in Physical Damage. [31.635 seconds]

11 stacks causes Braced's weapon to deal linear splash damage, and explode around only the target. Linear splash is very narrow, 0.75 AoE. [53.545 seconds]

15 stacks causes Braced's weapon to fire off a large laser, dealing full weapon damage to all units hit, with a decent radius of 1.50 on the beam, then exploding. [78.255 seconds]

Whenever Braced attacks, he loses 4 stacks. Stacks are only lost when Braced attacks and continue to add unless he is stunned or silenced."



Effect: The brackets indicate how long it would take to reach that number of stacks, sans Time Scale.

Since he is granted bonus Cooldown Reduction; the rest of his abilities have slightly higher CDs than otherwise warranted.

Icons are according to charge level. Icon "evolves" as charges are built, as well as number of charges being displayed on the corner of the icon.

0 stacks results in the first icon, but grayed out.

If possible make this ability affected by CDR.





Ability One: Acquire Strike

"Braced marks the target within its visor, and fires; dealing [WeaponDamage + 0.02 * (Charge+1) * WeaponDamage] Spell damage to the target; and [0.02 * (Charge+1) * WeaponDamage] Spell damage to all other units on the line between Braced and the target. The target unit is stunned for a short time, and all hit units are slowed for 3 seconds. 0.5 second cast time."

Energy Cost: 55 + 15 per level

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Range: 7, shot has a radius of 0.75


Level 1: Stuns for 0.8 seconds. Slow is of 10%.

Level 2: Stuns for 1.2 seconds. Slow is of 15%.

Level 3: Stuns for 1.6 seconds. Slow is of 20%.

Level 4: Stuns for 2.0 seconds. Slow is of 25%.


Effect: A useful laning move to harass the enemy hero at least once with per wave, though dealing not very high amounts of damage, has a useful bonus effect.

This ability makes Braced able to harass enemies and able to prevent





Ability Two: Burst of Power

"Braced enters a state of enhanced power, giving him bonus Time Scale for 5 seconds and Debuff Immunity for a few moments. Also applies the buff to nearby allies."

Energy Cost: 80

Cooldown: 12

Range: 5


Level 1: +10% Time Scale. 1.0 second Debuff Immunity.

Level 2: +15% Time Scale. 1.5 second Debuff Immunity.

Level 3: +20% Time Scale. 2.0 second Debuff Immunity.

Level 4: +25% Time Scale. 2.5 second Debuff Immunity.


Effect: A powerful skill that if properly used can have utterly devastating effects with high speed.





Ability Three: Missile Launcher

"Braced fires off 3 missiles that explode and deal damage in a small radius around their hit target, and automatically explode after travelling for 4 seconds. Missiles move at a movement speed of 4, and inflict a slow on any damaged units for 3 seconds. 0.9 second cast time."

Energy Cost: 120 + 25 per level

Cooldown: 21 seconds

Range: AoE of 1.5 per missile


Level 1: Missiles deal 40 (+40% INT) damage. 8% slow.

Level 2: Missiles deal 65 (+40% INT) damage. 12% slow.

Level 3: Missiles deal 90 (+40% INT) damage. 16% slow.

Level 4: Missiles deal 115 (+40% INT) damage. 20% slow.


Effect: A powerful AoE spell that can deal insane proportions of damage, or almost none whatsoever. Useful for laning and minor damage on enemy creeps, but not much else.

This is basically firing a multitude of Grunty's rockets that have an AoE slow instead of single-person stun.





Ultimate Ability: Slashing Massacre

"Braced throws an ethereal sword, imbuned with a swordsman's spirit that slashes everything around it 1 second after being fired. It is uncontrollable and moves very quickly, as well as attacking very rapidly. It deals true damage and unleashes a massive number of swings; but targets enemy units completely at random. It slashes a set number of times before vanishing, and has an attack speed of 0.2."

Energy Cost: 210 + 105 per level

Cooldown: 140 seconds

Range: 5 to cast, the Spirit appears at the target point and simply attacks everything and anything in range, like Boros' omnislash. It teleports to a random target after each slash. If no targets are within the search range of 5, it attacks the previous target.


Level 1: Spirit attacks 16 times before expiring; and deals 12 (+8% INT) damage per attack.

Level 2: Spirit attacks 25 times before expiring; and deals 19 (+8% INT) damage per attack.

Level 3: Spirit attacks 34 times before expiring; and deals 26 (+8% INT) damage per attack.


Effect: A death sentence if caught alone and unaware; but due to the random nature very little threat if you are laning.

With no items, Slashing Massacre 1 deals 344.3 damage; over 4.4 seconds.




Additional Information


Charge Beam : CBSM.png

Aquire Strike : ASSM.png

Burst of Power : BBSM.png

Missile Launcher : MLSM.png

Slashing Massacre : SMsm.png



Because of Charge Beam you might find that stacking Time Scale would be beneficial, and your above-average cooldowns contribute to this; thus this is quite viable.

This would build Braced as a Caster/Auto-Attack/"Tank" mixed hero, as Time Scale boosts his auto-attack damage indirectly.


This is the build I will be outlining; a Time Scale based Hybrid hero.


Recommended Skills:

ASSM.png Acquire Strike - Levels 1, 12, 13, 14


BBSM.png Burst of Power - Levels 3, 8, 9, 10


MLSM.png Missile Launcher - Levels 2, 4, 5, 7


SMsm.png Slashing Massacre - Levels 6, 11, 16


Stat Bonus - Levels 15, 17, 18


Possible laning partners for Bracer include:


Vagabond.DARPA : DARPA has good harassment skills, and can deal plenty of damage. He is very mobile, and you require a bit more time to get everything prepared.

You compliment his skills with a stun and high-ranged slows, as well as preventing the enemies from engaging him on their terms.


Egon.Stetmann : Egon in terms of dealing damage has the skills you do not. He can deal damage over time, allowing the enemy to think they got away when they did not, or make you seem more tanky than you are.

You compliment HIM as you deal high amounts of damage and have good slows, whereas he has only the ability to silence and heal or damage a single target.


Tiberius.Rancor : Rancor's ability to snipe is similar to yours, dealing targetted damage and stunning. Yours slows as well, setting them up for worse.

Your mass of slows will compliment his ability to disable and see the enemy, as well as his damage output being ensured the proper target.


Jim.Raynor : Raynor has the ability to amplify damage as well as deal tons of it. His Killshot will make quick work of any low-health opponent, and the power in Silence Shot is insane.

Jim cannot stun, something that you can. This is how you assist him; by stunning and slowing the target down too much. Raynor also lacks a good AoE spell, so your ability to deal splash damage and AoE damage is plenty good enough to help push the lane.


Your main order of skill usage should be Acquire Strike -> Slashing Massacre -> Missile Launcher as then you have dealt your damage and hastily dispatched of anything near your enemy; with plentiful AoE attacks as well as keeping yourself defended thanks to the ability to use Burst of Power.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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