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- Hero creation began




Name: Monstrosity.Glacknorg

Unit Base: Overseer

Unit Portrait: Overseer

Type: Melee, tank-caster

Script: TBA



Starting Stats:Base

Health [275]

Movement Speed [2.75]

Attack Range [Melee]

Attack Speed [1.95]

Base Damage [35(+15 from last patch)]

Base Armor [1.5]

Strength – [28] + [6]

Agility – [28] + [6]

Intelligence – [28] + [6] [Primary Attribute]






Heroic Passive: Seer

As and Overseer Glacknorg can see all and non can hide from him. Glacknorg has trusight vision in a 2.5 unit range around him and grants his allies +3 vision range.

Energy Cost: n/a

Cooldown: n/a

Range: 3






Ability One: Change-to-Splody-lings

Glacknorg summons Changlings that will apear in your next creep wave, in the lane that he is in when he used the ability. Changlings appear as a zealot or roach dpending on which team Glanknorg is on. The changeling will then push with their wave until it is killed or denied at which point it will explode dealing dmg in an 5 unit area. Changlings have the same stats as the current melee lane creeps give no experience but do give a mineral bounty, equal to that of the current lane creep, to the player that kills or denies it.

Energy Cost: 80/100/120/140

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Range: n/a

Level 1: deals 80(+50%int) dmg

Level 2: deals 120(+50%int) dmg

Level 3: deals 160(+50%int) dmg

Level 4: deals 200(+50%int) dmg






Ability two: Toxic Creep

Glacknorg spews toxi creep around himself in a 3 unit radius. The creep deals dmg every second to enemy units who walk on it and will start to dissipate 3 seconds after being dropped on the ground.

Energy Cost: 1% maximum energy

Cooldown: toggle on and off

Range: 3

Level 1: deals 40(+25%int) spell dmg per second

Level 2: deals 80(+25%int) spell dmg per second

Level 3: deals 120(+25%int) spell dmg per second

Level 4: deals 160(+25%int) spell dmg per second






Ability Three: Acid Armour

Glacknorg's Carapace is coated in acidic gunk that dmgs any hero that attacks him in melee range. units that attack glanknorg also have their lifesteal reduced for the next 5 seconds, refreshing with each attack.

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: Passive

Range: melee

Level 1: Deals 30(+30%int) to melee attackers and reduces leach by 10%

Level 2: Deals 45(+30%int) to melee attackers and reduces leach by 15%

Level 3: Deals 60(+30%int) to melee attackers and reduces leach by 20%

Level 4: Deals 75(+30%int) to melee attackers and reduces leach by 25%






Ultimate Ability: Monstrosity

Glacknorg sets of a chemical reaction in his body casing him to grow slightly larger, slightly change appearance(see below), and gain temporary health/energy regeneration while causing opponents in a 10 unit radius around him to have their health/energy regenerations halved, and causing his other abilities to gain additional effects.

Q- Changlings spawn in all lanes, deal double dmg when they explode, have 2/3/4 times the normal health, and turn green

W- Toxic creep no longer costs energy, has a 5 unit radius that it spews out in, and slows enemies for 25%

E- Acid armour effect applies to all heros that attack him within a 7 unit radius instead of just melee.

Energy Cost: 200/350/500

Cooldown: 90/75/60 seconds

Range: self

Level 1: Monstrosity lasts for 6 seconds with 50% additional health/energy regneration

Level 2: Monstrosity lasts for 12 seconds with 75% additional health/energy regneration

Level 3: Monstrosity lasts for 18 seconds with 100% additional health/energy regneration







First off i would like to thank residente as this is his hero suggestion but he didnt have the time to make it so i did it for him. the above mechanics are his ideas and not mine, i just made them look pretty ^_^



Additional Information




it might be that his ability to rape any melee hero that attacks him to be a little strong but what do u guys think?


Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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i just read over some of the skills again, what you said about him raping any melee hero seems to be exactly what he would do. I dont know this could just turn the game into a caster vs tank game, seeing as melee (when I say melee im thinking more aa carries) cant do much early, and later they will suffer vs this hero.

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Thank you Quistmann for the work you did here, sad that I saw it today!


Again thank you, I rly like the hero, and how you made the tooltips and that stuff



PS: i think adding a 2, maybe 3 internal cooldown on Acid Armour could be a good balance, and when he is using ulti, reduce the internal cooldown to 1, 1.5 seconds?

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Interesting hero, Acid Armour seems to do quite a bit of damage tho (if you stack alot of int and HP which is possible, with a barb, can seriously limit melee heros [Although thats not a bad thing now that i think of it])


Can you add in the tooltip the type of damage the abilities do like the Second ability? (Physical, Spell, True damage?) It is assumed its Spell damage, but nice to clarify. (Like acid armour doing physical damage instead of spell damage, or even true damage can make a HUGE difference and ect. because of Argus, Armor, effects).

The Seer would definately limit cloaked units ^^. Also that passive = Gg Shadow and Maar evil vision loss :D.

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