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Change Log


9-29-12 --> Hero Created

9-29-12--> Reduced non ultimate cool downs.








Erik.RedHorn was a Tauren warrior who ran affoul of a Troll Witch Doctor. Cast into the Void by the Doctor, Erik fought against unimaginable horrors and Death itself to gain his freedom, finally escaping into the Sanctum. Finding himself in the midst of a raging battle, Erik scavenges some gear and goes to work. Whats one more battle on the road to freedom?




Portrait: Tauren Marine

Toon: Tauren Marine w/ Red armor.

Primary Attribute: Strength

Secondary Attribute: Agility

Tertiary Attribute Intelligence

Health: Moderate

Range: Short(5?)

Speed: Average (2.8?)

Damage: Average


Skill Sets


BATTLE LUST (Heroic Passive)

Ever fond of battle, Erik is inspired by his pain. For every 10% life lost, gain 10% weapon damage


This ability should only tick up on the 10% intervals, and is removed when healing occurs. The idea here is that his damage is boosted the closer he is to death, giving him some staying power since he will lack escape options.



New weapons be buggar'd, Erik wants in the thick of it. Charges a specific target bypassing obstacles and dealing physical damage to the target.

Cost: 60/65/70/80

CoolDown: 30/25/20/15

Range: 8 Units

Damage: 30/60/90/120 (100% INT)

Level 4 bonus: when this skill is maxed, adds a .5 second stun to the attack.


An innitiation ability, this is meant to hurt some but mostly be a means of getting to the target. Creeps or other heroes passed are not damaged, and the attack should be cnaceld if he loses vision of the target. With vision, he should pass any obstructions to "hit" the target toon, dealing the damage. The minor stun added at max level gives him a way to break channeled attacks but is otherwise insignificant. Only added at max level so that he can still be harassed by channeled skills in the early game.



The rifle Erik found has explosive capacities, giving him AOE an AOE attack with reduced damage.


Cost : 60/80/100/120

CoolDown: 40/30/20/10

Duration: 8/10/12/14 Seconds

Range: Attack Range

AOE radius: .5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2

Effect: Reduces Weapon Damage and Weapon Speed by (50%) Basic attack deals AOE spell damage to the target and the area equal to reduced weapon damage + (70% INT) Thus damage could be seen as

(weapon damage * .5) + (INT * .7)


A farming skill, this reduces his attack speed and weapon damage but allows him to deal AOE damage. With the int scaling, it is possible that this ability could surpass his single target damage but would require an INT heavy build which would make for lower base damage and lower health/tankiness, so this seems reasonable. Also, reducing weapon speed by 50% makes this option less favorable against single targets since even with the potential of an int build dealing more damage this way, you may still get less DPS due to the slower fire rate.


WAR DRUMS (E) Passive

When engaged in battle, Erik hums the old battle tunes his tribe used to beat out on the war drums. These invigorating tunes keep up the spirit of Erik and his allies.


Adds energy regeneration to Erik and nearby (10 units) allies while he is attacking and for a brief time afterwards.

Regen: 1/2/3/4 per second

Duration after damage dealt: 2/5/10/15 seconds


A support ability, this passive regen should be triggered whenever Erik deals damage to an enemy creep or hero (not on denies) and lasts for a settime afterwards. It makes him quite useful in teamfights so long as he stays aggressive but having to be doing damage makes this less usefull in teh laning phase since travel time for ganks will reduce its usefulness and the short early durations will prevent it from being too good between creep waves. At max level, it will regen only 60 energy after teh last point of damage is dealt.This is not enough to cast any of his max level spells and few other heroes max level spells, so the residual regen is not overpowering. And at a max of 4 energy per second in battle, its not likely to be too much there either, but may be the difference between casting that last spell one more time or not.



Utilizing a few tricks he picked up in the Void, Erik produces clones of himself for a devistating charge.


Should summon (1/2/3) clones shoulder to shoulder on both sides of Erik, then all move together in a fast charge to a selected location. Any enemies struck (cloaked, burrowed, or otherwise present) take (150/300/450) + (200% INT) Spell damage and are stunned for (2/3/4) Seconds.

Cost: 100/150/200

Cool Down: 110/95/80 Seconds

Range: 8 Units


A team fight innitiation move, this ability is meant to deal good damage to clusters of enemies but be expensive enough and on a long enough cooldown that you won't want to use it for farming. In a pure int buildthe damage could be pretty significant, and to off-set this it should have a brief channeling time while the clones appear (1-2 seconds) so that the enemy has time to scatter or retreat. As with bull rush, this ability should by-pass obsticles. Cast on a target location, so you can evade it. Can hit cloaked/burrowed units, but blinking/porting should negate the damage.





I see Erik.ReHorn as an inniator/support hero, meant to get right in the thick of the fighting and stay there. He has no reliable escape options, but his heroic passive gives him some staying power. I picture him being built in several possible ways, such as an int build, health/int combos, or DPS/INT combos. The first would give him serious burst, the second would give him decent staying power and damage, and the third option would give him great AOE damage and decent bursts at the cost of survivability. Of course, a pure strength/weapon damage build would make him have scary AA when injured but leave him walking a razors edge against enemy Burst damage.


Please tell me what you think.

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They're still too long.


For reference, Shadow's Shade is on a 16/15/14/13 second cooldown, Vortex on a 20/18/16/14 second cooldown.

Cow's Anabolic Burst is on a 9 second cooldown, Egon's Salve is on a 10/8/6/4 second cooldown, etc...


For the most part, the cooldowns are <25 seconds.

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