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AoS Official Tournament FINALS and Playoffs


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Teams to play in the Playoffs for EU:

  • Dark Samurais - DarkMach, DarkKnighT, DarkSniper, Spooky, Zeend, DarkBuanx
  • John+4 - John, Shablagoo, soedenone, Brew, chob
  • AFKBRBPP - FinnishFlash, Lazerbeard, SayMyName, Lazzarus, Climax

The play-offs will be played at 3pm London time. to be played on the EU server and will follow all rules.

Team to play a 1v1 elimination, meaning the first team to win two game goes through to the finals a EU first team.

Schedule is as follows:

  • Dark Samurais (Protoss, first pick) vs John+4 (Zerg, second pick)
  • John+4 (Protoss, first pick) vs AFKBRBPP (Zerg, second pick)
  • AFKBRBPP (Protoss, first pick) vs Dark Samurais (Zerg, second pick) ========> Winner of two games is EU 1st team.
  • Winner of one of there games =========> EU 2nd team.

NOTE: In the case of all teams winning 1 game each, a vitual coin flip will determine the team that goes through, no exceptions.


  • Teams in the Final:

NA 1st: Fairly Balanced - Alice, Adversary, Rakura, RedHydra, TurtleER

NA 2nd: Godlike - WhaleTits, Aellectris, Fumbles, Cronos, DavidChan

EU 1st: John+4 - John, soedenone, chob, Shablagoo, Brew

EU 2nd: AFKBRBPP - diipadapaa, Climax, SayMyName, Corsa, Lazzarus


  • Finals Schedule:

The final schedule to commence once the play-offs are finnished in EU. The set time for them to begin is 6pm EST, but if we can get it sooner that would be greatly appriciated, for the EU teams not to start so late.

  • First Round:

1st EU Team (Toss, Pick First) vs 2nd NA Team (Zerg, Pick Second), To be Played on the EU server.........(1)

1st NA Team (Toss, Pick First) vs 2nd EU Team (Zerg, Pick Second), To be Played on the NA server........(2)

  • Second Round:

Winner of (1) (Toss, Pick First) vs Winner of (2) (Zerg, Pick Second), Who ever had the most points in their specific Log will play on their respective Server and play as Protoss, with first pick. ====>; Winner is in Finals...... (3)

Loser of (1) vs Loser of (2) Who ever had the most points in their specific Log will play on their respective Server and play as Protoss, with first pick ======>; Loser Knocked Out.................................................................. (4)

  • Third Round:

Loser of (3) vs Winner of (4), Loser of (3) will have the choice of which Server to play on and will play Protoss, with first pick ======> Winner is in the Finals.

  • FINALS: (To consist of a Best out of 3 games)

Winner of the Second round and first into the finals, is : (Toss, Pick First) and gets the choice of which Server to play in, rotated in the 2nd game to (Zerg, Pick Second) and change Server, Last game will be the choice of the winner from (3) for the pick and server.




Overrated (EU), Caster: http://www.youtube.com/user/SotisOverrated?feature=mhee

Marche (NA), Streamer: http://www.twitch.tv/marche_rutolski

DoctorHeckle (NA), Caster: TBC

Sixen (NA), Streamer: TBC

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