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[Fine.Brine v6.34] Dragging enemies to their Doom


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Fine.Brine, Dragging enemies to their Doom

by Relic





The Cheat Sheet

Skill build: W > E > W > E > W > R > W > E > E > Max Q > Grab R whenever you can



Starting Items:

:DuransPendant: and :Transporter: (note: I use the Avarice Talent in all my builds, so I can get a transporter along with other items)


Core item set:



From here you can choose; I normally build tank and initiate the fights.


The tank initiator items:





I use 0/16/9, taking both skills in the defense tree (Last stand and Protect)

In the utility tree, I take Avarice, and ones that give energy and energy regeneration


The Guide:


Brine is a newly released tank initiator hero added to the AoS hero lineup. His abilities allow him to take quite a bit of damage, run into the middle of a teamfight, snag a vital enemy hero and pull him back to his team, usually without dying. He also has great amounts of damage, his ultimate, Nether Assassin deals a large burst of damage and his passive (hot-keyed to Q) scales off of the target's health, dealing 10% of it, and a flat value.


Information on Brine:



Alignment: Neutral Evil


Like a fine wine, Brine is one of the Overmind's longest evolutions, several hundred years in the making, spawning in the deepest pits of Char. Now unleashed unto the surface, Brine's long-brewed abilities are now put to the test.


Brine is designed as an incapacitator that spearheads the fight and brings with him a massive burst of damage for the durability he comes with. The lethality of his attacks usually scatter the weakest enemies in the fear of his presence, even when he is not there.




Passive: Acid Strike [Q]

Deal 35+8*Level + [10% of target's Maximum Health] Spell damage to target enemy. The target loses 20% movement speed for 2 seconds.

  • Has a 10 second cooldown and has no mana cost
  • This does trigger your passive skill (see below)

This is a great ability to use when harassing in lane, or to add to your combo. It scales off your target's maximum HP, similar to an Isomorphic Pyre. It also gives Brine a fake ranged attack completely for free. On a low-ish cool down, and no mana to cast, feel free to spam it for last hits or harassment. Be careful about using this though, it also resets your target, so if you are surrounded by creeps, using this might cause you to attack something you weren't previously attacking.





Q Skill: Adaptive Carapace [Passive]

Each time Brine uses an ability he gains Spell and Physical Resist for 4 seconds.

[Level 1] +12% Spell and Physical resist

[Level 2] +15% Spell and Physical resist

[Level 3] +18% Spell and Physical resist

[Level 4] + 21% Spell and Physical resist

  • Doesn't Stack with itself

This is a helpful passive to keep you alive when you are trying to dive into a huge number of enemies and initiate the fight, or trying to make it out of a fight. Use your abilities, become quite a bit tankier, and survive! Because the buff doesn't stack, it might be wiser to space out your abilities, so tag someone with your e, then wait a bit before you tag them with your Q.



W Skill: Adrenaline Rush [W]

Brine gains +18% movement speed and regenerates health over 10 seconds.


[Level 1] Regenerate 90 [+150% INT] Health. Mana Cost: 75 Cooldown: 16

[Level 2] Regenerate 160 [+150% INT] Health. Mana Cost: 90 Cooldown: 16

[Level 3] Regenerate 230 [+150% INT] Health. Mana Cost: 102 Cooldown: 16

[Level 4] Regenerate 300 [+150% INT] Health. Mana Cost: 120 Cooldown: 16


This is great for chasing and gives you great lane sustain. The heal can keep you in the lane and allows you to shrug off most harass, as well as trade blows against opponents who have no ability to stay in lane. It also helps you initiate with a a movement speed bonus (and on top of voidsteppers, allows you to keep up with most enemies)



E Skill: Impale [E]

Brine attaches himself to target enemy, stunning it and dragging it around for 2.5 seconds. While the target is being dragged (and not stationary), target takes Spell Damage per second.


[Level 1] Deals 60 [+60% INT] Spell Damage per Second Mana Cost: 80 Cooldown: 16

[Level 2] Deals 100 [+60% INT] Spell Damage per Second Mana Cost: 100 Cooldown: 15

[Level 3] Deals 140 [+60% INT] Spell Damage per Second Mana Cost: 120 Cooldown: 14

[Level 4] Deals 180 [+60% INT] Spell Damage per Second Mana Cost: 140 Cooldown: 13

  • The target has to be moving, to take damage
  • This does work with Warp Shard/Impact dial (target will remain next to you)
  • Turning does NOT affect the position of the target

This skill is the main reason why Brine is an initiator, he can remove and reposition and the enemy. The great thing is that this works with Warp shard, so you can run up to someone, grab them and blink back into your team, and they will be with you. Impact dial would also work and as a bonus, they will be moving the entire time so they will take damage. The Warp Shard blinks them next to you so they don't take any damage.



R Skill: Nether Assassin [R]

Brine burrows underground for up to 15 seconds. Attacking out of Burrow state will deal an additional Spell Damage.

[Level 1] Deals 200[+50% INT] Spell Damage Mana Cost: 125 Cooldown: 70 seconds

[Level 2] Deals 300[+50% INT] Spell Damage Mana Cost: 200 Cooldown: 60 seconds

[Level 3] Deals 400[+50% INT] Spell Damage Mana Cost: 275 Cooldown: 50 seconds

  • While burrowed you can move, casting any spells won't break the burrow, though you will appear above ground for the casting animation
  • You can still use items while burrowed.
  • You move at the same speed as you do unburrowed.

This is skill is key to getting into a fight and getting into position to pull that fragile carry out into the open for your team to kill. It also deals bonus damage so you can pop out and deal insane damage, stun them and drag them out of their team, and proceed to feast. It can also be used for escape, though detection will get you.




I use 0/16/9 talents grabbing Last stand and Protect in the defense tree, and Avarice and energy in the Utility tree.

This is used mainly to allow Brine a bit more tankability and to help his early game all game energy problems.

Avarice is also very helpful because it allows you to get the Transporter when you buy your starting items.

Extra money is also useful as with this build, you won't be getting many kills, and will be getting a lot more assists.


The Item set:

As I mentioned above, I play Brine as a tank initiator, not really focusing on much damage, more on getting into a fight and snagging that all important carry for the team to jump on.


Starting Item Set:

Choice of Starting Items:

:DuransBuckler: or :Sustainer: or :SpaceBattery: or :DuransPendant: and get a :Transporter: with any of those starting items


What influences your starting items: If you plan on going to kill neutrals early on, grab :Sustainer: or :DuransBuckler: if your lane partner has the Sustainer.


Otherwise, because of Brine's low INT and high costs for his skills, he has lot of mana problems, starting very early on get :SpaceBattery: or :DuransPendant: to solve that!


The Core Set:



:VoidSteppers: or :TimewalkersGreaves:


Both boots are viable, Timewalkers to help with mana issues and it helps your team too, but I prefer VoidSteppers for the chasing ability and because you will likely be in the middle of a teamfight, so that evasion and spell resist really help.


The other core item:

:ImpactDial: or :WarpShard:


Both of these help your E a lot, by instantly moving them where you want to. Impact Dial might give more stats, but the blink allows you to go up and down cliffs, excellent for escaping that team fight that went poorly or chasing some annoying hero with blink. Impact Dial actually will deal more damage because it will drag the enemy behind you, instead of instantly warping the enemy next to you, but it is your choice as to which item to pick up.


Situational Items:




This is your pick of tanky items in order to counter what the enemy team has: I almost always grab a super heated mantle, as Brine is the usually in the middle of a fight, so you can deal a bit of damage to your enemies as you walk past them.

The other item that I will pick up most games is the Chilling Artifact. While it won't solve your mana issues, it does add a lot of mana to your pool. Allowing you to stay out there longer. The passive is also really helpful because you will be in the middle of the fight. Timescale helps you initiate more, waiting less time between those fights.



Early Game:

Normally I lane in the short lane, duo laning and supporting whoever is in my lane. The chances of you pulling an enemy into the tower is very low, so don't expect to do it. You can however, use your W to get in close and your E to suppress your target and beat on him with your lane partner. Having a 2.5 second stun early game is very deadly to whoever you are laning against. Use your Q to grab those last hits on creeps or to harass your enemy. It will deal quite a bit of damage.


Mid Game:



Once you have your boots and Warp Shard/Impact Dial, you can start looking for team fights. Stay out of their vision range as your burrow. Get underneath your target, but make sure you are closer to your team. Attack your target (triggering the burst from your ult) and Impale them. Proceed to Warp/push yourself towards your team and enjoy the free the kill. Just note that 2.5 seconds is not a very long time, which is why we use the Warp Shard or the Impact Dial to allow you to cover more ground. You won't walk very far before the link breaks.

Note, the reason why you position yourself between your team and your target is because the link only drags the person when the link is at its full length. If you are on the far side of the enemy and try to blink/push forward, the target will barely move, because the link was never stretched to its full length. (Warp Shard is also easier in this initiation combo, because you don't have to turn around before you push).


One other note: You should also grab :FieldRadarToolkit: whenever you can. It helps your team a great deal. It can also help you a.) spot incoming ganks and move out of there, or b.) See that lone enemy and move in for a kill. Wards can win games.


Late Game:

At this point you should have most of your item and your combo doesn't really change. Stick with the team, and help them out.With Chilling Artifact, your Impale is pretty spammable. Your team is running from that Toximancer ult? Impale him and hold him there, blink or push yourself out after the Impale duration is over. Keep initiating those fights and setting up your team for easy kills. Use your W to survive and chase or run away.




That should be all for Brine. He is a rather durable tank initiator, BUT he can be played many other ways. he has some damage potential as AA, as with the Impale, you can hold down a target for 2.5 seconds and get free hits on him. Spell damage can also work because of his high burst on his ult and that with building Int, he can heal a ridiculous load of health. Play him whatever style suits you.


Please provide feedback on how to improve this guide whether it is formatting or whether you think another item would be good on Brine, I might add more to this guide later.



Added Portrait and Skill pics

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I like it, I thin kI will model my guides after yourse mostly, and if you want to makethis look really nice, add heor icon skills, just go to a test game, pick brine, level up all his skills to lvl 1, take a screen shot, use paint to get each icon seperately, than you can add them to the guide.

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i believe the damage on his e is pretty damn bugged. i would not rely on it for damage (read: the mental trauma of having a giant roach dick slung around your neck and then being dragged by it doesn't immediately present itself as physical harm to the victim of said dragging)



how the fug does banzai already have 120 posts

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You should now mention that his Q is his primary damage dealer since his autoattack is probably the most pitiful in the game (except maybe queen or jax) and reccomend timescale items to boost his DPS from that (yamato, chilling, time boots). I've had success using INT items such as nitrogen retrofit so that his Q is a 35% slow every 6 seconds (faster w/ yamato + chilling + time boots)

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This guide does not really mention tactics and combos at all which is the difference between doing well with him and doing poorly. Also, I am gonna have to disagree with getting warp shard or impact dial as these are mostly troll items that only really are a good investment if the other team is down a few players.


Also, you can build him very tanky but I find that to not be super great because you won't be doing enough damage to actually kill anything most of the time. Also, building him for sustained DPS does not work either because even though he has a nice speed boosting ability, he has no blink so he quickly becomes the target of focus fire and kiting if he does try and use his AA attack.


One build that works well at scoring kills against squishies is a caster build. This build starts with a superheated mantle (you really need this for efficient farming), then has you getting a lockbox, ihan, argus, and finally a nitrogen refit. Essentially lockbox can be used many different ways, but it helps the most in allowing you to close the distance to use your R because good players are not going to just run out in the open without detection once the mid-game concludes. Lockbox allows you to setup your R, Q, E, W, Q combo with ease and also gives you the option of doing a Q, E, Lockbox, R, Q, W combo as well. And of course have ihan activated through all this to add 50% more damage to your R and 150% more bonus damage to your E (it scales 60% per second but last 2.5 seconds so do the math).


Another build I like more these days is to go superheated mantle first, then black hole magnum, and 3 electric mantles. Each mantle gives 50 weapon damage which scales your BHM attacks so that essentially every time you use nether assassin you are essentially doubling your damage and doing around 1000+ spell damage instead of doing around 600 spell damage. Also, since your Q is highly spammable it is easy to proc by alternating your Q with your W to proc BHM every 3 seconds. You can also just use your E to stun the target rather than drag them and that will proc BHM as well. Last but not least the reason you get 3 electric mantles is obvious in that brine has huge problems with initiating with his R and if an enemy hero gets stunned, you just have to walk up to them, hit R, and do 1000+ spell damage to them, then use your other skills. If they try and counterattack after you have burned your abilites, activate your second mantle and rinse and repeat and then use your third and during all the time they are stunned you should be able to kill just about any hero 1v1.

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Theres a Pretty good Anti-AA Build for Brine i like to use. Although with all the new fixes I believe that are coming up, I'm not sure if it will be that strong later

Start: Mostly Defensive Stats with a few Utility Stats

1) Get Space Battery - This will help your energy Regen, Little bit of damage, and Ally Regen too.

2) Get impact Dial - Good for dragging and chasing and getting kills//assists early game.

3) Get a warp shard - Warp in at the enemy, Pull them and use impact dial, or use both items to escape, and chase.

4) Get Shadowmourne - This is good item vs AA and will play a large role later, its good for higher energy too.

5) Get an Executioner Axe - This allows you to start facing the AA in a 1v1, Engaging with Warpshard, then Impale and the Shadow from Shadowmourne will Own the AA, Use final right after impale for burst damage too. (Also spam Q ability) This makes it so when impale ends, alot of AAs will continue to attack thinking their leech will save them, while executioner axe denys that.

6) Get Barbed Armor - Now the enemy will take damage from attacking you after being seriously wounded especially without their leech B/C of Axe

7) Get an Eletrical Mantle [sell Space Battery] - Enemies will take a large amount of damage from eletrical mantle and will be stunned even longer if they choose to attack.

8) Get a Collider in place of Warp Shard - Higher Hp, Now you stun when you teleport giving you enough time to Impale if the enemy has some type of ninja reactions or was just about to teleport exact same time.

9) [sell Impact Dial, Since you are building anti-AA drag is useless] Get a 6th optional item to counter the enemy but it is suggest to be a Pyre - Increases Attack Speed, with impale and the other stun items, you can get 3 or 4 attacks down for 20% their max Hp. (+10% from Q) (+25% if they have pyre and attack speed).


This Build is extremely well Vs AA, especially those that have Pyre, high critical chance and Fast Attack Speed. It is weak towards Late Game Spell Bursters (like cyprus and raynor). It is rather weak vs tanks, but with pyre, you stand a chance to do potential damage and can still kill them.


The Major weakness of this build is, Tank AA, and Parallax can hurt this build. This build is also ment more towards 1v1 cases, enabling you to engage and even solo kill Zeratul, Boros, Nova, and Shadow. Its good in team battles, but it a poor build for engaging mutiple enemies by yourself. [Primarily ones with stuns]


I'm not a fan of Tank builds because they are nearly useless late game except for just soaking up damage, and Impale just purely for the stun so allies can finish.

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