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AOS Tournament - Last Minute Substitutes - please post here!


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(sorry African if this is breaking tourney rules or posting rules ><)


Just thought it would be useful to have the most up to date list of people who are still willing and able to replace players who can't play in the tourney anymore. (i haven't been very successful contacting ppl on the list in the official tourney thread)


Post your:



Mumble (yes/no)

Mic (yes/no)

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It would really be nice to have a clock like this to see when the tourney starts.

If I were better at forum posts I might be able to get the clock to show, but I am not so you need to click the link.


This is a link that shows the countdown to the start of the tourney:





<iframe src="https://freesecure.timeanddate.com/countdown/i3az3spn/n769/cf100/cm0/cu4/ct0/cs0/ca0/cr0/ss0/cac000/cpc000/pcfff/tc66c/fs100/szw320/szh135/tatTime%20left%20to%20Event%20in/tac000/tptTime%20since%20Event%20started%20in/tpc000/mac000/mpc000/iso2012-09-28T17:00:00" frameborder="0" width="320" height="135"></iframe>

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