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[HERO] Planar.Juggernaut, the Ancient Guardian


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INT Tank here. Can carry if fed due to teamstomping capabilities.


Reccomended Difficulty: Hard




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More ancient than the Protoss race, the Juggernaut was constructed from the depths of the Void as a guardian to an inter-dimensional gate. Activated by the trespasses of a reckless Dark Templar, the Juggernaut was unleashed upon the world in a programmed frenzy.

Portrait: Dark Voice

Unit Base: Thor (Tinted purple) with Purple "Minerals being mined" effect around it.

Type: INT

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Starting Stats:

Health – 545 (250 base)

Movement Speed – 2.7

Attack Range – 5

Attack – Doom Cannons

Attack Speed – 1.75

Damage – 61 (44 base)

Armor – 0

Energy – 0

Strength 29 (+6)

Agility 24 (+3)

Intelligence 34 (+7)




Ancient Monolith [Heroic Passive]

The Juggernaut exacts judgement on those who have desecrated its surface.


After 6 seconds without taking damage, the Juggernaut gains 20+10*LVL (+80% INT) shields which last until they are destroyed. Enemies that damage the Juggernaut's shields take 100% of the damage they deal to his passive shields, and 50% of the damage they deal to other shields as True Damage.



Fruit Tips:

-Use this while laning to win damage trades, as you'll be taking quite a bit of damage early on since Juggernaut has poor mobility and only moderate range.

-This scales with the Juggernaut's offensive capabilities, allowing him to be a reasonable tank while still dealing damage.

-The cooldown is affected by cooldown reduction, so buid CDR to maximize its spammability.

-Use Vibranium Shield and Galactic Defender to boost your reflection damage.




Nightfall Cannon [Q]

Mana Cost: 90/105/120/135

Cooldown: 16/14/12/10

The Juggernaut channels for up to 3 seconds, increasing the damage of a projectile that replaces his next attack and boosts his attack range to 7 before it fires. The projectile slows the target hit by 30% until it casts a spell.


After charging, the projectile remains at full power for 1.5 seconds, then loses damage at the same rate as it charged at, converting the damage lost into additional shields for 4 seconds.

Level 1: 20 (+15% INT) Spell Damage per 0.25 seconds of charging.

Level 2: 30 (+15% INT) Spell Damage per 0.25 seconds of charging.

Level 3: 40 (+15% INT) Spell Damage per 0.25 seconds of charging.

Level 4: 50 (+15% INT) Spell Damage per 0.25 seconds of charging.


Fruit Tips:

-This can boost your shields by a lot, though the reflection isn't as powerful as the passive shields.

-The total INT scaling is 180%, and the cooldown is 10 seconds later on.

-Kill Tosh's spectres as they can interrupt your channel leaving you with a weak charge, no shields, and your Q on cooldown.

-Use with debuff immunity for maximum success.

-Combine with taser for a 5 second 30% slow!




Void Ooze [W]

Mana Cost: 0.2%/0.3%/0.4%/0.5%

Cooldown: 0.2

Every time the Juggernaut's inner workings take damage, they leak pools of mysterious ichor that last 8 seconds, slowing movement and attack speeds, revealing, and damaging enemies that step on it. (1.5 unit radius per pool)


Enemies that take Spell Damage while on a pool take (30% INT) additional Spell Damage once and are slowed by an additional amount for 4 seconds.

Level 1: 25% MS and AS slow (+15% MS slow if damaged), 20 (+500% Mana Consumed) Spell Damage per half second.

Level 2: 30% MS and AS slow (+20% MS slow if damaged), 30 (+500% Mana Consumed) Spell Damage per half second.

Level 3: 35% MS and AS slow (+25% MS slow if damaged), 40 (+500% Mana Consumed) Spell Damage per half second.

Level 4: 40% MS and AS slow (+30% MS slow if damaged), 50 (+500% Mana Consumed) Spell Damage per half second.


Fruit Tips:

-Use to deterr chasers (similar to Unix's trail) and to slow people in order to set up kills.

-Build Chilling Artifact to increase the damage you deal with this ability.

-Makes heroes like Shadow actually have a hard time catching up to you if you have a Pyre to proc the slow every time you attack.




Harbringer of Doom [E]

Mana Cost: 90/110/130/150

Cooldown: 30/28/26/24

Range: 8

The Juggernaut creates a Harbringer (purple Goliath) on the targeted ally (or himself). Harbringers have 100 health, 20+10*LVL (+80% INT) shields which reflect 50% of damage taken while still active, and regenerate at 3 per second.

Harbringers fire beams of void energy in an arc, dealing damage in a thin arc, and leaving Void Trails on affected soil. If two separate Void Trails intersect, all enemies on both Void Trails are stunned for 1 second and take 100 (+80% INT) Spell Damage. Affected targets cannot be stunned again within 6 seconds.


Harbringers grant their target Debuff Immunity while alive as long as they remain within 12 units of their target, and follows the target around unless Idle. The Debuff immunity lasts up to 8 seconds, but the Harbringer remains alive and can be controlled. The Juggernaut may command up to 3 Harbringers at once.


Alternative: If Harbringer of Doom is casted on an enemy within 5 units of the Juggernaut, the enemy is Stunned for 0.5 seconds and silenced for 2 seconds instead (but a harbringer is still summoned). No hero gains Debuff Immunity.

Level 1: Harbringers deal 40 (+45% INT) Physical Damage every 1.2 seconds.

Level 2: Harbringers deal 60 (+45% INT) Physical Damage every 1.0 seconds.

Level 3: Harbringers deal 80 (+45% INT) Physical Damage every 0.8 seconds.

Level 4: Harbringers deal 100 (+45% INT) Physical Damage every 0.6 seconds.


Fruit Tips:

-Cast this on yourself to channel Q without issues

-Cast on an enemy for the easy Stun. Follow up with your other two Harbringers to proc a really long stun (1.5 seconds).

-Cast one on yourself every time you enter the pool for free Harbringers.

-Position your Harbringers well, they can actually do a lot of damage early game if the trails intersect.

-Get this or your Q first, both are viable.




Afflict [ultimate]

Mana Cost: 150/275/300

Range: 20

Cooldown: 120/100/80

The Juggernaut afflicts all enemies in front of him with Void Ooze, causing them to create Void Ooze constantly (once per second) for 10 seconds and causing all Void Ooze on the map to deal additional Spell Damage per tick (triggering the additional slow).


While this ability is active, the Juggernaut can create Void Ooze in an area of 2.5 units every 4 seconds for 70 Mana. Cast range 10.

Level 1: 30 (+30% INT) Spell Damage.

Level 2: 45 (+30% INT) Spell Damage.

Level 3: 60 (+30% INT) Spell Damage.


Fruit Tips:

-Really powerful slows that synergize with Q's slow and other disables.

-This will mess a team up really badly.

-Use the secondary ability to reveal cloaked runners.

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