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vergil w/ SHM & explosive


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The typical spellcaster build can contain perfectly a shm, helps a lot to push lanes and in terms of farming. It also (as yo maybe now) helps you to scape from meele dps heros because you will reduce their attack damage while running. I like to build vergil as a "tank" caster, with shm, nitrogen retrofit, ihan crystal, argus crystal, yamato reactor, gravity edge, and then, depending on the situation, I sell the ihan and buy a required item.

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Yea, SHM is great for him. Sometimes against Zeratul I get Barbed Plating though... Because I believe the effect of SHM is slowed down quite a bit in bubble, so it won't always debuff Zeratul in time, hence the Barbed will debuff him right from the first attack.

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Mohander is very tanky and has burst damage hero with anti aa dps ability.

Get a shrink gun plus passive that's 80percent weapon damage reduction.


Get a foe for slow, e for running chasing and running also tower diving.

Ultimate for chasing burst damage running group gank



Yes,he's flobing multiple usage hero.

Pick him

Killing nova shadow it's not a dream!

Fark shadowmour, Fark exes, Fark leech


Mohander you are real king

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