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(Historically known as Flea, Slug, Slut, Horseshap.Unix, Kisser, Sucker, Gay)


About author:

I started playing SOTIS some time early in the release of SC2. I was more interested in the multiplayer, not the custom games at the time, and solely liked the Zerg race. Upon meeting SOTIS I automatically picked Unix (an infestor) and stuck with him as my main. Up to now, I am far from the best, but there are some things I’ve picked up.



Subterran Unix is a caster that is quite unique to the MOBA system of games despite the fact his graphic and ability design is frankly quite similar to the ones Blizzard gave to the Zerg Infestor.

Unix stands out for his ability to spawn adds, or minions of his own, and thus has great lane pushing power. He can act as a support (though not as much anymore as you will see) and/or assassin.

He has decent utility but is holistically meant for dealing damage. Over the years Unix’s abilities have generally remained unchanged with only numerical adjustments.


The previous authoritative guide on Unix was:

[Guide] Subterran.Unix for Starters v4.2 --- Legacy of the Slug

The link is: http://www.playsotis...1230&Itemid=210

Obviously, the link is dead as PlaySotis no longer exists, but (in honor of it) I hope to create an article that is at least some fraction as good.


This guide started at approximately version 1.4. I am not sure.


An older representation of Unix:



Move speed: 2.80

Weapon Speed: 1.9

Attack Range: 5 (The attack has no sound effect, and is in fact a projectile.) (edit, apparently Unix vomit is only silent on my computer )

Sight Range: 12

Starting HP: 250



“A network of the undead, Unix is unique for having consumed enough humans to become a sentient Zerg strain. Separated from the Overmind, Unix seeks to expand his network beyond anyone's wildest imaginations, to eventually overtake the Overmind as the universe's most developed operating system.

Unix excels at cycling his vitals to produce an endless army of Infested Terrans. When he or is allies are weakened, he can restore or drain vitals from or to others to make best use of its vitality. “


Alignment: Lawful Evil


Note: Despite what it says in the lore, Unix’s ult can no longer transfer HP from Unix to allied heroes/units.





Passive: Sticky Trail:

While unburrowed, Unix leaves a path of sticky residue. Enemies in the trail lose 35% Movement Speed.


This provides a great passive defense against any unit that is chasing Unix in that it slows chasers by a set % amount. That said, it also can be used aggressively, as was commonly done when Sticky Trail slowed units by 70%. It can still be done and in some situations, should be done. Simply walk in front of units and heroes to slow them down, kiting endlessly and preventing their escape or to protect a chased teammate. If done correctly, the opponent must move completely perpendicular to Unix to leave the sticky trail.


Use sticky trail to kite Firebat mercs and Daggoth’s banelings.


Hero Notes:

The sticky trail affects Biotron’s minions. This greatly reduces the amount of damage Unix takes from the Biotron’s Ultimate but only as long as the minions stay on the sticky trail, (run backward in straight line). The slow minion debuff will eventually slow you down enough to be surrounded, but by that time you should be either out of detection range or a fungal toxin can eliminate the minions. Move into the Biotron’s minions to protect your teammates if they become Putrified.

This sticky trail won’t work on Shadow, his stepping strikes will catch you despite being slowed.

This sticky trail also works on Queen’s Banelings and Ultralisk, which allows easy dodging, unless you are on the Queen’s creep.

Sticky Trail works on Lord Zyrkhan’s energy barrier, making it look strange. It still slows LZ, causing no change to the game.

Sticky trail also works on Garamond’s SCV’s, providing great defense against his Ult and autoattacks to some extent.


Peristalsis (Q)

Unix burrows underground. While burrowed, Unix loses Movement Speed and is revealed for 2.5 seconds after each ability use.


Level 1: Unix loses 55% Movement speed while burrowed.

Level 2: Unix loses 40% Movement speed while burrowed.

Level 3: Unix loses 25% Movement speed while burrowed.

Level 4: Unix loses 10% Movement speed while burrowed.


There is a cooldown to Peristalsis, about 1-1.5 seconds long.

Unix can move in a cloaked fashion just like in the real SC2 game, but while retaining the capability of using all his abilities except attacking. Moving underground however reduces Unix’s movement speed by a set amount, and does not allow his passive to be used since he doesn’t create a sticky trail. Other than reducing unit collision, there is almost no reason to be burrowed when there is Truesight detection. A bad Unix overdepends on his Peristalsis.


This is a major part of Unix’s escape mechanism or ambush mechanism. It is not meant for travel.

Needless to say, there are a couple of intricacies involving Peristalsis:

ANY STUN (yellow spiral above hero head) will reveal Unix for as long as he is stunned.

About 95% of all AOE moves in the game will still hit Unix whether he is detectable or not.

Being silenced while burrowed will prevent you from unburrowing.

Clairvoyance DOES NOT REVEAL Unix while he is burrowed. Many people seem to think it reveals.


FYI: “Vision” = Detection/Truesight

Hero Notes: Most of these are observations if Unix can be affected by spells despite being invisible and burrowed.


Micro’s Constricting Slime is one of the rare moves that do not affect Unix while burrowed. However, his Psionic Slam can still launch Unix whether Micro has vision or not. Falling units from his throw will also damage Unix.

Mandrake’s Lance, Martyr, and Ult will hit Unix no matter the Vision. Likewise, the lance will bring Unix to him, but it won’t reveal him.

Sarah Kerrigan’s boomerang and her passive multihit can hit Unix.

Cain’s Stun will affect Unix if he is in the way. But I do not think it reveals. Also, if you become burrowed and invisible after he has shot his ultimate rockets at you, the rockets will pursue you but will not do any damage upon collision. So once you are out of detection, burrow to avoid being hurt/instantly killed.

Starscream’s missles affect and slow Unix.

Biotron’s Claymore will hurt Unix. If Unix is ulted, and there is no detection, Unix can simply burrow. The minions will no longer hurt Unix, but if there is no other targets to hit, will continue to follow Unix above ground, giving away his location.

Tbone’s All of Tbone’s moves hit an invisible Unix. You cannot burrow underneath his walls.

Balrog’s screech hits.

Tychus’s brand new Q will hit Unix with its AOE.

Should Lord Zyrkhan ever catch Unix with his Razor, Unix can simply burrow and move his way out of it. Just make sure that when you unburrow you are coming outside of his razor, otherwise the cooldown will hurt you very much. The lasers from the beam will not target or hurt Unix if he is invisible.

Vorpal’s moves all affect Unix, but the spears do not reveal.

Marine King’s dazing missles hit.

Voltron’s AOE spark damage Unix.

Shadow’s shade hits Unix, but his Vortex does not cause Unix to become unburrowed/revealed. It was like that way however in the past.

Boros’s bola, Spellstorm do affect Unix. If he begins his idiotic Omnislash, you can burrow to stop being hit, but only if he lacks Vision.

Zeratul’s Ult doesn’t reveal Unix, but his planar void can since it stuns. Be careful, he can void you into tower detection range.

Darpa’s tracking spider will reveal Unix while burrowed.

Rancor has a built in Scan to reveal Unix.

Vespus’s ult and Q will hit Unix.

Tassadar’s Slash will hit Unix.

Grunty’s rocket will reveal Unix. His shawtgun will push and damage Unix.

All of Vergil’s AOE will affect Unix.

Nova’s passive reveals Unix. Avoid getting shot in the first place.

Any stun by Tosh and his adds will reveal Unix. His terrazine will hurt Unix as well.

Swann’s Molotov will hit Unix while burrowed. His Ult will not hurt Unix if he lacks vision.

Maar’s AOE damage moves will all hit Unix.

Unix’s fungal growth reveals invisible units. His Ult falls off if you become invisible.

Dustin’s passive reveals Unix’s location burrowed. He can therefore use his Q and W to hit you.

Erekul’s snakes damage Unix.

Raynor’s Mark of Death reveals Unix and his Silencing shot hits an invisible Unix.

Garamond’s seeker missles, oil spill, and splash damage from his Ult will hurt and affect Unix.

Cyprus’s Shockwave AOE will hurt Unix. Unix can however burrow underneath Cyprus’s rocks.

Jackson’s Ult will suck in an invisible Unix.

Queen’s banelings will follow Unix aboveground despite him being invisible. When they blow, they will damage Unix. Her Ultralisk can damage Unix if he is in the AOE of its attacks, and can reveal Unix if he is caught in the stun.

Null’s stun and arcane sword hurt Unix. The magic missles reveal unix of course. Furthermore, Unix CANNOT burrow underneath the forcefields.

Summer’s Ult mines and regular mines, and stunning shot will hurt Unix.


In summary, Do not depend on your Q too much.



It is not a bad idea to get Peristalsis early on to have some form of escape. Investing more than one point however is a bad idea until level 8.

NOTE HOW UNIX IS REVEALED FOR 2.5 SECONDS AFTER USING AN ABILITY (not counting Peristalsis). On paper this may seem like a short time, but it isn’t, and for some players, it’s all that’s needed to kill Unix. It is therefore sometimes wiser to use his abilities AND THEN burrow. Upon using Peristalsis, Unix disappears almost instantly.

Also, when upon using fungal growth, the slight charge time it has is the moment Unix is revealed, not when the projectile leaves Unix. Remember that.

Using items underground do not reveal Unix however.


Sometimes it is advantageous in the early game to purposely get hit by an AOE so that the creep wave attacks the opposing hero.

Approach people who are farming on Mercs to also leech some experience they get while burrowed. You can even try killstealing the Mercs.

Merc’s do not have detection. Turning invisible will remove their aggro.



Fungal Toxin (W):

Ensnares units in an area, dealing Spell Damage per second. EDIT: the range of this spell has increased from 8 to 10! This is wonderful and feels wonderful.


Level 1: Deals 50 (35% INT) Spell Damage per second. Ensares for 1.5 seconds.

Level 2: Deals 60 (35% INT) Spell Damage per second. Ensares for 2 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 70 (35% INT) Spell Damage per second. Ensares for 2.5 seconds.

Level 4: Deals 80 (35% INT) Spell Damage per second. Ensares for 3 seconds.


It works almost exactly like fungal growth in SC2.

This AOE is a debuff projectile skillshot. Ensnares is a term unique to Fungal Toxin, it means that it will prevent movement of those enemy units caught in it. Enemies caught are covered in green goo, just like Toximancer’s buff. The description fails to note however, that units that are cloaked, buried, and airborne are all still susceptible to a fungal toxin, and are revealed during its duration. This therefore is a threat to any invisible units.

It also damages item units. What I mean by that is it can instantly destroy Wards and reveal observers for an auto attack.


Fungal toxin also has a small channel time that is about .5 to 1 in game second long; remember, Unix becomes revealed immediately at the channel time, not the moment fungal toxin projectile is released. The channel time can be stopped by moving Unix, retaining the ability’s usage. It can be fired into areas without vision.

Fungal toxin deals no damage to units with debuff immunity nor of course ensnare.

Do not forget that ensnare does not prevent ability usage.



Fungal toxin is evidently a versatile technique that prevents or allows escape; proving to be a useful team utility as support. But it is mostly seen used to chain with Unix’s ultimate. It is an effective means of farming. Most players don’t use it for such, but fungal toxin is viable harassment as well, mainly during the early laning phase. At level 4 it provides at least 240 damage, a painful amount to most squishies.


Hero notes:

Fine Brine: use it against Brine to take advantage of his low range and maintain distance. When he burrows underground for Nether Assassin, he can be revealed and stopped momentarily through fungal toxin.

MicroGravitus: Similar to Fine Brine, you want to maintain distance and not be thrown. However, Gravitus has a built in blink, and he can still use that to maneuver.


Omega.Starscream: when he is in the air, you have to look at the dot Blizzard provides for air units. You have to shoot exactly below Starscream, not on him. Don’t be new user.


BioTron: the fungal toxin reveals him, but it is usually not wise to use fungal toxin to reveal him unless you have any other means of continual revealing (ie. Raynor’s mark of death). The reason why it is not wise to is to retain fungal toxin’s usage until he ults, use fungal toxin to kill his minions.


Lord Zyrkhan: he possess a debuff immunity that immediately ends fungal toxin. It is usually useless to use fungal toxin on him, watch when his debuff immunity ends.


Marine King: pending on how much INT you have, fungal toxin could one shot his marine ball, which seriously hampers his damage output.


Shadow: even if you fungal him, his stepping strikes technically still allow him movement, so fungal him at a distance. Either way, no one ever wants to be close to a shadow. Fungal still affects Shadow in his ult.


Boros: his Spellstorm gives him debuff immunity and works in a similar way to LZ’s. So watch for when his spellstorm is over.


Zeratul: bad zeratul players overdepend s on Zeratul’s passive, take advantage of this with fungal toxin. Watch closely for the shimmer to fungal him and prevent him from farming creeps. Be careful however, since he can still use his leap. Unless he continues attacking, once fungal ends, he becomes invisible again.


Darpa: He can still jump under the fungal effects.


Tiberius Rancor: If you can fungal him, he can snipe you. Be wary of this. However, after being fungaled, he has no normal means of locomotion. Once the debuff ends, his cloaking still continues unless he himself breaks it or it runs out of clock.


Tassadar: be careful to fungal the real tassadar.


Molgloo: do not use fungals to get rid of his traps, use a well-placed E.


Nova: your fungal can effectively stop her Vanish from being of any use. It is just very difficult to hit her under it.


Tosh: use fungal toxin to damage him and his spectre ball, it is typically worth it. However, his specters have 60% spell resist, often letting them survive.


Egon: his ult will end fungal toxin’s effect or prevent it from working on him altogether, AKA Debuff Immunity.


Unix: do not fungal his marines unless to save a tower or prevent this advance. It is wiser to fungal Unix for harassment. He cannot move quickly burrowed, guess well of where he is heading.


Garamond: use fungal toxin to stop his SCV’s. Ideally use this to protect your teammates. Your passive protects yourself from his SCV’s.


Queen: when on creep, your passive isn’t enough to protect you from her Banelings. The second you see her summoning her banelings, use a fungal growth on her. Not only will it damage her, all of the banelings underneath her will immediately be stopped and killed. It also works on her Ult Ultralisk, use that to protect your teammates.

Also, use fungal toxin on Queen’s creep tumors. The fungal will reveal them so that you can autoattack them.


Jakk: the fungal reveals his Ult mines, but won’t be enough damage to kill them.



Unix Marines (E):

[6 Charges] Unix spawns a Unix Marine at target location. Unix Marines deal 5 [+25%] PHYSICAL Damage, have 80 + 20*LVL Health and 50% Spell Resist. Costs 20 energy always. 30 Energy.


Level 1: 6 Unit cast Range

Level 2: 9 Unit cast Range

Level 3: 12 Unit cast Range

Level 4: 15 Unit cast Range


Yes, Unix can also spawn Infested Marines that can have a maximum of 440 health along with an amazing 50% spell resist. These Unix Marines come out in green eggs which take 4 seconds to hatch; they are uncontrollable as eggs and provide no vision. Each marine lasts 27(?) seconds. NOTE TO SELF [iNSERT MOVESPEED, RANGE, ARMOR...]

If the eggs become damaged while hatching, the Unix marine will have an HP proportionate to the amount of HP lost when inside the egg. The marines are automatically binded to your number "2" key.


Now any Unix player from previous versions of AOS (sotis), will tell you that this skill is the bread and butter of a self-aware Unix. It still is. One can almost tell a player's skill at handling Unix by how he utilizes Unix Marines. Though they cannot deny creeps or create suicide (kill their creator) anymore or have 12 charges (lol op), they are essential.


Infested marines have about .86 attack speed and fire instant damage, meaning that the bullets are not projectiles. What is most dangerous about their damage is their subtleness; in early game, new players that wander too close to them don't know they are leaking health to marines (unless late game, where HP due to marines visibly falls off), and they are the reason why Unix can attain a high creep score along with massive lane control.

Did you read that?

HIGH CREEP SCORE. It lacks finesse, but you should be killing every creep you can get your hands on with brute firepower in the early game while shooting other heroes should they try to have any creeps. Think of your marines as a pseudo tower. Kite enemies by running close to your marines and you should quickly get an HP advantage. Being able to summon an instant-cook 4 second army is good.

Do not spam eggs for every wave. With the new energy cost of 30 energy, Unix must choose when to use eggs.


Focus creeps down for better effectiveness. Combine with fungal toxin to keep heroes in the Unix Marine range. This is micro intensive. If you can't do it, learn to, and don't just spam eggs.


Note the high %25 INT bonus. Eckol added that to give them some damage output lategame. And indeed, they hurt if a hero strays too close and tend to evaporate most other things given enough INT. The marines are affected by things like Coat of Arms or Mob Mentality.


IF YOU ARE KILLING MERCS IN THE EARLY GAME (WHICH YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BE DOING), LET YOUR UNIX TANK THE DAMAGE WHILE YOUR MARINES SHOOT. They won't survive firebat, tank and thor if you don't spread them apart and tank for them. In the late game however 4 marines can solo thor as long as you gun down the slowing marauders first, and of course if you have enough INT.

For Aeon and Daggoth, a special note is considered. For some reason, both of the bosses DESPISE Unix marines and will change their target to the marines after a cycle of attacks. Therefore, you can prevent yourself from taking damage by spawning many marines in a widespread area (to avoid AOE damage) while taking down the bosses. Also toss the eggs around cliffs while taking down bosses to maximize vision.


Furthermore, marines forget their last order when stunned. If you want them to target something, you have to reorder them. When they are in eggs, any silence or stun will freeze their hatch clock for the duration.

If any egg is touched by Zeratul's ultimate, it will not hatch. It will always remain an egg. This is a bug Im pretty sure but no one cares.


But in order to do any of this you need to position them well because Unix marines are not very mobile. they are slow. That brings me to the most important usage of the marine..


EGGS and Unit Collision.

The Unix Marine eggs have a nasty characteristic in possessing near absolute unit collision (the marines however are pushable by everything). Other than Grunty's shawtgun or Vorpal's spear (Cow wall), these eggs cannot be pushed aside by any unit movement. This means you can entrap heroes, wall away heroes, minions, protect yourself from melee, or prevent access through small passageways.

How do you do this? You aim well with the massive range you have and be mindful of the enemies position and environment.


To entrap heroes, you want to rapidly spill eggs in a tiny circle on their Hero. this forces them to attack the eggs to get out, wait for them to hatch, or use some sort of teleporting escape ability. To make it easier, most Unix fungal first, but if the hero is foolishly standing still, by all means attempt to long range surround.

But the basic reaction of everyone to seeing eggs fall around them is to move. this will instantly disrupt the surround while it is being made. It is therefore necessary to spit eggs near instantly, do this by using shift E. don't hold down E and left click, this is slow and often causes misclicks. It is also ugly.


(NOTE: if Starscream is being a butthole and is hiding off into the edges of the map, the marines can be planted on the edges of the map as well, and upon hatching can see and shoot Starscream if he stays there). Edit: Starscream is no longer able to fly off the map.



WIP, I apologize for the massive delay, once the wave of exams ends I can get back to it.

EDIT: Now that a semester and Christmas is out of the way I return to make this guide. It is now Version 1.66.




When laning against any hero with AOE capability, you want to spread out your Terrans wisely. Obviously, do not line them up for a Raynor silencing shot or a Kerrigan boomerang. Do not put them in a pile where a single Erekul swarm burst can annihilate your terrans.


Use the eggs as temporary walls when you cannot surround enemies with the eggs (ie, when they are moving)

When you see an opponent teleporting in, you can surround them easily by prepping a wall of marines around that spot. Also applies to when someone enters a Chuck TBone toilet.


You can have your terrans "tower dive" and attack the enemy (ideally when theres a creep wave to aggro the tower) without the tower aggroing the infested terrans and more importantly, you.


When you summon marines in tower range, for the time being that they are in eggs, you as a Unix will have higher target priority and will be fired upon if in range. once the marines hatch, they will have higher priority, but the tower will not switch firing on you to them. YOu must leave the tower's range and return, and the tower will seek to eliminate the marines before firing on you.

Furthermore, when you have both hatched marines firing and an allied hero within range of the tower, the tower will fire on the hero unless you the Unix are also within range of the tower. Then the tower will fire at the terrans/marines.


You can put the eggs on platforms on the map. This will give you extra vision without letting them be attacked. Towers however can attack back if the marines are too close or attack the tower


You can backdoor with Unix Eggs by just dropping them and then recalling home. You should know when you are in danger.



Hero notes: Generally, you want to prevent your opponents from even getting near the creep line. Melee characters are highly prone to being punished by infested marine lines. make sure to target fire. As for ranged characters who can pick off marines one by one, you want to put your marines behind the creep wave, and fungal -> target fire when the hero comes into range.


Brine: he can be surrounded by eggs but his ultimate can burrow underneath them.


Micro: as a hero that can teleport you do not want to dedicate yourself to caging him until after he uses his teleport. His slime has a large AOE that will do signficant damage to your marines in the early game.


Infernal Mandrake: when you cage him, make sure he does not lance you while you're doing so. Also, his martyr can easily destroy all your terrans; but you can also force him to use his martyr by caging him.


Kerrigan: her boomerang and multi-hit attack are terran killers, let alone her ult. however, her small channel time for the ult lets an easy chance to cage her.


Chuck t-bone: his walls annihilate marines quite easily, watch out.

Balrog can jump out of the egg cage, quite literally.

Tychus often melts down Terrans with just his basic attack, let alone his Explosive round.

Vorpal: his lances are stopped by terrans but not the eggs. it is near impossible to cage him as his Q allows him freedom.


Shadow has multiple ways of leaving the cage. He can basic attack, Shade, or vortex. A vortex will spew out the eggs in a random pattern; it acts similar to a stun.

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It's a pity that the eggs let enemies walk through them when they turn into marines though. Otherwise, marine walling could've been a very viable tool for skilled players.


I believe it still is.


I just want to point out that my quote at the end is no longer accurate. A recent patch put the items on a shared cooldown :(


Other than that, sweet guide. I will check up on it again once its more complete.


shoot Okay

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18:10 A eggwalloff blocked micro, he was dead regardless, just wanted to show it still works and is viable

Its the John+4 vs dark from tournament showing what unix is suppose to do.

This replay is indeed a good show of a really well played unix, we did decide to vote Zeeend as MVP for them, as he played really flobing well with unix, and had a lot of clutch silences on me (micro) when I tried to initiate.
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