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Cow Energy cost


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I love the cow. I've "mained" him since v2.5 (i think it was) when he 1st came out (god I miss instant toilets and stunning walls ;p). As much as I would like to ask and hope for the energy to be lowered, it would be asking a lot. It makes sense for the skill's energy to be so high. For one thing, what Revolution has mentioned are all fair reasons to its cost. But don't forget one of Cow's main sources of damage, his echo matrix.


Lets look at several things:


If Cow was able to spam that q skill every single wave during the lane phase, it would push the lane almost as well as any other pusher would. He would also be mad farming those creeps as well because of his echo matrix skill giving Cow early burst damage opportunity. If that were to happen, its not very balanced if you ask me. Cow is not a pusher per se, or at least that is not his main role. So to counter that, his mana should be high such that he cannot gain creep advantage at such a fragile stage.


Look at the damage of the wall skill. Its fairly high compared to other heroes. If the energy cost of the skill were to be lowered, it would give Cow amazing harassing ability to most heroes (mostly agility and intel heroes) and would prevent the opposing team from having a chance without being bombarded by huge amount of damage every wave. Keep in mind how "squishy" heroes are in the lane phase. Like I had mentioned before, Cow's echo matrix is also a concern. In a sense, Cow's wall is paying 2 for 1 (the energy cost of the wall itself + the "cost" of echo matrix). Lowering the energy would mean possible, constant echo matrix damage + the high initial damage. Again, not very balanced if he's able to do that most waves.


Another bonus Cow would get would be his Capacitor Clip. Every time you use that wall, you'll be charging a charge into the clips. Technically, Cow's wall has just paid for 3 things. His wall damage + his echo matrix + a Capacitor Clip. All skills that can be used to harass the hell out of the opposing team.


Lastly, giving Cow lowered energy cost on his Q may result in "easy" prey. In the early phase, Cow would drop his wall to damage the creep wave. Chances are the damage of the wall + echo matrix will probably leave your side with extra creeps to escort you to the tier 1 tower. And with a CD of 18 (if I'm not mistaken) seconds, you'll probably be able to drop another wall and wall off an opponent while having some creeps to help out.


Oh and yeah, again what Revolution said, Walling off creeps (your creeps) to delay them such that in top lane zerg side, bottom lane protoss side or mid lane can be blocked off so that the creep waves arrive at your tier 1 tower, giving you easy creep wave...clearing? Lowered energy = do that every wave...nu uh.

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