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So, tried a new strategy in inhouse. Dual roam viable?


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The backstory here is we were trolling around in pubs and me and diipa (finnishflash) went rancor raynor and roamed from level one.


For those of you who don't know what roaming is, it's basically not ever being in any lane, and just gank the entire early game.


So in the pubs we played, we went with a 25-0-0 talent build, to have the maximum amount of damage output in the early game, and sprint and shrivel was also key to be able to get kills. While this build is probably not optimal, it was what we went with on the fly, and that was our reasoning for doing it. It worked alright in the pubs we played, but obviously pubs are less organized, and it will catch them more off guard than seasoned inhouse players.


So we got invited to play a game against the Seven clan, and we decided before the game to test out this strategy. They had first ban, and the bans and picks went like this:


Bio - Jax - Micro - Rory.


Drake - Vorpal, Toxi - Tosh. Marineking - Rancor.


Vergil - Egon


Balrog - Raynor, Zeratul - Jack Summers.


The reason I chose to ban out Rory and Jax is that we don't want to go against jax, since the hero is super strong, so it's a pretty straight forward ban. The Rory however has some more thought behind it. It's a great hero, but not quite first pick worthy when both drake, toxi and vorpal in the pool, thus it's a great 2nd pick. Since we have 2nd pick, and I'm never going to pick it if we're going to run dual roam, then I ban it. Because the hero shouldn't solo a lane, that's a waste of a solo, and he doesn't have a lot of kill potential at level 1, so he's not good to roam either.


Anyways, so we decided to run Toxi on the short lane, Vorpal in the long lane, and Zeratul in mid, the reason for this would be that Zeratul would be push so hard in the early game if he was in the safe lane, but in mid it's way harder to push with their heroes, since we don't expect them to put Marineking in mid. Raynor and Rancor was roaming, mainly ganking top and mid, as bottom was pretty hard to kill. But we got an advantage at top pretty fast, and it forced them to react by taking their heroes from bottom to mid (since they couldn't kill vorpal anyways), this gave a lot of room for Vorpal to farm up some experience and gold, and made him able to have a huge impact on teamfights later on.


So this is basically a 3lane/dual roam strategy in an actual inhouse, I don't know if I would run it again, as I think they reacted in the wrong way to deal with it, and I don't really think a dual roam strat can work very well, as it's way too hard to kill heroes at level 1/2. However, I think trilaning could be viable, and that we might see it in the tournament.


It was a very fun game, and if DrHeckle or Overrated wants to cast it, I think it would be very entertaining to watch :)


Peace out, Shablagoo.




Thoughts on dual roam strats? Viable or not?

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It may be viable to pull out in an Inhouse against players that haven't seen it before, whether this is a gimmick or it is a side-meta only experimenting will tell.


It does to me seem very viable against certain players that don't expect ganks early (which is a large majority of Inhouse players) not sure about optimal though.





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Iv tested in Sea both in house and sea.

I have always done that with my mates Larmj .


Those Sea or some Na players seen often we do that


It's viable.


I was using cow (get lockbox later)roaming around at lv2( u can farm thor alone lvl up to 2 in first creep wave then start roaming gank


Basically, hide first,then run behide enermy wall perfect V wall trap enermies, then ur teammates can finish them off

Also I consider you are one of those decent player who has innovative thoughts and knowledge on this game



A lot of inhouse player are skilled but lack of strategy thoughts.


Traditional 2-1-2 is what they think .

Personally I think can do 1-2-2 or even 1-1-3 although depends on hero combo .


There are many strategy I thought of can be viable,

To give an example here

Stunner team,

Rancor roach null tosh micro


Micro for tank and insane reposition ability

Tosh is dps plus stun

Rancor aoe plus stun

Null same idea

Roach semi tank plus stun or initiation with warp


Once an enermy got caught its pretty much Gg.

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How much kills did you get with this strategy at the beginning and how was your level compared to other heroes' levels? I think it would be better to have 1 jungler go in the easy lane with two other heroes and go from behind the enemies and try to steal first blood. We have done that before and it's almost guaranteed that it will sucseed

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