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MK build, can i get a side of towers with my meal?


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I love me some good old tower humping as MK. Now i posted before some builds with mk before patch and now time for a new one. Though i have been enjoying myself with all the hero's and experimenting with them with the new patch lots of booms and instant deaths all around now weeee. Its almost like playing who has the biggest penis game, though now not only do u need a bigger one but a fast one with an itchy twitch to it to blast ur enemys before they get u with theirs. Well whatever still enjoy the game more then ever, well here we go...


As mk now u have the options of going either of the three talents and u still will be good. As tank spec u last longer in fights giveing u the chance to use ur marines more and abilitys and hold the lines longer, but u will have lower energy in early game which hurts ur early pushing which u want to do as mk lol.unless u dont get the tank abilitys which would be dum if ur going tank spec best to fully commit to ur tank talents as mk. all around, early to late game ur tank spec will help a bunch to keep ur bum alive and on the frontlines longer. starting item should be :DuransBuckler: or start off by getting :FocusPrism: for ur :DominionStandard:


Now for Offensive talents getting its abilitys wont make much of a diffrents unless u really want kills u can get the slow ability and surround the enemy with ur units and then rape. The speed ability isnt great for mk though it would be beast if it affected all of his commanding units, like getting speed raptor that buffs u AND ur units; ever seen a group of marines and thor moveing light speed at you? very scary lol. Now one of the biggest reason that i would go Off. is the debuff that gets applied to ur target once their below 40%, i think my units start to drool once they see a wounded target. starting item and maybe even get another as soon as u can is :DuransMachette: or the optional :FocusPrism:


The caster/support build is my fav. Great for early pushing on towers and great over all in early game but becomes less useful in late game when compared to Off. and tank specs. Got lots of energy to start with and i dont get any of its abilitys just mana and heal. Just the sheer extra exp bonus helps a lot do to how easy it is for mk to get creep kills and the extra money does help a lot. Starting items Leeching saber and as soon as u can get Lost treasure stangly they stack with each other and talent aswell, giveing u a 15/ every 10 sec and then work to getting :DominionStandard:

Well getting the talents out of the way. Lets start on main build and where to put points first when lvling.


:CoatofArms::DominionStandard::BanditsArtifice: Shadowmourne ( :ContaminationShard::IsomorphicPyre: ) the last two items arent a must but something that i would prefer, u can easyly switch them out with anything that u need to counter other heros and the whatnot.

First MAIN (main item means an item that is critical to MK) item u should be working to is :CoatofArms: right after is :DominionStandard: i dont think of this as a critical items but helps very much into late game and later in the game can sell and switch for another item if need be. Next item is :BanditsArtifice: i think it has gotten much better from the patch the clone last longer and takes more damg( surviving against aoe that is) and deals more damg but theirs only 1 it is also affected by ur buffs makeing it much better and finaly Shadowmourne, now at first i never thought about useing such an item on MK untill i found out that the shadow that comes out is also affected by MKs buffs and then i was like O.o. These four items i find to be a must as MK. If u have any ideas with other builds plz post and let me know. Now for the points when u start off always get marines(duh) and only focus on lvling ur marines and ur Mob mentality buff and getting ur ult as soon as u can(duh lol), I rarely lvl flash grenade early game or even mid game i usely lvl everything els first then nade last, the only time i will ever lvl it early game if im going up against a queen and even then thats a big IF. Now the reason why i dont really use it much is that i think its broken this is befor patch but i saw that the debuff thats applied to target it doesnt stack right do to the fact that each stack thats applied has a diifrent timer on it meaning that u will never get the stack to 10 because the timer on the debuff never resets when u applie a new stack. So at the most u will have about 4-5 stacks ever on a target unless u have alot of time scale/ cool down redction items, but i plan on checking again to make sure, im going to go full caster items and and lvl nades off the bat and mass cooldown reducs items lol. Just wanted to say that mks weakness to aoe has not changed lol.


Well thats everything for now, see u on the field..... and u seeing me rapeing ur towers lol.


Also update the Smiley tab :D

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I can see how sustainer would be good for Off. and tank spec early game, makeing ur marines last a lil longer and able to regen instead of poping a new set of marines if u havent lost any that is, that cost alot of energy and better to tank more damg from creep early game. Now i see a lot of Mks getting other aura based buffs like stack health regen and spell res. which is pointless just passed early game. No matter how much spell res u give them or health regen u give them; they ARE going to die no matter what do to massive instant aoe damg though i can see it helping ur bribed unit ever SLIGHTLY lol. Now if marines where buffed, say like giveing them a % of health based off ur total health or giveing them like 50% spell res off the bat like infested marines then i can see it being worth it BUT saddly their not :C

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