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Everybody complains about Nova


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Yeah, it's fact, so many threads about Nova being OP.


But really, in v4 and v5 everybody was wishing for another female char. People were tired of kerrigan being the only woman in the game, and moreover being half a zerg.

Now in v6, the devs fulfill our wishes and bang: here is she, the new star at the female AoS sky: Nova!


And what happens now?


She is OP!


She scares the crap out of me!


Nova has red hair!


Nova kills me so fast!


Yes, she does! Because Nova is a strong woman. She gives a f*** about what men want, she just feeds their curiosity with bullets! I am German, i know what i am talking about, i mean, we have Angela Merkel. (ok this maybe belongs to the hero suggestion forum)

What i want to say is, she is strong, she is beautiful, and with her cloak, she appears right next to you without seeing her coming, and raping you. Now guys, be honest to yourself: Isn't this what you always hoped for?


Honestly, i think you guys are just blaming yourself when you complain about Nova. Maybe she is what you will never be: Beautiful, strong, killing machine, redhead!



Ok, pls don't kill me guys, it was a troll post, Nova, you are god damn op shap.

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