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HyunA for the official goddess of AoS forums.


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Obligatory Picture of the new Queen.



Little facts about the Goddess ( and thats how she shall be known here from now on ), She is just 20 but already bizzare genius of the music industry producing fascinating songs like Bubble Pop.



She is a natural beauty, athlete extraordinaire and has a very high IQ. Despite such young age our Queen was already recognized and begged for cooperation by noone else then maestro PSY.



This version adds a much need soothing, magnificent, gorgeous voice of Hyuna. Meanwhile she does modeling and helps charity. ALL OF THAT just 20 years old. Sheesh just imagine the future.


Join the We Worship Hyuna federation today and we will get a PRIVATE CONCERT by Hyuna for the winners of the tournament.

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You're all really, really sad. Espesially you, Brew. So fuking Sad.


Since i felt bad for you being surrounded by heterosexuals and being unable to open up, i decided to make a survey amongst ure facebook friends and relatives, and apparently this guy is ure latest crush,



Peculiar choice but a choice none the less, if u want we can make ure crush into our goddess sidekick.

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no eyelids, tiny mouth, no tits, no ass, look 12 years old... can't really see anything attractive about these women that have been posted. good for her for doing well in the korean world though


Can we please ban this guy for herecy and spreading blasphemous thoughts, meanwhile team blessed by Hyuna took the tournament. What more do you need to believe into goddess?

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