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Omg! Itsthatguy, you know that guy, no... not thatguy or that guy, ITSTHATGUY... Hellooooooooooooooo everyone decided to join awhile ago (alot of you could probably tell from my recent mass posting) *cough residente*. Anyways, i guess im here just to state my opinion and state matters certain matters about AoS. (Like Trolly builds and Glitches). I'm fairly good at recognizing glitches and finding stuipd ways to cheat things. (like using gara's turrets to levi in old versions) (I came from SCI and the DOTA that was from there Temple Siege. [i which i helped find like 80% of the glitches that occured and as you know SCI was very glitchable unlike AoS.]) You also may know me as Happy115 from SCI. Anyways.... Hi i guess?

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Oh.... Tample Seige.... One of my favourite maps!!!!! The were many vers of this map(chaos vers is crazy >< ). Nice to know that someone have played that amazing map too.

Yeah. One the positive sides to it, was the fact you couldn't really instantly kill someone and your abilities had to be more aimed :P. Cons: Maxed sprites, Limited with AoE Effects and Unit Limits, and no items,

I did like the system where dieing acually ment Alot more just the fact you had lives. Some people suggested me to help make // balance SCII version of Temple Siege if it gets made, but i haz no idea how to make SCII maps (decently well, i know a few basics). Took my awhile to acually decided to look into SCI maps and (sortof) master it. - I haz problem finish a map tho -



Another interesting thing about me: I like the anime Touhou. Fav character = ⑨, and if you know what that means, you know the character.

My old Teammates from teamsiege were: Ferrari)Enzo, Eskl2739, Air.Nike (Current editor i believe is Iamgodsgift)

- I also like the RPG Series -Mardek- made by pseudolonewolf [Great RPG made by 1 person, it is turned based game] and await other games he is making

Other SCII Maps i like besides AoS [which is my fav map] are: NOTD, Mafia, Mono Battles, Phantom.


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