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[Hero] Hunter.Riggors


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- Created Hero

9/23/2012 (later that day)

- Change Range of Posion from 7 to 8 [To match his max attack range] since i kept changing the passive.

- Added a little extra description to Final Passive



Name: Hunter.Riggors

Portrait: Hydralisk

Unit Base: Hydralisk (Darkened; Brownish, Black)

Type: AA, Jungler, DPS, ganker, chaser (DPS//Easy)

Script: A special Hydralisk, that has evolved far beyond it's normal capabilities, it. It's legend is similar to that of Torrasaque and has served the Zerg Overmind and Kerrigan over mutiple years. His abilities were evolved enough that he could use similar powers to that of a lurker yet maintain his normal form unburrowed. He been known for his abilities to assassinate the kill mutiple foes in a blink of an eye and from close or long distances allowing him to avoid taking damage. When the Terran UED forces invaded char and took control over the Overmind, Hunter.Riggors became under their control. Although the Overmind was later slain by Zeratul, Hunter.Riggors became a wild beast assassinating unforchante troops that happened to cross his path.


Starting Stats:

Base Health [210] (+220 from STR) [Total 430]

Movement Speed [2.9]

Attack Range [1] -Note that this is slightly lower than standard melee range- (+Bonus from passive)

Attack Speed [1.7]

Base Damage [34(+15)patch] (Claw slasher//Hunter Spines)

Base Armor [3]

Strength – [19] + [3]

Agility – [42] + [8]

Intelligence – [21] + [4]


Riggors is similar to that of nova, He is purely based on Attack but suffors heavily from any damage. He is fantastic at engagements, ganking, and good at finishing enemies. He can provide distance support and melee support at the same time.





Heroic Passive: Assassin's Engagement

"Riggors always trys to assassinate his enemy by slashing them first, but once that fails, he switches to his Spine needles to chase the fleeing enemy."


- Every time Riggors attacks, he gains +1.75 Attack Range stacking for a total of 4 times. Total grants Range:1 (+7) Riggors loses all stacks once Riggor hasn't attacked in 2.5 seconds.

(Slashing animation = Range 0 - 1.25 Needle Spine Animation: Range 1.26 - 8)

Note: Riggors can have a maximum Range of 8 which is the longest ranged hero, yet he requires to have attack at melee range first. This ability is one of the abilities Agi, heros have for chasing fleeing enemies.

Notice: This passive hurts and helps Riggors at the same time, forcing him to get close to enemies, yet making it harder for enemies to escape after he gets a successful attack down.



Ability One: Quaking Spines

"Riggor's uses his un-nature abilities of a lurker to use cause spines in a straight path infront of him (AoE 1). The Spines move at a Speed of 10 toward the targeted area. Enemies hit will lose 50% movement speed for 3 seconds and take spell damage. Takes 0.5 seconds to channel. Every 10 units the spines travel make them deal 10% less damage. The spines can go all the way up to a 100 Unit Radius. Can cast when unburrowed"

Energy Cost: 75//90//105//120

Cooldown: 24//22//20//18

Range: 100


Level 1: Deals 70 (+60% Weapon Damage)

Level 2: Deals 140 (+60% Weapon Damage)

Level 3: Deals 210 (+60% Weapon Damage)

Level 4: Deal 280 (+60% Weapon Damage)


Note: If you hit the enemy 15 units away when quake is Lv4 from where it was casted, the enemy will take 90% of the damage. (280+60% weap to 252+54%Weap) and so on. Enemies hit directly at the unit range 100 take only 1 damage.


Notice: This is one of the abilities that has a similarity to global abilities like Grunty rocket, Rancor nuke, and Cow's Toilet.



Ability Two: Hidden Assassin

"Riggors burrows for a short duration, gaining movement speed and stealth. Riggors unburrows after using any ability//Attack//or Active Item or when effect wears off. Takes 1 second to burrow."

Energy Cost: 50//60//70//80

Cooldown: 40//35//30//25

Range: Self


Level 1: Burrow Lasts 5 seconds Gain +16% Movement Speed.

Level 2: Burrow Lasts 6 seconds Gain +24% Movement Speed.

Level 3: Burrow Lasts 7 seconds Gain +32% Movement Speed.

Level 4: Burrow Lasts 8 seconds Gain +40% Movement Speed.


Note: This ability allows Riggor to ambush enemies, gank, and escape. While True Sight//Detection reveals his burrow, it is still strong on the account the movement speed it gives.




Ability Three: Posionous Spine

"Riggors shoots one of his spines that contains massive amounts of posion at the enemy. The enemy takes 100% his weapon damage as physical damage apond impact and deals Spell damage over 10 seconds."

Energy Cost: 70//90//110//130

Cooldown: 20//18//16//14

Range: 8


Level 1: Posion deals 60 (+50% int) over 10 seconds.

Level 2: Posion deals 110 (+50% int) over 10 seconds.

Level 3: Posion deals 160 (+50% int) over 10 seconds.

Level 4: Posion deals 210 (+50% int) over 10 seconds.


Note: This ability is basicly Riggor's normal attack (if passive is fully stacked) with a posion effect added to it. This ability is good for finish enemies that are just about to escape and are low hp. It is also good for pressuring enemies in creep waves. This is the only ability Riggor has that deals more damage with INT instead of weapon damage.

Notice: This is an ability that is rare with both physical and spell damage. (Zeratul and Balrog's Q are one the only abilities [i guess you could count boros passive attack])



Ultimate Ability: (Passive) Assassin's Move

"Riggors is assassin, which makes him engage heavily, or escape fast. Riggor gains movement speed, Cooldown reduction, resistances against Physical//Spell damage and Bonus damage apond next attack and slow attack speed and movement speed of the enemy for 1.5 seconds by 25% if he hasn't attacked for 6 seconds. All the buffs Riggor gains from this passive are removed apond his first attack. Abilities do not remove this buff."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: 6 seconds apond haven't using an attack (Passive) -Cerebros and Cooldown Reduction doesn't effect the CD. Only Timescale [use to be time] does.

Range: Self


Level 1: Next attack deals 120 (+40% Weapon damage) as spell damage, +15% movement speed; cooldown reduction. +20% Physical//Spell damage resistance.

Level 2: Next attack deals 210 (+40% Weapon damage) as spell damage, +20% movement speed; cooldown reduction. +30% Physical//Spell damage resistance.

Level 3: Next attack deals 300 (+40% Weapon damage) as spell damage, +25% movement speed; cooldown reduction. +40% Physical//Spell damage resistance.


Note: This hero has a passive for his final ability. Note that if Riggors is trying to escape and hasn't attacked in 6 seconds even if he has taken damage, he will still gain the buff. The reason it was named Assassin's move, because it is Riggor's move to engage, or to flee. This passive also gives Riggor a chance to engage an enemy that has high burst damage or far range spells that would easily pulverise him. (Cyprus [To a degree], Raynor, Null, ect.) While the high resistance seems like much, remember that Critical damage and Gravity Edge helps void a portion of the resistance.

Notice: Notice that this is one the few heros that has a Passive as a final (Like grunty and micro).



Additional Information

Suggested Build: Final Items: [Force of Entropy, Phantom Menace[much better gank]//Pyre[more damage], Lethal Barb, Shadowmourne, Darwins or HoM (Darwins suggested for the hp and higher leech), Khali Blade] With these items, Riggors will have high AA, and high critical chance with decent leech. Reason with Force of entropy is that, it will slow the enemy enough that Riggor's passive will activate and he won't even have to move

With all the Movement speed on Riggors he will be able to get to a team battle, and catch enemies off gaurd and chase them with ease, especially with sprint.



Thanks for reading! Post anything that you think needs fixing.

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Level 1: Next attack deals 120 (+40% Weapon damage) as spell damage, +15% movement speed; cooldown reduction. +20% Physical//Spell damage resistance.

Level 2: Next attack deals 210 (+40% Weapon damage) as spell damage, +20% movement speed; cooldown reduction. +30% Physical//Spell damage resistance.

Level 3: Next attack deals 300 (+40% Weapon damage) as spell damage, +25% movement speed; cooldown reduction. +40% Physical//Spell damage resistance.



The move speed and dmg resist is perma or only when you attack with that bonus?

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After you attack, you lose all the buffs the passive gives you until you stopped attacking for 6 seconds. It would be rather over powered if you kept those xD. The passive is only ment to help vs engagement and escape but not during the fight.

So yea if Riggor's attacks, he loses his 40% resistance, movement speed, and cooldown reduction

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Well i changed the description to, "He loses the Buffs he gains from his passive apond his first attack. (All the buffs) Overall, his Final Passive, is one buff, and it is all removed apond his first attack. (Example: Riggor has 40% resistance from passive buff and cooldown reduction and ect. When he attacks a creep or hero or anything, it deals the bonus damage, and his passive resistances and cooldown reduction and movement speed is removed temporarily). (You could look at it similar to Zeratuls Passive, He cloaks if he hasn't attack an enemy for awhile but once he attacks, the buff is removed.)


So if you haven't attacked anything, you gain +20% movement speed and 40% Physical Resistance//Spell Resistance. But once you attack a creep, all the resistance is removed and you take full damage from everything again. This makes it so when he charges towards a unit, he doesn't die before he reaches the enemy. It forces enemies to face him at melee range. Hope that made sense


The move speed and dmg resist is perma or only when you attack with that bonus?


Its quite the opposite. It is only a bonus when you DONT attack you gain the bonus.

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