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AoS Champions vs Swarm


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Hm, I always thought about there being a mode where everyone types something (-Champion Mode) before the first 2 minutes of the game and everyone is set on 1 team. So now you have total 10 players on one team but the CPU (Zerg Side) is massively buffed and will occasionally send out powerful spawns and even a Boss. Zerg swarm spawns will have like +50% HP, +50% Attack speed, +100% Attack. And maybe at 10 minute mark, Boss 1 comes like Aeon with +200% HP, +100% Damage. Ect. Even AoS enemies for CPU may spawn with them having 15000 HP Shadow with 600 damage late game and ect. (acually uses abilities and can hold 3 items for bonus stats like pyre, stun baton or watever) (since it will have to face 10 enemies hero) and ect. but it would be a fun little team thing to do with friends or for beginners trying to learn how to play and deal with tight situations. If does happen, better to probably have 4 top, 4 bot, 2 mid, OR 3 top, 3 bot, 4 mid. Its just a thought I had and wouldn't know if it would work, or if it would crash and burn or inbetween. XD. Would definately take alot of work to make the bosses tho.

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Final boss: Master of the Aeon of Storms

HP: 100000 Has 60% Physical Resistance and 25% Spell Resistance)

Attack: 150 +3% Enemy Current hp as physical damage.

Attack Speed: 0.75 Attack Range: 5

Movement speed: 1

-Pyre deals a maximum of 60 damage vs this hero after damage resistance-

Passive: Fan the Power -Each Hero Kill or Assist will restore 1% Max hp of Master of the Aeon of Storms and grant 50% damage resistance for 3 seconds.-

Passive: Enemies hit by this hero will heal 60% less effective.

Passive: Enemies that hit Master of the Aeon of Storms will lose 5% Leech for a maximum of 20% loss. (you take damge if you are -) This loss effects Leech

Passive: Master Debuffer. - Every 10 seconds, remove Debuffs that occur and also the minimum attack speed the hero can have is 1.25, this hero can not be cloned by shadowmourne AND Master gains 100% Weapon damage. (if he loses 30% Weapon damage, thats only -30% making him deal 170% weapon damage from 200% making loss of weapon damage half effective.

Ability 1: Change Hero (Target a hero making them lose 70% movement speed, attack speed, Attack damage, and Spell damage, and Cooldown Reduction)

Ability 2: Power of Boros: (Hero clones 3 Boros which all unleash a Omni-Slash and spellstorm for 8 strikes each that deal 300 Physical damage per hit and dealing 50 Spell damage per seconod in AoE 2 for 4 seconds Clones lasts maximum 6 seconds)

Ability 3: Power of Cyprus: (Make a cyprus that follows the enemy at half the normal speed of a normal cyprus The clone has 2500 hp and if it reaches a hero in a range of 2 it unleashes a Super powered Fist of Gaia that deals 2000 Spell damage and 1000 True Damage, killing the clone in the process.

Ability 4: Power of the Summoners: Each summon lasts 30 seconds and have hp of a Lv18 hero and deals damage = to a hero with 200 INT and Lv4 summon Create 6 Unix Marines, 5 Marine King's Marines, 5 Tosh's Spectres (that will use stun apond seeing any unit), 2 Marauders, 1 Tyrant Ultralisk., and 10 Biotron-Infestes (Infested Civilians deal 60 damage, 800 HP, Movement speed of 3.5 and Attack speed: 1)

Ability 5: Power of Null (Create 3 Mirror images for 12 seconds, one of each side copying the abilities. -Mirror Imagines do not attack)

Ability 6: Power of Tychus (Gain 90% Damage resistance for 8 seconds)

Ability 7: Power of Nova. (Master's next attack will deal 300% bonus weapon damage as true damage)

Ability 8: Power of Egon. (Place a Healing Ward down with 500 HP and 70% Spell resist. The healing ward heals 400 HP per second to allies and deals 5% enemies max hp per second to enemies inside it. Lasts 15 seconds and Radius 6)

Ability 9: Power of Raynor (Place a death mark on a player revealing him for 10 seconds and amplify spell // Physical damage taken by 150%.)

Ability 10: Power of Erekul (Make the enemy hate themself to destruction making them take true damage equal to 100% of missing HP)

Ability 11: Power of Shadows (Enemies in a Radius of 10 lose get their sight radius reduced to 0 in an area. Lasts 10 seconds)

Ability 12: Power of Rancor (Nuke an area Aoe of 3, Dealing 1000 Spell Damage but it can only be used versus heros far away. Minimum of R:15 to R:25.) [This ability can be used at any time CD:25]

Ability 13: Power of Zeratul (Use a chronosphere stopping the time of enemies in it by 10000% for 5 seconds)

Ability 14: Power of Rory (Throw a Fire Turret in an area with a range of 5 that lasts 12 seconds. It deals 500 True damage per second)

Ability 15: Power of Cain (Cause a debuff on an enemy that makes the enemy immune to all damage for 15 seconds. When the debuff ends, the enemy will take damage equal to 200% the damage they should of taken with 0% damage resistance as True Damage.)[While it doesn't seem like Cain, his final is somewhat similar since it delays all the damage he will do and makes it all happen at once]


Master can only cast 1 ability per 5 seconds that isn't the power of rancor. Each Ability has a cooldown of 45.


-Alot of these abilities are powers of heros people think are op or hate :D- [Passive is that of Mandrake's Passive-]

Although this may seem over powered (AND IT IS) most people might have full items, hard to kill and there will be 10 People.

Reward for winning: Rating

Other Stuff: Winning counts as 1 win, losing counts as 1 loss in Champion Stat(different score system, AND Deaths//kills do not count against score

Be fun to face against besides the massive massicure that will occur. XD.

[Edit] % of Max hp Damage abilities will deal a Maximum of 250 Damage after reductions. (prevent tosh dealing 42% his max hp in 5 seconds)

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Well remember that Daggoth can be soloed by one person with 12K HP 550 damage a few abiltiies and 55% damage resistnace. If there are 10 heros, (especially if there are tanks and ect.). It's also supose to be hard.

Probably Best heros vs this boss, -1Boros, 2Dustin, 3Mandrake, 4Egon, 5Micro, 6Shadow, 7Nova, 8Jackson, 9Raynor, 10Grunty. Massive DPS +Grunty's Rocket Stun if he dies and revives for support, Boros SS can block alot of abilities, shadows Shade can help redirect alot of the damage, Nova's Attack range and crit help for DPS, Dustin spamming abilityies and amplifying damage, Raynor amplify damage and silences, Jackson Does high Over time spell damage + Silence + Debuff Attack Speed if close, Mandrake can Help tank with Micro (Both get Barb and tanky items and retreat if low hp for egon to heal), Grunties passive will also do massive amount of damage. Biotron would also work vs this boss. probably better then Shadow//Nova Since he can spam final (Note Biotrons Lv18 can solo Levi with final - Imagine with all the debuffs to physical damage). Overall, depending your heros, this boss could acually be very easy or hard. Also depends wat abilities he uses since cyprus Clone or boros Clones may prove to be a problem if used first while abilities like power of erekul//Change Hero//and Raynor used first won't really effect if all 10 heros. Note that your heros may use SHRIVEL or Darpa passive + Shrink Ray will reduce damage by a massive amount with erekul also reducing damage//Vergil. (which could still even with +100% damage on Master reduce his damage from 200% to 20% or 0%) Taser and silencing would prove to be effective vs the abilities too.

Other Useful heros: Erekul (Final, Lower damage, His passive- , Biotron (Final), Marineking (Mass Summons and AA buffer) , Gara (Mass of SCVS and turret support and stun support), Rancor (Nuke Summons), Balrog (can remove debuffs on allies), Cow (Vs summons and A good Heal//Energy regen with final, Queen Imperial (Final)//Heal, Brine (Stun + Passive), Cain (Final), Tychus (Massive Tank), Unix (Summoning army + Final for heal//Tanky). Note that this final boss doesn't have Stuns or Silencing abilities that people hate.

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It just occured to me. Most of the stuff just comes to my head as I'm typing it. When I think of someone else, i just write it down. Usually after i post something, i go back and edit it mutiple times (i just don't put edit most the time) the posts above probably have 5 - 10 edits to them together. 60% of the stuff i type is just stuff i just thought of type. And ironicly this and the last sentense were stuff i thought of as i was typing the past sentence and ect. :D

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Towers deal only 10% to enemy bosses GASP All bosses will be buffed from original version


Boss 1: Aeon

Boss 2: Viron

Boss 3: Cyprus (With Pillars the break for damage, and final that is a laser damaging // slow over time [Was that cyprus's final during the first ver of SotIS?

Boss 4: Tychus (One from previous major patch when he had Sprint, Bonus range from passive, and instant heal, and muti rounds that explode)

Big Boss 1 (5): Leviathan.

Theme Change: -Note this could acually be a way to test heros- (Heros i picked are just i saw first and were probably top) -If you don't want your hero up there and it is, just ask for it to be removed (although i can't see why you would)

Boss 6: Nick.Tesla (http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/1302-new-hero-nicktesla/)

Boss 7: Elemental.Confulx (http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/1274-144-hero-renamed-elementalconflux/)

Boss 8: Hunter.Riggors (http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/1377-hero-hunterriggors/)

Boss 9: Arcturus.Mengsk (http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/235-6xarcturusmengsk/)

Big Boss 2 (10): Atomic.Disruptor (http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/105-hero-atomicdisruptor-ready-for-release/)

Theme Change: -Note that each hero represents a game-

Boss 11: Ziggs (LoL)

Boss 12: Ghost Hero (Hero Attack)

Boss 13: Forward Observer (Night of the Dead) [Only hero i acually know out of all of these]

Boss 14: Dark Fact (City of Tempest)

Major boss - Final Boss - Master of the Aeon of Storms [To represent AoS of course]


OoOoOoOoOo -I'm not listing abilities of all the heros -.- :D.

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Sound like a good idea to balance inequal team player count situation. +7% is not really helpful in case when the skill is equal but player count is different.


If the team has less players - buff their creeps, so the opponents won't be able to walk around in a single gank ball - they will have to split to defend their towers against stronger creeps.


So 2 vs 5 won't be an doomed game and automatic loss.

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